Creative Halloween packing tricks

With October comes that time of the year again. Little kids around the United States will don their costumes and go trick or treating. Of course, you ought to prepare, with kids in the house or not! Because there will definitely be a few ghosts, Frankenstein’s monsters, vampires and werewolves at your door in this scariest of holidays. But then, these are not out for blood. Rather, they seek what kids of all ages love – sugar! And we definitely think you should have a bowl of candy right next to the door to hold the line. However, us adults can have fun on Halloween too. As it happens, many use this particular holiday to visit home and, of course, go to a masked party while “spooky scary skeletons” plays from the speakers. For that reason, we have complied with these creative Halloween packing tricks.

They will help you pack both your regular things and your elaborate costumes. So what are you waiting for? Read more to find out exactly what words of wisdom we have for you!

What are some creative Halloween packing tricks?

Nobody is going to pay much attention to services like free moving boxes when there are houses to be haunted, but we still recommend you find a good moving service if you are moving for a long haul. Storage even, preferably an indoor one with climate control.

Creative Halloween packing tricks
Halloween is as creative and fun as much as it tries to be scary.

But, if you are moving for a shorter term, with one suitcase by your side – you are an ideal reader of this guide! That is not to say that those who will be staying in their home towns for a week or so won’t have anything to learn here…

Some creative Halloween packing tricks are to roll up

Ok, so the first thing you will ever learn when you have to pack a lot of choices in a small suitcase is that t-shirts are better when rolled up. No need to ask for even cheap moving supplies. With this technique, you don’t need bags or anything, a simple roll up and you are done. And, of course, costumes for Halloween can do just the same in many cases. If they are light rubber and linen, it will roll up in no time!

First things first

Always pack the most important thing on the top. Literary first (most important) things first ( as in the first one you will see when you open the suitcase). The same thing goes for moving boxes as well, actually, but we suspect you might not be in the need for a detail description of those, are you?

Costumes from travel-friendly fabrics

Your Halloween costume can be an awesome expression of creativity. But, sometimes, costumes are really delicate. They are simply not made for all the wrinkling and little bit of wear and tear that will occur to it on the road. For that reason, you should, if you know you will be on the road, try to get costumes from travel-friendly fabrics.

Heavy treats go down

When having a suitcase, you need to put the heaviest of items near its base. That way the whole thing will be easier to control.

Heavy treats go down
Hopefully, you are not having a whole pumpkin, but however heavy it is, put it down the base.

This especially holds true if you have a suitcase with wheels. Putting too heavy stuff on the top will present you with quite a bit of a problem!

Creative Halloween packing tricks for wet clothes

So, some clothes got wet? Maybe a towel even (after all, Douglas Adams always told that everyone should have one nearby, no matter where in the galaxy they find themselves)? Not dry – no problem! Just take a bag, garbage ones are especially good for this use. Put your clothes inside. Water will not go through and ruin the rest of your clothes. Now, of course, you cant keep it that way forever. You have to get those clothes dry sooner rather than later to avoid mold caused by all of that moisture. But, at least it is not an immediate problem after this cool little trick. Just… don’t forget it!

Mini iron is a must!

All of those rolled-up things we mention won’t really look like fresh from the ironing board. You need a suitable little iron to have on you to straighten the clothes when you are in need. Good for Halloween costumes as well if you had the bad luck of not finding one of the more suitable materials. 

Essentials – medication and hygiene

Now we don’t care if you are using local or long distance movers. No matter how far you go, essentials are essentials and you have to take great care to always have them on your person!

Essentials - medication and hygiene
Before you sit on your broom and fly away, be sure to pack the essentials!

The very essential things to pack are:

  • Personal hygiene – no amount of creative Halloween packing tricks can make up for a fail in this department. Toothbrushes, shampoos, soap, towels. That kind of thing…
  • Phone – means of communication is essential as it gets. Always have a full battery and a phone on your person (no matter the costume).
  • ID – some drinking might be happening at the party, and late hours are almost certain to catch you. Be sure to have your ID on the ready.
  • Medication – always take your prescribed medication, and have a reserve. You might just wish to stay a day longer and not be able without it.

Time to party

And that is it! All of our creative Halloween packing tricks have been played out before you for you to use this or any other spooky October. However, the most important thing of all was not mentioned. You have to enjoy it! It is a holiday after all. Time for a brake. Don’t worry too much and have a great time. We are sure that, no matter how you pack, you will have a wonderful time at this year’s Halloween party! Oh, and good luck with your costume competition, we think you nailed it!

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