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Adjusting to life in the suburbs

Adjusting to life in the suburbs, houses made of red brick with gardens.

Finding our place under the Sun is what life is generally about. This can mean a whole lot of different things for every other individual. Some of us aim for amassing wealth through sport or acting careers, others strive for improving the world in their labs (not that amassing wealth and making the world better,

Moving coast-to-coast with pets – the perfect guide

A dog running in front of people on the path

When moving across the country, you will certainly meet a lot of challenges on your way. One of the biggest ones will be how to prepare and safely move your little friends. Beside the very complex regulations you will need to handle on this matter, you also need to make sure your pet feels through the

Moving into a dorm – how to prepare

A woman is getting ready for moving into a dorm

It might seem that moving into a dorm is pretty easy. And it is true, it is not the hardest thing in the world. It may not even be in the top 100 hardest things you could do. However, when you are heading off to college to start a new part of your life, at

Stand-up piano moving guide

A piano next to a wall

A lot of people do not seem to realize that moving a piano is quite a precarious job. Some will think that it only takes a few of their buddies, and the job is done. And while help is appreciated (and, also, necessary), it is not the only important thing. In fact, pianos are notoriously

Most unexpected moving expenses

To avoid unexpected moving expenses use map and camera.

In case you are planning a relocation soon, you are probably aware that it is not going to be cheap. In order to organize a successful move, you are going to need a lot of time and money. Therefore, you need to prepare everything in advance in order to avoid unexpected moving expenses. Important to realize

Reasons to arrive at your new home before the movers

The clock and the cup should be waiting for you when you arrive at your new home before the movers.

Moving your home is not easy, but if you follow certain tips, you can make it less difficult. There are a lot of things you can do to make your relocation more efficient. One of these ways to make your move easier is to arrive at your new home before the movers. This will help you

Ways in which weather can affect your relocation

Bad weather on the horizon. Storms and lightnings.

There are many factors which can influence your move. Some of them can speed it up, while others can make of it a long and tiring process. If you know how to tell them apart, you’ll have a much easier time with your move. If we consider the climate as an influencing factor for your

Moving insurance – is it necessary?

relocation insurance

When relocating their homes, people often tend to overlook the importance of moving insurance. In order to have a safe and stress-free move, you will need to learn more about each step of the whole relocation process. Therefore you will be able to make informed decisions, prepare your moving budget, and ensure everything goes according to

Moving to Florida from NYC on a budget

Low angle of palm tree

So, you’ve decided to move to the Sunshine State from the biggest city in the US? Moving, in general, can be quite stressful, let alone such a long-distance move. A large part of the stress can certainly be attributed to the cost of moving. In fact, quite a few people are truly prepared for the

Loading a moving truck the right way

So, you have decided on loading a moving truck all by yourself? While it may not seem like a complicated matter at first glance, there is more to it than it’s apparent. Loading a moving truck the wrong way can cause serious problems in your move. From boxes spilling out their content to irreversible damage