Category: Packing tips

Aug 10.

How to prepare a hot tub for moving

Some items are easier to pack and move than others. However, there are those that require special attention and exceptional ...

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Aug 2.

Guide to packing your kitchen efficiently

A life-changing and the most complicated event is just around the corner. Yes, home relocation is upon you. There are ...

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Jul 24.

Decluttering before packing: Why it is important to do it?

Moving comes with a lot of tasks and difficulties. However, it’s best if you take them on and ensure that ...

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Jul 20.

How to pack food and perishables

Finding a way to pack food and perishables you have and send them to your new residence can be challenging. ...

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Jul 5.

Benefits to packing with plastic storage bins

When you are about to move, you need to think about the packing process. This can be complicated if you ...

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Jun 29.

How to pack liquids for relocation

When you’re moving to another place, you usually think of packing clothes, shoes, furniture and so on. However, sometimes you ...

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Jun 28.

How do you pack an upright piano for moving?

Everyone who has a musical instrument knows how valuable this item is. That is why when you have to relocate ...

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Jun 17.

What’s the fastest way to pack and move?

When your relocation gets closer, there is a chance you will suddenly become more nervous than usual. This is due ...

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Jun 10.

How to use lifting straps for moving furniture

When your relocation gets closer you will need to start preparing for that day! And while it may seem like ...

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May 31.

What to pack when moving cross-country

Moving is definitely a big step in your life. But when we talk about cross country moving, we can freely ...

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