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Tips for storing shoes safely

EditorStorage tips
tips for storing shoes safely

Whether you are a man or a woman, you probably like your shoes, because here you are. Shoes can be special, expensive, a gift from someone you love. Therefore, you have to know the best way to keep your loved shoes safe and sound. Storing shoes safely means that you can put them away and

Top reasons why people use storage

EditorStorage tips
reasons why people use storage

Storage solutions are very popular these days. There are many reasons why people use storage, as lack of space has become a very common problem. Luckily, you can easily find a decent cheap storage solution to suit your needs. But, you need to be careful. Cheap and decent doesn’t always mean quality. And sometimes it

Myths about storage units – busted or true

Having and using storage as an option in our everyday life is still something new. Many people that have never rented a self-storage unit may have some wrong preconceived ideas about storage facilities. Also, some people that had a bad experience with some storage facility may believe all storage is the same. This way, people

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage

EditorStorage tips
Vacuum cleaner cleans rug

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage whether it’s cleaning after moving, renovating your home, buying new furniture or preparing rugs for storage. You should know some basic rules on the preparation of the carpet/rugs if you want to protect them from accidents and insects. Rugs and carpets are representing an important part of our home

Guide for storing musical instruments

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Storing musical instruments, such as a violin, should be done properly

Whether you are a professional musician or you playing music is your hobby, your instrument is one of your most valuable possessions. Beside the fact that most of the instruments are expensive, they have a sentimental value as well. They are something we feel passionate about, and that is why proper storing musical instruments is

Guide for storing fine art safely

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abstract painting

Being a proud owner of artwork brings some responsibilities as well. Especially if you cannot display all of it at your home, you need to find the best option for storing fine art safely. Although it might be the easiest solution, using a garage or basement for storing it is not something we would recommend.

How to organize your wardrobe for storing

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Clothes on a chair

There are many things to think about before you organize your wardrobe for storing. Especially if you will be storing them for a longer period of time. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn about all these. So no matter what the reason you have for storing your wardrobe nor the amount of

Office decluttering tips and tricks

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Office decluttering should be done for maximum ease for moving

If you are great at organizing, then you mostly don’t have an issue with clutter. But it seems that most people get an occasional bout of clutter here and there. And they are mostly okay with it. However, usually, clutter in the workplace is highly unwanted. Especially if you are moving your business. If this

How to prepare your vehicle for storage

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Woman in a truck holding a rearview mirror

Storage is a very useful tool you should definitely have on your side during a relocation. It has various uses most of which can save you a lot of trouble when moving. However, before you put your things in storage, you’ll need to make sure you can use them once you take them out of

Tips for relocating a mobile storage unit

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Relocating a mobile storage unit, with a truck on the road.

Moving has many forms. You can hire professional movers or complete the move yourself. Then, you can use a moving truck or a mobile storage unit. The latter, in the industry also known as “pods”, offer you a lot of flexibility. They also offer ease of access. So as you can see, they have many