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Guide for moving during rainstorms

A rainy motorway

There are common themes in articles related to moving. These cover many important questions people might ask themselves when they need to move. How to choose good movers or what is a binding estimate? While all these questions matter, sometimes you need to know the specifics of a certain situation and how to prepare for

Guide for moving with your cat

Ginger kitten sleeping

Transporting all of your things to a new location and moving house is a big and challenging project. You are probably going to be a little bit on edge and stressed throughout the process. In order to reduce some of the stress, you can make a moving checklist. Remember that all the lost nerves will

Reasons to avoid moving by yourself

reasons to avoid moving by yourself

Speaking about relocation, there is always a question of how you should do it. In all honesty, there are two options. Either you are going to do it DIY style, or get professional help. And both of these options have their pros and cons. The first one will cost you less money, but more time.

Low-budget packing tips for students

a student with a red backpack staring at the sky

Student life is about to start. You must be very excited. However, this means packing your whole room and transporting everything to your dorm. It can be quite tiring since you do not know what to bring and what to leave behind. The money can be a problem as well. College is not cheap, and

The pros and cons of military housing

US flag

The military life can be tough. But, it can also come with many benefits. And the same goes for being housed by the military. There are pros and cons of military housing that you should be aware of if you will be lodging in a military facility. For that exact purpose, we have decided to

What to pack last on moving day?

Planner with calendar and marker

Deciding what to pack last on moving day is a very important task in planning your move properly. Moving day, in general, is a special occasion when all the planning you did comes to fruition. Or, completely falls apart if you did not put enough effort into it. Planning a move is something that takes

Guide to keeping your home clean while moving

A clean home is the best start to a new life.

Congratulations on your upcoming move! You are beginning a new chapter of your life. However, there are still things left to do before you can enjoy. First, you have to deal with the process of moving. It can be very stressful and keeping your home clean while moving might seem impossible. But there are ways

How to reward friends for helping you move

tips on how to reward friends for helping you move

So, you are moving, and everything you do has to be done in a hurry, and it may become a bit stressful. All moving days are just like that. If someone says differently they are probably lying. Sometimes you start everything on time and simply it doesn’t work out as you thought it would. However,

Reasons to move from an apartment to a house

A front yards like this is why you should move from an apartment to a house

Finding the best living space for your family should be the number one priority. Majority of all families live in an apartment, and in most cases, it’s a rental. When the time comes, everyone would like to consider a better place to live and improve their lives. If you want to move from an apartment

How to clean your house after relocation

a lady cleaning the kitchen, an example of how you should clean your house after relocation

Moving day is finally behind you! All the planning and stressing about the relocation is over at last, and you can take a deep breath and relax for a minute. As you see the moving truck slowly disappear down the street into the sunset, you start thinking about your new life. However, you turn around,