Category: Packing tips

Aug 3.

How to pack water sports equipment

Are you a big fan of water sports? Usually, fans of water sports enjoy surfing, sailing, swimming, jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, so on. If you’re ...

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Jul 23.

Tips for packing and moving mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is ready to move? All people have at least one mirror in their house. ...

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Jul 10.

Packing wardrobe for moving – simple tips

Packing your wardrobe for moving might seem difficult and puzzling. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, wardrobes are ...

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Jun 22.

Pros and cons of using wooden crates when moving

There are many things to consider when moving. First, you should find commercial movers you can rely on. Then, you ...

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Jun 6.

Tips and tricks for packing fishing equipment

When you are moving, you are probably thinking about how to prepare for movers. However, you should be thinking about ...

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May 17.

Creative uses for packing supplies

When you are moving, you have to pack your entire household. This means you will have to gather packing supplies ...

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Mar 21.

Upsides of self-packing when moving

Even though hiring professional packers is probably the most convenient way to move, there are also many upsides of self-packing. ...

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Mar 20.

What to pack first before moving day

Packing is an inevitable part of moving. Just like with the other tasks related to moving, you should have a ...

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Mar 3.

Shipping car parts – how to prepare?

Are you a car lover? Then, you probably want the best parts for your car. Sometimes, it is difficult to ...

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Feb 26.

How to pack your shoes when moving

If packing is a nightmare, not knowing how to pack your shoes is a recurring one – who knew you ...

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