Category: Storage tips

Mar 9.

Guide for storing fine art safely

Being a proud owner of artwork brings some responsibilities as well. Especially if you cannot display all of it at ...

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Feb 27.

How to organize your wardrobe for storing

There are many things to think about before you organize your wardrobe for storing. Especially if you will be storing ...

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Feb 5.

Office decluttering tips and tricks

If you are great at organizing, then you mostly don’t have an issue with clutter. But it seems that most ...

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Jan 30.

How to prepare your vehicle for storage

Storage is a very useful tool you should definitely have on your side during a relocation. It has various uses ...

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Jan 28.

Tips for relocating a mobile storage unit

Moving has many forms. You can hire professional movers or complete the move yourself. Then, you can use a moving ...

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Jan 17.

Short-term storage tips and tricks

You might be wondering “what even is short-term storage”? While not strictly defined, moving industry professionals would consider any storage ...

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Jan 7.

Tips for storing wooden furniture

Storing wooden furniture can be tricky business. Due to the nature of wood and how it reacts to different climate ...

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Dec 29.

Items you shouldn’t put in storage

Storage can be very useful when you’re moving your home. In some cases, finding cheap storage solutions can make the difference between ...

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Dec 24.

Best places to store Christmas decorations

The Christmas holidays are always something special for every household. It’s one time of the year that is all about ...

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Dec 21.

How to store valuables in winter

With the arrival of winter, many people wonder what to do with excess things for which there is no room. Some ...

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