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Guide for packing large furniture

EditorPacking tips
Packing large furniture such as sofa and table in the living room.

Packing is a big and challenging part of the moving process. And packing large furniture can be a real pickle. It’s big, you need to disassemble it and protect in order to transfer it safely. But try to make your moving day less hectic by gathering your packing supplies ahead of time. As you can assume, the easiest

How to pack your gardening tools

EditorPacking tips
How to pack your gardening tools

In general, moving is quite challenging and stressful. There are many nuances to moving that can simply make your life difficult. However, when you add packing your gardening tools to the mix, then a whole different set of problems emerge. And, truly, this is one of the most challenging parts of moving. If you want

Places that give away moving boxes

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A sign that says "free"

The moving process costs money. It’s a simple fact of life. Depending on whether you hire professional movers or conduct the move yourself the costs do differ. However, you can’t avoid them either way. What you can do, on the other hand, is to try to minimize them. Yes, some of the costs you can’t really

How to pack household appliances

EditorPacking tips
A kettler, and jars in front of the window.

With the moving day coming up, your belongings need to be prepared for the move. Clothes, furniture, artwork, everything has certain specifics tied to its packing. The same goes for your household appliances. Ranging from pieces of technology you use daily to useful little gadgets, your household appliances are something that you will surely need

Guide for packing your home in a day

EditorPacking tips
Guide for packing your home in a day, living room with furniture.

Very often, the packing process happens to be the longest and most exhausting part of moving. Seems that we have no idea how many things we actually own until we start packing them. You need to get your possession out of closets and shelves, sort them and then starting packing them to boxes. But no worries,

Packing tips for seniors

EditorPacking tips
Packing tips for seniors,woman and man hugging.

Moving is a tough and stressful process. It’s not easy on the students and other youth groups, and even less so on the seniors. While its true that seniors might have more free time to organize the move there are other issues that might complicate the move for you if you are a senior. Carrying

How to pack collectibles for transport

EditorPacking tips

Everyone has a hobby. They can be more or less passionate about it, true, but each one of us has something they like spending time on. For some it’s sports, for others it could be film, video games or music. We’re certainly guilty of spending more than reasonable amounts out of our paycheck at vinyl

Items you don’t have to pack

EditorPacking tips

The biggest part of every move is packing. It’s both, exhausting and time-consuming. That’s why it’s very important to do it rationally. Using the move to reduce the clutter and amount of items you will take is always a smart idea. It boils down to looking at what items you don’t have to pack and

How many packing supplies do you need

EditorPacking tips
man carrying moving boxes

Packing is the part of the moving process people hate the most. There’s just something about putting your entire life in boxes that rubs the wrong way. Apart from this, it’s tedious and hard work. Finally, it is the part of the relocation when we tend to damage some of our belongings. So, naturally, we

Best ways to secure artwork for shipping

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The time to start preparing the move is here! You’ve probably done some research. Did some planning ahead too. Then, going through a list of things you want to move with you, you realize something. That beautiful painting you love, or that precious statue that really adds a sense of refinement to your home. You