Downsides of friends relocating you locally

We are certain your friends will happily help you move to your new house. But is it always the best option? There are downsides of friends relocating you locally. And you should try your best to avoid them all. There is no need to worry, you will be able to move locally without the help of your friends. Our team of moving experts at Master Moving Guide is here to help you. Continue reading to find out exactly what to do.

Friends aren’t professionals

Surely your friends will try their best, but they aren’t professional movers. They don’t have enough experience or the right equipment. It’s important to remember that the lack of experience and equipment might lead to injuries. Also, since your friends don’t know exactly what they are doing, they might damage your furniture pieces. Or even worse your new property. So let’s try to avoid any damages and injuries and look for a proper moving company to hire.

Friends throwing a box.
One of the downsides of friends relocating you is the fact that they aren’t professional movers.

Professional movers come with experience

Instead of hoping for the best, hire a professional moving company. You can rest assured that professional movers will have enough experience. People often ask friends for help when they aren’t in the best financial situation. But there are other ways you can move without worsening your finances. In order to do so, you must figure out your moving budget. Creating a moving budget will help you stay on track with all the spending. Likewise, you will estimate how much money you can spend on a moving company.

It’s especially important to hire professional movers when you have highly costly items to move. It might be valuable artwork, expensive china, or vintage furniture. Once you damage a vintage piano, there is no going back. In order to avoid any unfortunate events, make sure you hire skillful movers that have enough experience. Sure it might cost a couple of extra dollars, but your valuable items will arrive in one piece to your new home.

Professional movers have proper moving equipment

If you are thinking you can move your entire home with a couple of gym bros and a truck, sorry to tell you, you are wrong. Moving isn’t as easy as it might seem. Sure you can squat 300 pounds, but transporting furniture requires the right equipment. Without a doubt, professional movers will come with all the necessary tools. And you don’t have to worry if any valuable possessions will slip from someone’s clammy hands.

Moving a bed isn’t the same as moving a bookshelf. Different items require different methods and moving equipment. Certainly, your friends are not fully aware of that fact. That’s why you should play it safe by hiring movers. They will know exactly what tools and techniques to use when moving a queen-sized bed down the stairs.

There is no insurance available

Did you forget you need insurance when moving homes? Seriously, you shouldn’t even take into consideration moving without one. What if they lose some of the prized belongings during the transport? What if they damage your new home? Moving is unpredictable. It’s best to take no chances and hire an insured moving company. It’s understandable that you have trust in your friends and their abilities. Even if your friends do the best they can. And even if they are extremely careful, something can always go wrong. With insurance, you will be secured if anything happens during your relocation.

Man getting a moving insurance.
Friends can’t offer you moving insurance.

It might take a while

When you are asking friends for help, you have to be considerate of their daily plans. Therefore, your relocation might take a while. Hiring professional movers is one of the best last minute moving tips you will ever get. Why? Well, because they know how to pack under pressure, and they have enough experience to assess how much time they need to move your home. Even though you are moving locally, you should think twice about using your friends as a moving crew. It might seem easy, but it’s actually difficult to organize all of your friends. Some of them are free in the morning, and some in the late afternoon. But you can be sure that a moving crew will be ready whenever you are.

Clock on the table.
Your relocation might take a while if you ask your friends to help.

Your friendship is on the line

No matter if you are best friends, and if you have been through a lot together. Ask yourself if you are asking too much from your friends. Of course, friends should always be there to help. But your friends aren’t physical workers. They can easily hurt themselves trying to help you out. So let’s avoid damaging your friendship, and search for packers and movers near me. With a professional, insured moving crew you don’t have to worry about anything. They will pack your belonging safely. And they will transport and deliver everything to your new home.

Ask your friends to help you with simpler tasks

Broken hands, toes, or fingers are by far more common than you might have thought. Just a moment of inattention is all you need. There are tips you can use to avoid moving injuries, but you need to make sure your friends understand the risks. Instead of risking the well-being of your friends by lifting heavy furniture, ask them to help you with simpler tasks. They can help you clean after everything is packed. Also, they can label packing boxes to help the unpacking process. And they can be there for emotional support. After all moving homes is a stressful experience.

Downsides of friends relocating you – an overview

Here is why you shouldn’t ask your friends to move you locally:

  1. Your friends don’t have enough experience.
  2. Likewise, they don’t have the proper equipment.
  3. They can’t offer you insurance for your relocation.
  4. Your relocation might take a while.
  5. The relocation might damage your friendship.
  6. They might injure themselves. 
  7. Ask your friends for help with simpler tasks

Alright, now you know what are the downsides of friends relocating you. So take the time to make the right decisions. And hire experienced movers for your local relocation.

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