Cities with the best public schools

Moving takes a lot of preparation. Choosing a specific location is not an easy job. The best location to move to depends on your age, needs, financial status, etc. If you are a young couple or have kids, one thing you need to look into is education. This goes for college students and soon-to-be students as well. Choosing the right place to move to can be exhausting, especially if you need to look up many things. Some cities have good livability and a low crime rate, but their educational system is not the best. On the other hand, there are some great public schools but are in very expensive parts of the USA. Since you have many options, you might feel helpless and confused. To help you choose the best one Master Moving Guide gives you a list of cities with the best public schools. These schools have a great average rate in math and reading. They are mostly in safe and affordable cities in the USA.

Cities with the best public schools

If you plan on having a family or pursuing better education, looking up cities with the best public schools is a must. It will give you an insight into the level and quality of education you or your loved ones will get. Since America is a big country, there are many good cities with amazing school systems. Many factors influence the quality of an educational institution. Finances, school budget, teachers, other staff, etc. These are just some of the factors. Some schools might be smaller but have top rankings regarding GPA, grades, and the knowledge they provide. If you are looking to enroll your kids in the public school system, there are many great schools throughout the USA. If we look at the quality of students’ knowledge, the best public schools in the USA are in the following cities:

  • Cupertino
  • Naperville
  • Sammamish
  • Carlsbad
  • Lake Oswego
  • West Linn
  • Deerfield
Three highschoolers in a public school
There are many good cities with the best public schools.

Cupertino- great public schools

Cupertino is a middle-sized town in Saint Clara County, California. It has circa 60 000 residents and is most famous for being the home of the Apple company. Cupertino’s demographics consist of mostly Indian and Asian Americans, and then White and Black Americans. Having this can help you raise an open-minded and well mannered-kid, which will help your kid learn about different cultures and ethnicities from an early age. This city has 3. elementary, 3. high schools, and 11. middle schools. They all have circa 16 000 students. Schools in Cupertino have a ranking of 10/10 and are in the top 1% of California public schools.

As for grades, the schools with the best grades are William Faria Elementary School, John F. Kennedy Middle School, and L. P. Collins Elementary School. Students from these schools have an average score of 85% in math and reading, which is way higher than the average USA. Cupertino also has two public colleges. However, Cupertino is not one of the top US cities for singles due to its high monthly expenses, especially for housing. Housing prices are 5. times more expensive than average prices in the USA. Utilities, transportation, and groceries are 1,5 times more expensive than average prices. So, if you are moving here for better education, make sure to have at least two more than average incomes. 

The city of Naperville

Naperville is a suburb of Chicago, and it is in Illinois. Naperville has around 150 000 residents, and that number grows each day. It’s a city with a rich history. Today it’s mostly famous due to its rich parts where rich residents live. Regarding schools, it has 36 elementary, 8. middle, and 4. high schools. The best-ranked schools are Meadow Glens Elementary School, Highlands Elementary School, and Neuqua Valley High School. The students of Meadow elementary school on average have 86% in math and 91 in reading. Highlands students have 77% in reading and 72% in math. Schools in Naperville have an average ranking of 10/10. Therefore, they are in the top 5% of Illinois public schools.

Naperville also has many colleges, with North Central College being the oldest and most famous one. Other colleges and universities include Northern Illinois University, Indiana Tech, etc. As for education in Naperville, Asian minority forms 45% of all minorities, which is lower than average in Illinois. This only shows the diversity of this state and its educational system. As for living in this city, it’s a bit expensive, especially housing and transportation. Housing prices are double the average ones. However, groceries and utilities are more than affordable. This city is also safe, with a low crime rate and good employment.

A group of four kids talking about Cities with the best public schools
Ethnical diversity is a sign of a good school.

Sammamish- good educational system

Sammamish is a city in King County, Washington. It is a middle-sized town with circa 70 000 residents. In 2019. it was nominated as the richest city in the USA. Even though the costs of living in this city are pricier than in Washington, it’s a very safe city with a low crime rate and a low percentage of homeless people. This is essential info since the security of our children is very vital when choosing where to move. Sammamish has 12 elementary, 3. middle, and 2. high schools. They all have around 12 000 students, which is quite good for a middle-sized town. Schools are divided into Lake Washington School District and Issaquah School District. The best schools are Smith Elementary School, Discovery Elementary School, and Carson Elementary School. 

Students of these schools have received an average of 84% in math and 88% in reading. If you opt to move here, hiring residential movers is the next step! Schools in Sammamish have an average score of 10/10. That is in the top 1% of Washington public schools. As for living in this city, it is expensive. Housing prices can be 5 times more expensive than regular prices in Washington. Other than high housing prices, groceries, utilities, and transportation are also expensive. Therefore, if you choose to move here, you should have at least two more-than-average incomes.

The city of Carlsbad

This city is in San Diego County, California. It’s a coastal city with around 116 000 residents and a good number of qulity long distance movers, which is another advantage of moving here. It’s also a known tourist attraction due to its coastal location. As for schools in Carlsbad, there are 18. elementary, 4. middle, and 6. high schools. This city also has the highest concentration of top public schools in California. The best-ranked schools are Pacific Rim Elementary School, Kelly Elementary School, and Aviara Oaks Elementary School. Schools in Carlsbad received a 10/10 score and are in the 10% of the best public school in California. As for grades, the average math score is 70%, and the average reading score is 77%. Even though this city is quite big there are no public colleges or private colleges in this town.

Living in Carlsbad is quite expensive. For some things, it’s even more expensive than the rest of California. The average housing prices are three times more expensive than the rest of California. The transportation and utilities are a bit more expensive than average. Since it’s a safe city, this is one of the best US cities to retire to if you have your own house.

A kid in a public school
Good education is important, but cities with good public schools are usually expensive to live in.

Lake Oswego- great public education

Lake Oswego is a small city in Oregon. It’s in Clackamas County and was founded in 1847. This city got its name after Oswego Lake, a natural lake that is surrounded by this city. This city is very close to Portland, around 8 miles away from it. Lake Oswego has circa 35 000 residents and circa 7000 students. As for schools, they have 8. elementary, 2. middle, and 2. high schools. The best schools are Westridge Elementary School, Forest Hills Elementary School, and Hallinan Elementary School. Other good schools are:

  1. Lake Grove Elementary School,
  2. Lake Oswego Middle School
  3. Lakeridge High School, etc

The average grade for students is 74% for maths and 84% for reading. Also, this city has the highest concentration of public schools in this state. As for livability, this city has a good employment rate and a low crime rate. However, housing prices are 2x more expensive than average Oregon prices. This is due to the city’s location, which is both urban and surrounded by nature. Groceries and utilities are a bit more expensive but are far more affordable than in the rest of the already-mentioned cities. Therefore, Lake Oswego is a great option for those planning on hiring movers and moving to some of the cities with the best public schools.

The city of West Linn

West Linn is also in Clackamas County. It has around 25 000 residents and is most famous for Willamette falls. This city was founded in the 19th century, and from then it developed into a middle-sized town. This town has 8. elementary schools, 2. middle schools, and 1. high school. It also has 6. preschools. These schools have around 10 0000, which is almost half of all residents in this city. The best-ranked schools are Three Rivers Charter School, West Linn High School, and Sunset Primary School. Other good schools are Trillium Creek Primary School, Cedaroak Park Primary School, and Willamette Primary School. Schools in West Linn have an average rate of 10/10. Therefore, they are in the top 1% of Oregon public schools. The average score in maths is 70% and 78% in reading.

Due to its location, housing prices are expensive. They go up to 2x more expensive than the average housing prices. Transportation and health care are 1,5x times more expensive than the average prices. However, West Linn has a low crime rate, a low unemployment rate, and great nature. Therefore, it is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA, if they already have their own home.

A teacher writting on a board
Finding a good school with devoted and respectful teachers is very important for your kid’s education and mental health.

Deerfield has great public education

Deerfield is a suburb of Chicago. It’s in the Lake County, Illinois. It has 20 000 residents and is considered the most earning part of this state. It was founded in the 19th century and has grown to a middle-sized town with 20 000 residents. This city has 4500 students, 7. elementary schools, 3. middle schools, and 1. high school. Deerfield has the highest concentration of top-ranked public schools in Illinois. The best public schools in Deerfield are Walden Elementary School, South Park Elementary School, and Charles J Caruso Middle School. Other good schools are Bannockburn School, Deerfield High School, Kipling Elementary School, etc. Students of these schools received on average 74% in math and 77% in reading. These schools have a ranking of 10/10. Therefore, they are in the top 1% of Illinois public schools.

As for livability, Deerfield also has high housing prices. They are double the average prices. Transportation is also 1,5x more expensive than average in Illinois. However, utilities, groceries, and health care are less expensive than average prices in the USA. It also has a low crime rate and low unemployment rate. Therefore, if you decide to relocate here, buying the best moving insurance will ensure and protect all your goods.

Two girls talking about cities with the best public schools
A good education can help your children socialize, learn and find good jobs in the future.

Cities with the best public schools- conclusion

As we have already seen, the best public schools are everywhere in the USA. However, if we look at math and reading grades, the best options are Cupertino, Naperville, Sammamish, Carlsbad, Lake Oswego, West Linn, and Deerfield. These cities usually have high housing prices, and sometimes high transportation prices. However, they’re in nice and secure cities, with low crime rates and good employment rates. This is very important when choosing where to move. There are less expensive cities, with high crime rates and a high rate of homeless people.

On the other hand, there are cities with expensive livability, but with good safety. They usually have a low crime rate, and good employment rate. With that usually comes good education. Therefore, choosing one of the more expensive cities with the best public schools will pay out. Whichever option you choose, you will be making the right choice. Good luck, and we wish you a nice relocation!

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