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Reasons to get transit insurance for the move

transit insurance for the move

Speaking about the relocation, there is always a matter of security and safety of your items. Naturally, you will do anything in your power to ensure your items safely reach the desired destination. And it doesn’t matter if that location is your new home or an office. The only important thing is to get your belongings

How to prepare your vehicle for shipping?

a bmw cleaned and ready for shipping.

Relocating over long distances is difficult and can get stressful. This is why you’ll need to plan your move in advance and hire top-quality long distance movers. Then, you’ll need to decide whether you’re driving your vehicle or shipping it to your new location. In most cases, it’s better to avoid driving your car far

The risks of moving in the winter

A cup of coffee in the snow

Winter is the time of the year when we all like to enjoy in the warmth of our homes. We usually read a book by the fireplace, drink hot chocolate or watch TV covered with a blanket. It is a rarity to find someone who plans to move when there is snow outside. However, if

Renting a moving truck – all you should know

A moving truck you could rent

When we hear the word moving, we usually picture boxes or a truck. That’s because relocation is impossible without a proper vehicle and packing equipment. You’ll need to transport all of your belongings safely in as little trips as you possibly can. In addition to this, you’ll need to prepare for the ordeal of driving a

What is a binding estimate and why does it matter?

You can calculate your own binding estimate.

Have you ever wanted to know what are your moving costs before the move? Well, there is a way you can get this information! Ask your movers for a binding estimate of your relocation price and you’ll get a good idea of how much funds you’ll need to prepare for your move! Getting a moving

State-regulated paperwork you need to change when moving

A lot of paperwork you'll need to submit when moving.

Once you hire a moving company and schedule your moving day, you’ll start your relocation journey. This journey will end with you moving into your new home. However, even if you hire the best residential movers you’ll still need to do some of the work yourself. Namely, you’ll need to take care of a lot of state-regulated paperwork.

How to prepare your vehicle for a cross-country move

usa map

Long distance moving requires detailed planning and preparations. Besides having to find the best housing option, hire reliable movers and pack your entire home you will need to prepare your vehicle for a cross-country move. As moving includes many more pre-move tasks, people tend to make one of the most common relocation mistakes and start preparing their

What to research before moving across state lines?

EditorInterstate moving tips
research before moving across state lines

If you planning an international relocation, there are numerous things to consider. You should do an extensive research before moving across state lines. But you don’t have to worry. Use our moving guide and our interstate moving tips to relocate with ease when moving your home.

Moving your art collection across the country

woman looking at an art collection

Relocating your home long distance is a complex process that requires detailed planning and dedication. Planning to move valuable items, like artwork and antique furniture, can make the whole process even more challenging. Even though just a thought of packing your entire home and art collection and moving to a completely new city can be

An Interstate Moving Checklist

An Interstate Moving Checklist

Moving to another state is a very challenging task. If you move before locally, you will soon grasp that interstate relocation is much harder. There will be much more organization and planning. Sometimes it may be overwhelming and very stressful, but you can minimize that by delegating the hardest tasks to a moving company. Even