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Tips for packing a nursery

EditorPacking tips
packing a nursery- baby cot, toys and linens

Every relocation is a challenge in one’s life. But moving with a baby is a whole new level. But, do not panic. With a proper plan and organization, your move can go smoothly. The biggest task will probably be the packing of your household. And the most important room you need to pack is of

Guide for packing dishes for moving

EditorPacking tips
Plates in different colors are on of the packing dishes for moving

Organizing a move is never an easy task. Sometimes it may seem that there are simply too many things to think about, that it may feel really overwhelming. One of the most important things when planning a move is to find a good moving company. This is something that can really make or break your

Packing for moving overseas – tips and tricks

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A plane in the sunset

Preparing and packing for moving overseas is probably in the top 10 challenges you will ever have to face. In general, moving carries with it a lot of stress, due to its complex nature. The fact that you are leaving the country where you grew up, can be a really emotional one. That is, of

How to dismantle a wooden closet

EditorPacking tips
A person disassembling parts of the closet

When moving your home yourself one of the main challenges you will come across will be taking apart and moving large household items like furniture and appliances. This can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process if you don’t create a moving and packing plan in advance. In order to help you dismantle wooden closet and

DIY packing mistakes to learn from

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Avoid DIY packing mistakes by tightly wrapping your items

Moving on a budget can be challenging. When you have to think about every little detail, you may feel pressured. However, there is a way you can do it all on your own, without feeling stressed. The one thing we are always trying to avoid is to make mistakes. They cost time and money and

How to pack your apartment overnight

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A watch on a woman's wrist.

Everyone knows that organizing a move is not an easy thing to do. As there are so many things to think about like finding a good moving company and picking the best moving day, it makes perfect sense that people often get really stressed out during a move. What makes these situations easier is the

How to pack personal memorabilia

EditorPacking tips
A photo album

A lot of us collect certain items. Be it postcards, stamps or souvenirs of our past travels. While memorabilia falls into the latter category it also encompasses items that remind us of certain people and events from our lives. That being said, the question of how to pack personal memorabilia arises whenever there is a

Guide to packing power tools and garage equipment

EditorPacking tips
Packing power tools and garage equipment

Packing a garage is usually something that people leave for last when moving house. That is because it is probably the most difficult room to pack. There are plenty of odd-shaped things in everyone’s garage. And it can be quite the problem trying to pack and move everything. However, that does not mean that you

Guide for packing large furniture

EditorPacking tips
Packing large furniture such as sofa and table in the living room.

Packing is a big and challenging part of the moving process. And packing large furniture can be a real pickle. It’s big, you need to disassemble it and protect in order to transfer it safely. But try to make your moving day less hectic by gathering your packing supplies ahead of time. As you can assume, the easiest

How to pack your gardening tools

EditorPacking tips
How to pack your gardening tools

In general, moving is quite challenging and stressful. There are many nuances to moving that can simply make your life difficult. However, when you add packing your gardening tools to the mix, then a whole different set of problems emerge. And, truly, this is one of the most challenging parts of moving. If you want