Category: Packing tips

Dec 2.

Packing glass cabinets – tips and tricks

When you are moving, it is important to pack everything properly. This will ensure the safety of your items during ...

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Nov 29.

The importance of labeling moving boxes

When you decide to move and inform your friends about it, know that you will receive a lot of advice. ...

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Nov 21.

How to dismantle a bunk bed for relocation?

Are you planning to move and take all your furniture with you? Then, you must have a lot on your ...

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Oct 24.

How to pack winter clothes for moving

Preparing for a move this winter? This Master Moving Guide will give you the best tips and tricks on how ...

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Oct 19.

How to wrap furniture for moving

Preparing for a move and worried about moving your furniture? Moving your furniture is probably the most difficult task that ...

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Oct 13.

What are the best packing supplies?

Choosing the best packing supplies is one of the key things when we talk about moving. And as you know, ...

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Oct 7.

Is it worth paying for packing when moving?

A lot of people try to go through the relocation as cheaper as they can. Thinking that not paying for ...

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Sep 10.

Eco-friendly packing supplies

Our environment is an essential part of our lives. To protect it, people started using eco-friendly packages and products. Those ...

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Aug 23.

How to reuse moving boxes after the move

When you move, moving boxes will be of great help. We are sure that you will look for cheap moving ...

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Aug 10.

How to prepare a hot tub for moving

Some items are easier to pack and move than others. However, there are those that require special attention and exceptional ...

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