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Packing glassware and fine china – tips and hacks

EditorPacking tips
A few vases on a table.

The number of things we all have to worry about during a typical relocation is enough to make your head spin. We are talking about tasks such as finding reliable movers, choosing between numerous moving services, doing research on the best cities for families, choosing your dream home, etc. Really, the moving tasks seem to

How to pack IT equipment like a pro?

EditorPacking tips
bunch of IT devices

Packing can be one of the most difficult challenges when you’re moving. Putting all your belongings usually takes a lot of time and it’s very tiring. Apart from this, there’s just something about boxing up our things that makes us a bit sad and cranky. Finally, there are numerous things that can go wrong while you’re packing

How to cut costs on packing expenses?

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cardboard boxes

Moving can be expensive. However, there is no need to break a bank while moving if you learn how to cut costs on packing expenses. Whether you are relocating your entire family home to another state or just want to move to a studio apartment across the city, relocations require careful budget planning and preparations. With

Packing for retirement – what do you really need?

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Two retired people enjoying their post-job life.

Retirement is the part of our lives we’re all looking forward to. You’ll have all the time in the world and enough disposable income to enjoy yourself. This is perfectly understandable and completely deserved! You’ve put in the time and now it’s the perfect moment to lay back and enjoy yourself. So, why not go to

Things you should leave behind when moving internationally

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Planet Earth

Moving to a different country is very different than your average, garden-variety relocation. You’ll need to plan it much earlier and prepare better. In addition to this, international relocation tends to cost a lot of money. This cost will only increase the more things you bring with you. So, learn what you can leave behind when moving internationally

Packing your garage for relocation

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garage door

The garage is usually the last part of a home to get packed when moving. People tend to focus on their living space first and leave the storage rooms, garages and tool shed for the last minute. After all, all that heavy items shouldn’t be so difficult to pack, right? Even though you probably won’t

Proper way to pack your kitchen

EditorPacking tips
kitchen interior

Some of the most common moving mistakes are caused by improper packing. Keeping your belongings safe during a relocation will easily be done with the right packing supplies and some planning. All you have to do in order to prepare and pack your kitchen like a pro is to follow a few simple guidelines we have prepared for you.

Guide for packing your wine collection?

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wine bottles ready for packing

Packing your wine collection can be the most difficult part of a move. It is time-consuming, difficult and can have serious consequences. If you break some of your pieces, you’ll not only lose money, but wine is usually very difficult to get out of your clothes and furniture. So, you’ll need to pay special attention to

Packing for a cross-country vacation

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A wonderful beach is the best location for a vacation.

It’s time to finally take that vacation you deserve. After a long year of working, you can finally relax a bit! However, one of the most annoying things you’ll need to do before you leave your home will be packing. This is usually a tedious and boring task, but, it’s very important. Packing for a

How to pack an essentials moving box

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Your essentials moving box should be packed well.

With the hectic atmosphere on the moving day, you’ll need all the help you can get. A good idea is to have a bag with all your necessary items with you when you move. This way you’ll have all your essentials right where you can reach them. So, before you find the best movers for