Clean your house in a day before a local move

When the moving day is coming closer and closer and when you are close to finishing the packing, you need to start thinking about the other obligations you need to do and one of them is to clean your home. What are the best ways to clean your house and not lose too much time? If you want to find it out stay tuned and read how to clean your house in a day  Master Moving Guide prepared you a great article about it. Take a look.

Why do people avoid cleaning?

Cleaning does not have to be something that takes a lot of your time. If you are well organized and you have planned your every move during the packing and moving process, cleaning your home in a day will not be an obstacle. If you know what are your priorities and you are aware of the time you have, cleaning can be something you are about to do while you are doing some other chores. One of the best last minute moving tips is to hire some professionals and help you clean the house. But if you like to do it by yourself, try some of these tips. So let yourself enjoy cleaning your old home.

woman cleaning kitchen
Turn on some music and make cleaning home a fun activity.

Start with cleaning surfaces that are high

This means that the dust does not pick a place where to fall. If you are about to clean your home in a day, make sure you start with the elements that are higher. Such as ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, and maybe some shelves that are higher on the wall. This is because you do not usually clean these elements and there is more dust than on the other parts of your home. Cleaning the higher elements will make some parts of the dust fall down. So there is going to be more dust on lover surfaces when you clean the higher ones.

Try to find some cleaning products and make sure they are on your moving budget. You do not want to waste more money than necessary. This means that maybe some cleaning products you already have in your home. So there is no need for spending money and buying extra ones.

The next one on the list is the kitchen

Doing the kitchen is among the first things that need to be done. Kitchen elements like stovetop, oven, and microwave are the stuff that is usually dirtier than the rest of the elements. This means that you will need more time than to do the other elements. So make sure you have enough energy and time to deep clean. 

If you think that you will have no time to clean the kitchen and pack all the items from it, you can search for packers and movers near me, that will help you out with some of the chores.

kitchen stove and elements
Clean the stove and other elements that you are using for cooking because they are dirtier than the other parts of the kitchen

Cleaning the bathroom is always a challenge

Cleaning the toilet and the bathroom is more disinfecting than is cleaning. So after you have packed everything from the bathroom, start with cleaning the toilet. If you have a bit smaller bathroom, you can use a shower and after you have used the products for cleaning, turn on the water and wash it with the shower. After the toilet seat, you can clean the tub. Leave the floors for the last. Because with all washing there is no doubt that the floors will be wet. So after you have cleaned every surface in the bathroom, you can clean the floors. Once you are done, leave the door open so all the smell from the products can vanish from the bathroom.

If there are some hard stains, you can spray them or place some lemon on them before you even start cleaning the bathroom. Once the products stay a little longer on the surface the bigger chances are to get it all cleaned up.

The rest of the house

So the main rooms in the house are clean. This means that you can do the rest of the house. Of course, you need to start with the ceiling. And then get lower. Get off the dust from the finest stuff you have with the microfiber cloth. So that you can avoid damaging it. If there are some items that you are leaving in your home and not bringing with you, make sure they are clean also. This means that those things need to be cleaned carefully in order to avoid getting damaged.

Windows must be cleaned with special products for glass only and you need to have more than one fine cloth for this activity. If there is a possibility, clean your window on a sunny day. This is because you will have more light to catch if you have missed some spots.

sun throw the window
When you want to clean your house in a day make sure it is a sunny day so you will see all the dirt on the windows

Finish the cleaning your house in a day with the floors

So, it is logical that when you start with the high elements to finish with the lower ones. So that will be the floors. Make sure that you removed your rugs and carpets and the floors are ready to be cleaned. Use a vacuum cleaner and then clean them with some products that do not need to be washed out later. This will definitely save your time and make the floors smell nice. According to the feng shui tips for cleaning, cleaning the floor the last one will take away all the bad energy left in the house.

If you are looking for a guide to clean your house in a day, you need to be prepared for that action and make sure that you are feeling good and energized. Cleaning does not have to be stressful and boring. With some right organization, like spraying products in the bathroom while you clean the kitchen, it will make the cleaning process easier.

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