Corporate packing tips

Determining how to move a business is a huge endeavor. Doing so while trying to maintain productivity or grow your company is even more daunting a challenge. However, you can save a lot of time and avoid decreasing your company’s productivity with the right plan and these corporate packing tips. Furthermore, you can significantly simplify the relocation process for your enterprise by planning well ahead, making safety a priority, and investing in a professional moving and storage company. Follow the Master Moving Guide packing tips to ensure your next move is as seamless as possible.

Starting early is the key

Keep in mind that whether you’re self-moving or hiring professionals, you have more chance of executing a move successfully if you start the process as early as possible. There are two things to consider:

  •  the size of your business
  • the number of people you are hiring

Generally, moving an office means more items than moving household belongings does. Consequently, the packing process will take considerably more time. Trust us, you don’t want to underestimate the time it takes to move. Thus, save yourself the headache and start getting organized as early as two months prior to the moving day.

A large amount of moving boxes for corporate packing
Starting on time and working with certified professionals will make your corporate move seamless.

Hire a professional corporate relocation company

You must know that not every mover can be a business mover. They have to handle various files, archives, computers, cables, furniture, etc. That’s why you have to make sure to hire only certified movers with proven previous work in corporate relocation. Learning how to hire interstate movers without getting scammed comes in very handy at this point. Knowledge, expertise, and resources needed to make your corporate relocation seamless are something all professional business movers have.

One of the most important corporate packing tips is investing in proper packing supplies

No guide to packing for a move can leave out packing supplies. Moving your business requires transporting items that are likely quite expensive – especially if you are moving long-distance. However, you really shouldn’t be stingy when it comes to moving supplies. If your possessions are not secured in the vehicle transporting them you risk losing money. Hence, be sure to invest in proper packing supplies. Essential packing gear for commercial moving consists of the following:

  • sturdy moving boxes
  • plastic wrap
  • moving blankets
  • packing tape
  • clear zip-locked bags
  • labeling supplies.

Label, label, label

Meticulously label each and every box to keep track of your office items. Number your boxes and include a brief description of their contents too. Consider creating an inventory sheet. It’s a great way to ensure items’ safety and know their location at all times. Plus, it gives you the possibility of making an insurance claim in case the movers damage or lose any of your belongings.

Donating as part of downsizing or upgrading

Use your business relocation is as a chance to downsize or upgrade your company. Now is the perfect time to replace outdated phones, old printers, last decade PCs, etc. Think about donating them to charity. Downsizing doesn’t only serve as a great opportunity to upgrade your offices. It actually saves you the time and money you would spend on packing and moving these items.

Three business people's hands in unison
If you’re not hiring professional movers, find trustworthy people to assist you with packing and unpacking.

Corporate packing tips for your office computers and cables

Your computers are likely the most expensive and essential assets to your business. In case you’re not using packing services international movers offer, here’s all you need to know. Pack each of your computers individually. Protect them by covering them with moving blankets. Plus, wrap them with packing tape to ensure a tight hold. Do not put your computers on top of other office equipment. Also, do not stack other items on top of your computers. Monitors should be wrapped separately. Wrap each of them individually with heavy blankets, then tape or bubble wrap them to secure them from all sides. They can shift around and break easily if you pack them in boxes, so avoid doing that. Furthermore, do not tape up your monitor directly because the packing tape can damage the screen.

Back up your data – twice if you need to!

Even if you’re hiring professional corporate movers it’s still possible to lose files or damage hardware and servers when moving. This is why you should back up your data on a removable hard drive. This is the most foolproof way to safeguard your data. Additionally, nowadays using a safe cloud-based service can do the same.

A man putting tape on a moving carton box
Make sure you’re using the best packing supplies for safe and stress-free business relocation.

Corporate packing tips for your office furniture

Safe relocation of your office furniture will most likely require professional help. But, if you want to do it alone, make sure you know what you are doing. Disassemble your office furniture whenever possible to save space and prevent damage. Also, wrap the fragile components in moving blankets or in thick plastic wrap. Remove shelves from file cabinets and shelving units. Fill these units with lighter office equipment to preserve space wherever possible. File cabinet drawers must be taped shut. If they don’t open they will cause breakages during transport. Work surfaces such as desks demand the same treatment. You should remove all their removable components too. Tape all other non-removable parts shut. After that protect glass parts by wrapping and protecting them separately. Finally, do not stack any objects on top of them.

Lastly, do not move your office without full insurance

This may not be a corporate packing tip, but hear us out anyways. Always invest in insurance if you want to protect your property in case of unforeseen events. Even when hiring professional movers, and comparing moving quotes, choose a company that has a good insurance plan.

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