Cost to move 3 bedroom apartment?

When people move for the first time, they don’t know what to expect. How should you calculate the prices, what about the services, are there any hidden costs, how to identify and avoid cheap movers and scams? So among many stressful things you face, the anxiety of the unknown is also present. But all of these things are easy to answer if you already have some moving experience. So we will answer it for you! We will tell you the cost to move 3 bedroom apartment, and other important details.

How much does it usually cost to move 3 bedroom apartment?

When you try and calculate the cost to relocate 3 bedroom apartment there are certain things to consider. The cost will change depending on the method of moving you choose. If you decide to hire a mover then the move will probably be on the pricy side. Although not all moving companies are extremely expensive. Some may offer good services at affordable costs. While the companies that look too cheap to believe are usually exactly that. Too good to be true, and they carry hidden costs or are scams. On another hand, you have the option to rent a truck. Here you will need to do all the hard work alone! If even that is not for you then there are shipping containers!

Workers moving boxes
Depending on the move you choose, the load of the work you need to do can also increase or decrease.
  • Rental Truck: $3,500 – $4,500 – Cheaper than hiring movers but a lot of additional work
  • Cargo: $0 – $1,250 – A vehicle qualified of pulling the trailer or transporting shipping containers
  • Professional Moving Company: $4,500 – $10,300 – Makes a job a lot easier, but expensive, especially in the summer

Bud do keep in mind that if you decide on the cheapest which is the shipping containers, you will need at least two or three containers to move a 3-bedroom apartment. This will double or triple your costs. Because of this, sometimes there are other options for this type of move. Of course, you can always look into moving quotes from multiple moving companies and find the middle ground.

What influences the cost of your move?

Actually, if you know where to look you can find multiple professional moving guidelines that can help you deal with a move. In some cases, it can even affect the cost to move 3 bedroom apartment! As such there are some factors that will without a doubt affect your moving prices.

Woman calculating the cost to move 3 bedroom apartment?
The cost to move 3 bedroom apartment can change due to the type of the move, and other factors
  • The size of your home: Some people might think that all 3-bedroom apartments will cost the same. But in fact, the cost to relocate 3 bedroom apartment will depend on its size. How can a small 3 room apartment cost the same as one with grand and spacious rooms? So it’s best to get multiple estimates before making a final decision.
  • Location: If you are moving from an apartment building with a ton of stairs or remote parking, you may be assigned an additional fee. Even living past the base level (upstairs) can add to the cost. Your community can also impact your expense — not all city roads are adequate for parking a moving truck. Some companies have a fee if they have to go on feet more than 70 feet from your apartment to the truck.
  • Distance of the move: The distance of the move plays a huge role when calculating the cost to relocate 3 bedroom home. The further the move is the higher the price rises. Although this is something you can try and calculate yourself.
  • Extra stops: Making multiple stops will also cost extra. So anticipate paying more if you’re packing or unpacking objects in numerous locations. For example, you found cheap storage, so you want to place some items there before you get to your next home.
  • Specialty items: Some items require special attention or services in order to be moved perfectly. For example pianos, pool tables, and other bulky or expensive items. In most cases, people need to spend a little more in order to move those items safely.

Insurance can cost extra!

The cost to move 3 bedroom home can vary from time to time. But one of the most important steps and things you need to consider is insurance. In order to pick the best moving insurance sometimes we might spend a little more. But it is not a waste of money! Insurance covers you in chances when any mishaps happened. And to be honest, moving is not something that can be planned to every last detail. And unexpected situations do happen. So it’s better to be safe than sorry. Although moving companies already have insurance calculated in their prices. And other forms of moving must get their own insurance separately.

A woman thinking about the move
Moving is hard so don’t overthink it and choose the option that will help you out the most.

Average moving costs

The average price for a local move is around $80 to $100 per hour. And that includes a team of two workers. The cost adds up based on how long it will take them to load a moving truck. Meaning that in this case the number of items, as well as how hard it is to move them will affect your costs a lot. This also applies to the cost to move 3 bedroom apartment. On another hand, a long-distance move tends to be extremely more costly. On average, for a move that spans over state borders and goes for more than 1,000 miles, the prices are around $5,000. So it is far from surprising that a long-distance move costs can go from a few thousand bucks all the way up to $10,000, depending on the length you’re crossing and the extent of the load you’re carrying.

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