Common storage mistakes you should avoid

Do you ever find yourself thinking there are too many things inside your home? Is your attic, basement, or shack full of stuff you say you might need in the future? And last, do you keep tripping over or knocking over stuff walking through your home? If so, maybe it is time to consider renting a storage unit. Whether you have an upcoming move or just want to free up space in your home, storage units are the thing you need! However, there are many common storage mistakes you should avoid to keep your stuff safe. Master Moving Guide is here to help you learn the many storage do’s and don’ts. This article should be the answer to most of your questions and concerns.

Not checking storage unit dimensions is a big no

In other words, getting a storage unit that is too small or too big is no good. In the first case, you might not have enough space for all the items in the store. As for the latter, you will end up spending more money and also wasting space. Do some research and inventory taking, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What kind of items do you want to store? Will it be furniture, boxes of random things you don’t use, electronics, or something else?
  • Are you storing items for a move or on your own accord? If you’ve opted for storage because of an upcoming move, check if your moving company offers a storage service so you can get their help. There are also companies that focus only on storage services, so you can also look into those as well.
  • Think of what your storage unit needs to have to keep your items safe and sound. Aside from 24-hour surveillance, you might want things such as good thermal isolation. You also want the unit to be easy to access and to be tidy and well-kept.
  • Make sure to inspect your storage unit before you rent it. See if it has all the safety features you need, and check for any damage. Cracks, holes, leaks, and similar things can be real hazards to your items.
looking at storage facility and thinking about common storage mistakes you should avoid
Check your storage unit in person before you make your decision!

Luckily for you, there are many different storage units to choose from out there. Just do yourself a favor and pay your rent on time, and keep your unit in good shape. You don’t want it to end up in a Storage Wars episode in a few years, after all!

Common storage mistakes you should avoid to keep your unit clean and tidy

Now, what are some of the mistakes people often make when they pack their items inside a unit? For example, it goes without saying that you should never store food or perishable items inside a storage unit. That stuff can and will end up spoiling, which means that it might make a mess and end up smelling bad. There are other things and materials you want to avoid storing, too: explosives and hazardous waste of any kind should not be kept in a storage unit. Instead, find ways to dispose of them in a safe way. Some other storage tips you should follow involve ways to avoid packing mistakes.

pile of boxes in a room
Some of the common storage mistakes you should avoid have lots to do with packing.
  • Pack your boxes the right way! Don’t overfill them, but don’t leave too many empty spaces either.
  • Do not put heavy boxes on light ones. The common rule is to put the heavy things first, then the light ones. This is to prevent the lighter boxes from caving in, which could cause damage to the things inside.
  • Make sure to make a map or general plan of your storage unit so you’ll know where you put your items. It’ll make looking for specific things much easier.
  • For the sake of mobility, leave a trail or aisle in the middle of the unit. This is to make it easy to move around and get the items you want. Say you left your lawnmower all the way in the back. Imagine having to get it out from behind a huge pile of stuff.

Other risks to avoid

We know what most of our clients want. Moving and storage aren’t always cheap, so people want to find cheap storage solutions to save some cash. We know you want to go for the cheapest offer, but know this: cheaper storage units usually have some flaws to them. If you want to store more valuable items, such as clunky furniture, valuable items, or stuff from your art collection, and such, it is better to chip in a few more bucks than to have your items damaged or ruined.

phone, laptop, notebook and pen on a table
Do your research when choosing a storage unit!

For the best results, it is best to look for a reputable storage unit company. If you’d like to find some of the best-rated storage units this year, you can find all about them online! But of course, you need to know that it’s also up to you to make the most out of your storage. As long as you are following these tips and advice, you should be just fine.

Now that you know the common moving mistakes you should avoid, you’re good to go

The best way to make sure your items are safe and sound is to opt for using storage. Whether you’re just trying to free up space in your home or getting ready to move, you can’t go wrong with storage units. There are many common storage mistakes you should avoid for the best experience. Do your research, look for other people’s reviews and experiences, stay on the safe side, and use common sense. If you’re, by any chance, looking for a moving company to relocate you, you can count on Master Moving Guide to give you great options! Just head over to our website and find your movers! What’re you waiting for?

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