DIY tips for moving a pool table

So, you have decided to relocate on your own, without the help of moving experts. As you probably already know, this will be a big challenge to take, especially if you have a pool table in your home. We’re not the ones who’ll tell you whether moving a pool table on your own is a good decision or not. Instead of doing this, we’ll give you tips on how to move it without putting yourself or your pool table in danger. And, after reading our blog, you’ll know whether you’ll be able to do this job without the help of someone experienced. So, what will you need to do in order to move your precious pool table successfully?

Gather the necessary packing supplies

First things first – before you start any packing or moving process, you’ll need to gather the right packing materials. Pooling your moving tools and supplies ahead of the packing will make the entire process manageable. This is especially important when disassembling something as complex as a pool table. There’s nothing worse than having to go look for that screwdriver while you’re elbows deep in taking apart your precious pieces of furniture. You can easily avoid these situations by gathering supplies ahead of time. Here’s what you’ll need for moving a pool table.

  • Plastic bags or containers, and a lot of them. Once you start to disassemble your pool table, you’ll want to have a container by your side to place all screws and bolts.
  • Moving blankets or its alternatives. In case you don’t have these blankets, you can use your old blankets or other pieces of fabrics to protect the parts of your pool table.
  • Cardboard boxes. You’ll need them in different sizes. Luckily, you can get cheap moving boxes of great quality online.
  • Different tools, such as screwdrivers, safety goggles, power drills, socket wrench.
  • And, ideally, a moving dolly. Pool tables are heavy and dollies can make their relocation a whole lot easier.

Take your pool table apart

Once you collect all your packing supplies, you’ll be ready for the next step – disassembling! Disassembling large pieces of furniture is of the utmost importance when relocating them to the new home. This is why most people hire furniture movers to do this job instead of them. However, since you want to move a pool table on your own, you’ll have to learn how to disassemble your pool table in order to move it safely.

So, why should you disassemble it? Well, the reason is quite obvious. Pool tables are very heavy, there’s no way you could move it in one piece without some quality moving gear. Thus, we strongly advise you to don’t even think about moving the whole thing in one piece. You might damage it or even hurt yourself badly! When taking apart your pool table, do it carefully and without rushing things. Make sure to pack all of its components as soon as you take the pool table apart. And, don’t forget to label the containers and components. You’ll thank yourself later, once you have to put your pool table back together.

A pool table inside a home.
In order to keep your pool table in the perfect condition, you’ll have to disassemble it before the move.

Get ready for the tricky part

There’s a reason why most people hire moving experts for disassembling a pool table and relocating it. It’s really challenging! One of the trickiest parts of taking it apart is removing the felt from the slate. By taking the felt off, you’ll minimize the chances of damaging it during transportation to your new home. This is a time-consuming process, so you should prepare yourself for it. If your plan is to get a new felt, then don’t bother with keeping this one intact. Just rip it off!

Have enough strong arms on your team

Even though you won’t be hiring movers to help you with your relocation, you can still move without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is ask your friends to help you! Keep in mind that you’ll be moving a pool table, so there’s no room for kids or women. However, strength alone in your team won’t be enough. Whoever takes part in your relocation should be very gentle and careful. After all, you don’t want to damage something that is so precious and expensive!

People fist bumping.
Call in the troops to move your pool table safely.

Put it back together again

As soon as you relocate pool table to your new home, you’ll be almost finished. All that is left to do is putting it back together. To make this step easier, you should start by reassembling the frame and the legs first. You’ll do this easier while keeping your pool table upside down. However, you’ll need help to flip it over when you’re done. After you reassemble these parts, you’ll need to put the slate back in the frame and level it according to the floor, put the felt back on while making sure there are no wrinkles. In case some of the wrinkles appear, make sure to smooth them out. After you complete all of these steps, the relocation of your pool table will be over. Finally, huh?

A man playing pool.
As soon as you reassemble your pool table, you’ll be ready to play!

When in doubt – hire professional pool table movers!

As you can see, moving a pool table is everything but easy. And to think all this hassle could have been so easily avoided by hiring Master Moving Guide to connect you with experienced pool table movers. There is really no reason why you’ll want to move on your own an item that’s so delicate. If your moving budget is what’s stopping you from getting moving services, worry not. There are many moving companies that offer quality services at a cost-effective price. Therefore, it’s always better to have someone experienced by your side, instead of trying to do everything on your own. But, the choice is yours. If you still want to move your pool table without hiring movers, make sure to follow our guide. With our tips, this impossible mission will become possible!

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