Category: Storage tips

Mar 16.

Tips for storing winter clothes

The winter is almost over which means you need to free some space in your closet for your spring/summer clothes. ...

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Mar 10.

How to find a good storage unit in a new city

Taking care of storage is a very important task. You do not want your new home to look small and ...

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Mar 8.

Guide to storing antiques long-term

Storing antiques is a complicated objective, because your items may be fragile and valuable at the same time. Ouch, this ...

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Feb 27.

How to pack toys for storage

So, the kids have finally reached that magical age called puberty. An interesting period is ahead of you. And, while ...

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Feb 10.

Simple guidelines for storing office supplies

Sometimes, your office can get hectic. You might want to move your office since you found a better location. Maybe ...

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Jan 22.

Tips for pest-proofing your storage unit

When planning to store some of your things at the storage unit, there are a lot of things to think ...

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Dec 27.

Guide to storing flammable items

Using storage facilities is to take care of the clutter in your home is a great decision. This can also ...

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Dec 11.

Should you insure items in storage?

Even if you rent a climate-controlled storage unit,  there are reasons why you should always have insurance coverage for items in ...

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Nov 27.

Creative uses for storage space

People mostly think that storage units are only for storing things and piles of stuff they don’t use often. But ...

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Nov 22.

Must-have storage security measures to look for

When you have too many items and not enough storage space, you have to look for other solutions. This would ...

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