Do you need movers when moving floor-to-floor?

Do you need to move? It must be exciting. You probably found a perfect place. Maybe it is even a floor under your current flat. This is a perfect solution if you love living in your neighborhood. If a flat under yours or below yours is bigger, then you should move. However, usually, when people move, they hire movers. Since this is even closer than a local move, do you even need movers when moving floor-to-floor? If you hire senior movers, you need to pay for their moving services. But then again, moving is difficult, so sometimes you really need help from professionals. For this reason, here are some situations when you might need to hire movers when moving floor-to-floor. 

Lifting and carrying heavy furniture when moving floor-to-floor 

If you plan to move your entire household, this means you will have to move your heavy and large furniture. As you might already know, it is difficult to move furniture, especially if they cannot fit through the door. This means you will have to find another route. This can be tricky if you are living on the fourth or fifth floor. If you are not sure how to achieve this, then you need movers when moving floor-to-floor. Movers are professionals, so they will know to find an alternative way to move your furniture faster than you would do. In addition to this, people with disabilities will need help in handling heavy items. In this case, movers should take care of the relocation.  

a huge bed with pillows
It is difficult to lift and carry a large bed on your own

Proper moving equipment 

Movers have proper moving equipment for lifting and carrying heavy pieces of furniture. Can you imagine moving a grand piano? Grand pianos usually cannot fit inside an elevator. Even moving one of these, just floor below or above can be a true nightmare. For this reason, you should hire movers. They have the proper equipment to move pianos even in this situation. In addition to this, if you try to lift and carry heavy items, you might injure yourself. Usually, these injuries are quite serious so you should try not to do it on your own. People with back and knee problems especially should not try lifting and carrying furniture. In addition to this, you can easily drop the piece of furniture due to its weight. This might cause either the property damage or damage to your furniture. 

Moving floor-to-floor but you are short on time 

Sometimes you might need to move quickly. Maybe your rental lease expires and you do not want to renew it since you plan to move. For this reason, it is easier to hire last-minute movers. They will come, pack your items quickly, and move them to your new place. Since they are professionals with years of experience, they are quite capable of organizing a relocation on short notice. The question is are you able to do the same? If not, then hire movers, even when moving floor-to-floor. It will be cheaper to pay for moving services than another month’s rent. It is your decision whether to hire movers on time. If you believe that you need professional assistance, then keep reading to find out how to find and hire reliable movers. 

person holding red and beige twin bell
If you do not have enough time, hire movers

Where to find reliable moving companies 

If you decide that you want to hire movers, here are some ways how you can find one. 

  • Ask your friends and family – the best way to avoid fraudulent movers. If your family members and friends are satisfied with one company, you can hire them as well. 
  • Search online – when your family and friends cannot recommend a moving company, Google is the next best option. Type in movers near me, the best moving companies, and similar. See what comes up and check their official websites. There you should be able to find the list with their services, contact information, and more. 
  • Check your local newspapers – since you do not need interstate movers, smaller moving companies will advertise their services in newspapers. For this reason, buy one copy and see what they offer. 

How to avoid fraudulent movers 

Since you are looking for a moving company online, you probably do not know anything about it. For this reason, you should do background research. Visit Yelp or any other reviewing website. Find the moving companies you are interested in and see what people say about them. If a moving company has mostly positive reviews, you can hire them. Avoid movers with negative reviews. In addition to this, all reliable movers need to have a license issued by the FMSCA. You can also check the track record of your movers by visiting the BBB. Make sure your potential moving company has good ratings and a proper license.   

person holding pencil near laptop computer
Do research about moving companies before you hire one

DIY move when moving floor-to-floor 

If you decide to move on your own, here is a quick guide. Gather cheap moving supplies. Make a packing schedule. It would be wise to pack one room at the time. This way you will not lose or damage something. Do a little inventory of your items. You can sell or donate the ones you do not need if you have enough time. Even though you are moving floor-to-floor, you still should pack your items. It will save time. Lastly, clean your current flat. This is a good opportunity to see if you have forgotten to pack something. Do not forget to call your friends and family so they can help you with moving your items. As mentioned, it is difficult to carry heavy boxed up and down the stairs. 

Hire movers or not? 

As you can see, there are some situations when you should hire movers, even when moving floor-to-floor. For this reason, think carefully. See if you can handle a DIY move. Maybe with your friends’ help, you will be able to move your items to your new home. If not, then find reliable movers.  

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