Deducting moving expenses 101

Did you know that there are ways to make your move more affordable? Even if you found a top-level company yet affordable moving offer, keep in mind the final price can go even lower. Our team is presenting you with a helpful moving guide, this time on deducting moving expenses. Make sure to continue reading and feel free to come to us whenever you need additional advice. At Master Moving Guide, we are always ready to provide you with expert advice.

Deducting moving expenses doesn’t mean settling for cheap rates

When it comes to affordable relocation, it’s all about service quality and reasonable prices. However, not all services that come cheap will do much for you. Although you may pay less at the beginning, you are more likely to end up spending more on unnecessary repairs. Also, the last thing you need is to leave your belongings to the movers that don’t care about your best interest. Therefore, pay attention when deciding whether the service is worth the coin. After that, it’ll be easier to cut the cost later.

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By deducting moving expenses the right way, you will pay much less for your move.

Inquire more about special moving services

Services such as piano movers and similar might be higher in price but will benefit you in a long run. Your bulky and sensitive items will remain without a scratch and be relocated safely. This comes as a way more cost-effective solution than packing, for example, the piano yourself. By hiring specialized movers, you are minimizing the risk of damage.

If you’re wondering “How to find decent furniture movers near me?”, simply go online and check various databases that have all information you need. Nowadays it’s possible to cross-compare service rates and to decide which company is the best one.

How to deduct moving expenses the right way?

You must calculate the initial moving cost, to begin with. Make sure to factor in the major contributors to total moving expenses:

  • Duration of your move (local or long-distance)
  • Transportation
  • Approximate storage rental period
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Moving insurance
  • Supplies
  • Heavy loads

Determine the type of your move

Moving across town will cost less than moving across the state. The longer the move is, the more services you will need. For example, you won’t need a moving truck if you’re moving to another neighborhood. On the other hand, moving to another state by yourself won’t work for you. In fact, it may cost you more money, time, and energy. Therefore, hiring professional packers ends up much more cost-effective and saves you headaches. However, the situation is quite different when moving in a rush due to numerous reasons. It’s not recommended to handle it by yourself when there are last minute movers to do it for you.

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Consider the value of moving services you need for your move.

When it comes to storage units, the rental period will also depend on the duration of your move. If your relocation doesn’t last longer than a couple of days, then a portable container is your best choice. Thanks to its steel construction, your items will remain safe inside storage. However, long-distance relocations require temperature-controlled storage solutions. Most of the items will be safe there for as long as necessary. However, keep in mind that storage size also determines the final price. Instead to pay for extra space, make sure to consult with a storage provider. You are more likely to get a better deal or a discount if you rent storage at a full-service moving company that offers a wide array of services.

Book several moving estimates

Pick several licensed local movers that are available at the time you plan to relocate. Next, research everything about them, check reviews, and call their team for additional information. Book their on-site free estimates in order to know how much the move will approximately cost you. After that, decide which company works best for you.

Decluttering before buying packing supplies reduces total moving expenses

Moving is a perfect time to get rid of a bunch of unnecessary belongings that only take up extra space. By doing so, you will be left with fewer items to move. That further means you will need fewer moving boxes and bins. However, be wary of low-cost deals that aren’t that great in quality. The purpose of boxes is to keep the items inside, especially during the move when collisions and leaks are more likely to happen.

Inquire more about the discounts to get cheap moving boxes that don’t lack in quality. Just be sure you’re ordering from a verified supplier that puts an emphasis on the quality of supplies. Moving necessities don’t have to be too expensive. In addition, you can ask someone to give you leftover boxes that are still in excellent condition.

Less workload for movers will reduce your total moving expenses

Professional packing services are time-saving, however, you can still deduce a significant amount from your moving expenses if you pack some items yourself. The less work there is for movers to do, the less you will have to pay for packing services.

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Pack as many items as possible to reduce the workload for movers.

First, make a timetable. Decide which day is for decluttering, packing, cleaning, etc. Use smaller boxes to pack books, ornaments, and other small but heavier items. Use larger boxes for clothes and other lightweight belongings. Label each box with a marker and then tape with strong packing tape up to 2-3 times. After packing, take time to clean the space before the movers arrive. Don’t forget to clear the entrance route, as well as the stairs. Lastly, move the boxes as close to the exit route as possible. Because of the reduced workload for your movers, deducting moving expenses will go much easier. Just do your best to have as many items packed as possible, since the movers will take care of heavy loads.

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