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Long-term storage guidelines – the do’s and don’ts

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Long-term storage is the best option if you have many stuff.

Long-term storage differs from a short-term storage in many ways. One of the biggest difference is the fact that you’ll items will be stored for an extended length of time. Some say that being able to store items for long periods of time is exactly what you need for a successful move. We are bound

Sharing a storage unit with friends – smart or not?

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sharing a storage unit with friends

Doing different things with friends can be very exciting. Traveling, clubbing, going out on a dinner. But, all those activities are meant for doing them in a group. When it comes to responsibilities, you will need to think twice before engaging in something like that with a friend. Today we are going to speak about

A guide to in-house storage solutions

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A toy chest as one of the best in-house storage solutions.

Our home is our favorite place. A place where we retire after a long, hard day, and seek some refuge. However, those same homes sometimes make it hard to enjoy ourselves due to all the mess and clutter that is surrounding us. Since no one expects that you will stop shopping any time soon, it

Using storage to declutter your home

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A nice row of good looking storage units.

The humble storage unit doesn’t only come into play when we’re moving and need a place to put all of our things. No, storage has many other uses which most people think of as an alternative, but that doesn’t mean they can’t prove useful. Storing items can come in handy when it comes to home improvement, selling

Reasons why people rent storage

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A warehouse.

Having a storage unit can be very useful not just during your relocation, but in general. Apart from providing you with some extra room, there are a lot more reasons why people rent storage. These vary from trivial to crucial ones, but all in all, you’ll rarely regret renting a storage unit.

The many advantages of wooden pallets

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advantages of wooden pallets

With all the different ways to use wooden materials, it’ always a good time to mention the many advantages of wooden pallets. If you are moving to a new home and want to build a new furniture, the following article might help you get some ideas. Besides various moving tips, why not try to use

Most common storage rental causes

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storage units

Whether it is because they need some extra space while moving or have simply run out of room for keeping all of their belongings in a small garage, there are more than a few common storage rental causes. As most of us will need to rent a storage unit at some point in our lifetime, let’s

Tips for Packing Your Electronics for the Move

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A computer.

In this world of gadgets, the dearest possessions for most of us may be our new TV or our gaming platform. On the other hand, maybe our electronics are our necessary for our business. How can you move all your computers, monitors and printers without damaging any of them? Well, packing your electronics will be

Items you should never store away

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Whether you are moving or just need some extra space to store your belongings you need to be cautious when searching for the best storage solution. Also, when planning a packing list for your storage you need to be aware of which of your possessions can go to the unit and which items you should

Alternative storage ideas – cheap and effective

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Get awesome alternative storage ideas for your next relocation.

When we move, we usually end up with less room than we thought. Well, no worries! You can find decent and cheap storage facilities to pack your things. Or, if you’re not up for this, you can make your own storage in your home! With our alternative storage ideas, you’ll be able to pack everything you