Choose US cities with best state schools when moving with family

Choosing a place to move to with family is especially tricky because you have many things to take into consideration. Some states provide more than enough in one area, but lack in others. If you are a parent, chances are, you want only the best for your children. Education is the most important part of forming one’s personality and future. Work ethics and learning habits should be formed early on for them to be successful. No matter if they choose to continue their education after high school or not. It is no secret that state governments play a large role in the success of their education system. Choosing US cities with best state schools and good surroundings is crucial for your children. From creating a statewide curriculum to allocating funding and regulating schooling. Some states are, no doubt, better than others.

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When looking where to move with family, choosing a US city with the best state school should be your main focus.

What to look for when choosing US cities with the best state schools?

Before you move anywhere with your kids, it is extremely important to look into which states provide their residents with the best education systems in the country. When moving with family things can get really hectic really quickly. You might have gotten a job relocation to a city with a poor education system. In which case, we advise talking to your higher-ups about other possible options. Remember to always put family first. Wherever you choose, we advise you to look up our Master Moving Guide‘s website and look for more information about the state you are moving to and advice on moving long-distance with children. Here is a list of what you need to consider when choosing US cities with the best state schools:

  • K-12 state curriculum
  • High school curriculum
  • Preschool enrollment rates
  • High school graduation rates
  • Cost of college tuition

US cities with the most top-ranked high schools

High school education in the US is arguably the most important part of your education journey. It is also the most vulnerable teenage time all of us have had. High school has a long-lasting effect on most of us. That is why you need to pay extra attention when choosing a high school with your children. Somewhat, choosing which high school your children go to will also have to do with their personality. Since there are high schools that are equally as good but focus on different things. Some high schools pay more attention to sports, some to natural sciences, etc. If your child is into sports, you may want to consider relocating to a city that has enough sports competition opportunities and activities. If you have a lot of fitness equipment at home, you should consider hiring fitness equipment movers to help you out with the move. We will now talk about some of the cities that offer the best high school options.

Kansas City

Kansas City has one of the best high school curriculums with the most satisfactory results. High school graduation rates are the highest in Kansas. The number of totals ranked high schools is 111. And 37 of them are ranked in the top 25%. The highest-ranked school nationally is Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. Its overall score is 99.97/100.

Las Vegas

Next up is Las Vegas which has 19 high schools ranked in the top 25 and 57 ranked total. The most successful one being Advanced Technologies Academy. This high school is ranked second within Nevada.

A student in classroom in one of US cities with best state schools, Las Vegas
Graduating high school is one of the biggest milestones in everyone’s life.


Cleveland is another city that has excellent education opportunities. The city of Cleveland has 97 ranked schools in total and 33 ranked in the top 25. The best-ranked school nationally is Solon High School. This high school has a high college readiness index.

Best student cities in the US

The US is proud to have a large number of excellent and desirable universities. Many of which offer scholarships to both American and international students. There are several cities throughout the country that are known for being student hot spots. Naturally, these cities are all very vibrant, lively, and unique. Although The US is not the most affordable higher education, the relatively high costs do little to deter the thousands of new international students the US welcomes each year. All of the cities that we will mention here offer at least two internationally ranked universities, plus a unique study abroad experience. Get ready to start packing for storage and send your kids off to college.


If you want your child to one day to be surrounded by the world’s best and brightest students and academics, then you can’t really do much better than Boston. There is also a nearby student-centered town of Cambridge, MA. This town is home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University. Boston is also home to five more universities that rank in the top 400. Your children will have lots of options to choose from and they will be able to stay close to you.

University Library interior
When choosing US cities with best state schools, pay attention to the world rankings of the school.

New York 

Known as The Land of Opportunities, The Big Apple, and The City That Never Sleeps but also the 20th city in the Best Student Cities index. The Capital Of The World really has it all. Plenty of jobs opportunities, plenty of excellent education facilities, and good vibes. New York has no shortage of top-ranked universities. New York University (NYU) and Columbia University are the two most popular at the moment. We hope your kids are ready for that sweet dormitory life. In case they need any help, hit up our dorm room movers to ensure them an easy first uni day. New York places fifth in the ‘university rankings’ category of the Best Student Cities index.

Choosing US cities with best state schools and picking the best school can get a bit overwhelming. We hope that you will choose the best possible option for your children and that they will continue to thrive and enrich their lives the best they can.

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