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The bill of lading and its importance

Paying the invoice

Changing your place of residence is a process that is not easy at all. There are many things you need to take care of, but maybe the most tiresome task is to deal with the paperwork. Although tiresome, this is probably the most important task you need to think about. The bill of lading is

Tips for moving abroad stress-free

Moving abroad isn’t an easy task and there are many ways it can go wrong. For some people, it’s just the question of finding international movers and scheduling your moving day. However, it’s actually much more than that! There are so many things you’ll need to take into for your garden variety international relocation. It’s really hard

How to plan an international relocation without stress?

A picture of the planet Earth

Moving to another country is a difficult task. There are many small tasks you’ll need to get done before you can even start to plan an international relocation. However, with the help of our tips, you’ll be able to move to a different country without stress and troubles. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be

Should you reward your movers?

reward your movers for their work.

Moving is a difficult and time-consuming process. So, it’s only natural not to risk damaging your belongings and to let professionals move your home. But, should you reward your movers for the help they’ll provide during your relocation? And, if so, how should you do it? Are there acceptable and unacceptable ways you can do this? Read

Special moving services that cost extra

Moving services that costs extra are usually worth it

Getting the right services for your relocation can be tougher than you’d think. Some companies provide assistance which might the best for you. Others, on the other hand, give too many services you don’t want or need. Thus, the best way to go when hiring movers is to find a company which can customize their services to

How to negotiate with moving companies?

negotiate with moving companies

Moving can be an expensive process. That is why we all want to downsize the relocation costs as much as possible. One of the ways to cut down on moving expenses is to prepare in advance and organize most of the things yourself. On the other hand, negotiating moving costs is the other to save

Moving your business or office? Hire commercial movers!

EditorTips for hiring movers
an office

There are more than a few reasons for deciding to move your business or office. Whether it is reaching new markets, lowering the costs or upgrading the facilities, taking the leap of faith and starting to plan a corporate relocation take a lot of preparations, research, and devotion. In order to minimize the business disruption and

Don’t try DIY projects – hire interstate movers

EditorTips for hiring movers
hire interstate movers

Interstate relocation is not an easy thing to perform. In order to have a successful long-distance relocation, sometimes the moving assistance is necessary. If you are still not sure whether to move with the help of a few friends or hire professional movers, the following article might help you. Take a look at why you

Reasons why moving and storage companies are your best choice

moving and storage companies are your best choice

Moving process can be done in many ways. You can choose to relocate on your own, with the help of a few friends or hire professional movers. The difference between these 3 options is the time and skills you have to organize the move on your own. There are many reasons why moving and storage companies

Careful with cheap movers – beware of moving scams!

Avoid scams with cheap movers

We all want to reduce the cost of our move as much as possible. This is perfectly understandable. We’re starting a life in a new place, and we’ll need all the money we can save. However, this is not the reason to hire very cheap movers just because they are cheap. Service is equally important as