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Moving to the US with pets – what are the rules?

A sleeping kitten.

Moving involves uprooting your whole life and taking it to a new place. This includes everything you hold dear. Starting from your belongings, memorabilia and of course pets. After all, aren’t pets members of the family? As such leaving them behind could be quite painful. However, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when

The best European cities for millennials

best European cities for millennials

Are you considering to move to Europe? Already looking to find international movers to help you move? With the following article, you might get a better idea of the best places you could move to. Whether you are married, have a kid on the way or just looking for a good job opportunity, Europe might

Moving cross country with newborn

Moving cross country with newborn

The moving process is one of the most stressful things people handle during their lifetime. When moving cross country with newborn, the stress of the moving day can triple. Luckily, with a good moving plan, moving interstate with your child doesn’t have to be a stress. Taking one step at a time and planning every

How To Save Money On A Long Distance Move

save money on a long distance move

Let’s be honest from the beginning: moving isn’t cheap. Moving long distance is even more expensive. The costs on the move are not universal and they vary from case to case. The specifics of your move, the distance and especially the weight of your shipment will determine the price of your relocation. Still, there are

How to Relocate a Business to Another State

relocate a business to another state

Moving a business seems more complicated than it actually is. However, every company owner who plans to relocate a business to another state should make sure to plan every step of the move. Keeping the company running during the moving process is not an easy task to do. This is why you should make a