Dealing with unsatisfied customers

Welcome back to another useful article by Master Moving Guide, this time directed to nobody else but movers themselves! As a business, or rather, a moving company, you will face many kinds of people and customers. For the most part, you will meet customers ready to work and cooperate with you. However, like with every other business, there will be times when customers won’t be so nice to work with. Other times, you will have customers with legit, actual complaints and needs which you will have to respond to. You might have dealt with them already, but aren’t sure if you did well or not. In any case, today, we will be talking about dealing with unsatisfied customers when doing business with them. Whether you are a large or small moving company, tips for handling unhappy customers are always more than welcome.

Know who you’re working with when dealing with unsatisfied customers

When you deal with an unhappy customer, it’s vital to know what kind of “unhappy” they are. One common type of tough customers are those that never seem stop complaining about every little thing. They will find a flaw in any and every single thing you do or say. On the other hand, there are also customers that come to you with actual, legit complaints and concerns. No matter the situation you find yourself in between the two, you have to react the right way. Being reliable movers, the right way is to, of course, calm your customer down and do your best to resolve the issue at hand.

man dealing with unsatisfied customers
Every professional moving company knows that an unhappy client is very often hard to deal with.

The most common traits of an unhappy customer are the famous short replies, heavy sighs, crossed arms, and so on. When all of these things come together, as well as the overall unwillingness to cooperate with movers, you get the frustration on both your end and the client’s end. The worst thing is when you get to the point where no communication or progress is being made, as it gets really hard to keep things going. No communication leads to a very difficult and tasking job of planning the move almost on your own. On top of that, it’s easier for mistakes to happen when there’s no communication. Just do not get discouraged.

Find out the best ways to deal with an unhappy customer

Now, as a company of reliable interstate movers, you can’t just say no and give up on your customer. No matter how much of a hassle they are, it’s vital that you give it your all and complete the relocation. There are many things you should know when handling an unhappy customer, so here are a few.

two women shaking hands
Dealing with unsatisfied customers is about respect.
  • You have to stay calm at all times. Kicking up a fuss when you’re trying to plan a move isn’t going to help anyone.
  • Begin with good communication from the start. A simple question like “How can we help you?” can make your client feel relaxed before the relocation. It’s also a good way of making your moving company trustworthy.
  • Hear your customers out and listen to them with utmost caution. Like we said before, while many people will just be nitpicky or cranky, that won’t always be the case. Certain people will have questions and concerns regarding the relocation, so it’s important to listen.
  • Show the customer that you care and understand them. As much as it’s important to find a way to solve a problem, it’s also important to let your customer state their thoughts.
  • Remember that finding a solution is more important than finding who’s guilty. Relocation, be it a local or interstate move, is hard and takes a toll on everyone taking part in it. Don’t go throwing the blame around: don’t blame the customer, but try not to blame the moving company either. Just find a solution for your dissatisfied client’s issue.
  • Stand your ground but remain respectful at all times. If you can’t beat them, don’t join them or let them walk all over you: you represent your moving company and you want to keep up the good image you have.

Why is it important to deal with an unhappy client and what else can you do to ease the tension?

Because they want the best of the best services and help during the move, people will opt for verified, licensed moving companies. They’ll look on the FMCSA database to find a reliable moving company, and they might just find yours. However, this doesn’t immediately mean they’ll trust your company from the start. Be it because of past experiences or for a different reason, some clients will just be nervous during the move, and that’s okay. It is your duty to help them relocate their home and to ease them. Usually, helping an unsatisfied client can actually help you grow your business and improve your reputation. Every time you make a customer happy, it’s a job well done that might earn your company a positive review online.

movers and clients taking a picture together
You should be able to complete the move and put a smile on your client’s face if you stick to these tips and tricks.

Dealing with unsatisfied customers, at the end of the day, is all about treating others with kindness and respect even when they aren’t their best selves. People want to hire movers without getting scammed, so you want to do your best to make your clients trust and believe in you. Master Moving Guide knows that things don’t always go according to plan, so we’ll share a few more things you can do. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong, and make sure to offer compensation for your client’s troubles. If you’re not able to do something for whatever reason, find someone else who can complete the job for you. It’s all about communication, making arrangements, and the will to help.

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