Cost of moving heavy wood furniture across the country

Moving heavy wood furniture across the country may be a real challenge. First of all, it can be a challenging physical job that will require a lot of effort from you, but also an investment of time. In this business, your interstate movers will greatly help you, and at the same time, they will move your furniture in a professional and safe manner. Also, it’s important that you know that improper handling of your furniture can cause damage. And sometimes, the repair can cost more than professional help. Now you must be wondering how much it will cost you. You will find out everything about the costs of moving your heavy furniture below and many more useful tips.

Moving heavy wood furniture – All you need to know

When it’s the turn of wooden furniture in your home, it’s time to stop for a moment. Before you start preparing furniture for moving, you need to read some good moving guide and, at the same time, be aware that wooden furniture can be very expensive. In most cases, wooden furniture represents some of the more valuable things in your home. Today’s furniture industry has progressed, and most furniture is made of light materials such as chipboard and is short-lived. But that’s why wooden furniture is something that comes from our ancestors. That is why it’s very important that your wooden furniture remains undamaged during your move.

Man making wood table
Wooden furniture is mostly handmade, and it’s worth a lot. So, handle it with care!

Also, it’s important to know that you will not be able to pack your furniture in boxes, but it will be necessary to use protective material. This time you will need a lot of packing supplies. And also, moving heavy wood furniture will be very challenging. We are sure that you will need the help of friends. That is why the simplest solution is to leave this work to professionals. But also, hire interstate movers without getting scammed. Take this into account, and try to choose movers who will not leave you halfway through the job, and who will move your furniture in a safe way.

How much cost moving heavy wood furniture across the country?

Costs are surely one of the things that interest you the most. And also, you would like to know “how many movers do I need” when moving heavy wood furniture. Slowly! We will answer all your questions. Let’s start with the movers. When it comes to moving across the country, the help of professionals is much needed. That is why it’s very important that you find a proven moving company. And also, determine the number of movers according to the amount of work to be done.

When it comes to movers’ costs, know that they charge by the hour. Their hourly rate when it comes to moving furniture is around $90. But also, prices can vary and range from $75 to $125 on average. What affects the price is the location of your home, as well as the distance from the location to which you are moving. The volume of work, but also the amount of furniture. So, furniture movers would have three tariffs:

  • The average price is $90/hour
  • Low cost $70-80 per hour
  • High cost $100-125 per hour
Couple packing chair
Smaller pieces of furniture you can prepare for moving by yourself, but always consult with professional furniture movers.

Also, when you request moving quotes, moving experts will advise you on the number of movers based on the details of your move. But they will also give you an approximate price for providing their services.

The size, weight, and type of furniture can affect the price

It’s important to know that each moving company has its own business policy. This means that the companies have the right to calculate the final price of your move, as well as the costs of the furniture movers in different ways. Therefore, the size, weight, and type of furniture play a major role when it comes to the price of your move. For example, the cost of moving your pool table can cost anywhere from $200 to $600 for transportation, plus an hourly rate for the movers. If two movers move your pool, and their hourly rate is $90 on average, calculate that you will need another $180. Also, they will take care of taking your billiards apart, packing and reassembling them at the new location.

Also, moving the piano belongs to a special moving service and will be charged in a different way. Here you need more movers, as well as special equipment for moving your piano, such as a crane, trolley, etc. The price of a piano may depend on your location, whether you live in an apartment or a house, as well as the size and type of piano. And the average price of servicing your piano can be from $175 to $500.

Why is it important to hire professional furniture movers in this situation?

Simply put, they will be your right hand, whether you want to move your sofa, piano, or pool table. Also, moving heavy wooden furniture carries a lot of risk of injury. It’s mainly bulky furniture and handling will be very demanding. That’s why we advise you to leave this job to professionals to avoid any inconvenience. Also, they will make sure to provide all packing and moving supplies as well as all additional equipment for loading and unloading your furniture.

Professional movers
moving heavy wood furniture across the country is a job for professional movers!

Also, when moving heavy wood furniture across the country, inform us if the moving company offers you a binding moving estimate. If you don’t know what is a binding estimate, we will explain it to you. This is an estimate made by moving experts that will give you the exact price of your move. When it comes to binding estimates, the price of your moving at the end of the moving process cannot be changed. Be sure to inform yourself about it. And don’t forget, the DIY move isn’t the best option when it comes to moving heavy wood furniture.

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