Busiest moving routes in the United States

It’s very important that you get as much information about your relocation as you can. This can give you all the necessary pros and cons to think of before actually making a final decision. That’s why we’re sure that the busiest moving routes in the United States can give you a good idea of how moving works across the nation. And who better to give you than Master Moving Guide and our experts? Let’s take a look at the most popular routes all over the US.

New York to Florida is one of the busiest moving routes in the United States

As probably one of the most frequented routes in the US, this one truly stands out from others. It’s the prime example of what moving on the East Coast truly means. With around 1,000 miles between these two states, it’s considered one of the most used routes by interstate movers all over the US. Usually, the primary reason for such relocation is the fact that people want to go to a better climate. However, that’s not the only reason, as Florida usually offers you a better financial situation than New York because of its cost of living. And with the move costing around $4,100 on average, it means a lot to be able to save up some money.

A palm tree
Florida has been more and more the top destination for New Yorkers

California to Washington is a usual route people take when relocating

We move to the West Coast now when it comes to the busiest moving routes in the United States. As the distance between these two states is around 900 miles, it’s not among the longest routes. However, why are so many people moving to beautiful California for Washington? The main reason is usually financial. They hire residential movers to move them as it’s more affordable to live and the taxes are much lower. Even the cost of the move of around 4,000$ will not come as difficult to you. There are many other benefits that this move will bring. And that shows on our list of routes all over the US.

The busiest moving routes in the United States include the one that spans from North Carolina to Florida

Every move comes with its own benefits. And the same goes for the residents of North Carolina and Florida, as many of them move from one state to another for a variety of good reasons. For example, a move from NC to FL usually means better job opportunities and a good cost of living plus beautiful weather. Just find out how many movers do i need and the relocation itself will be an easy job. On the other hand, people moving from FL to NC will usually underline getting away from the hectic lifestyle and horrible traffic. With an average cost of an interstate move being around $3600 in both directions, it’s not the most expensive option on the list. And not with the longest distance either, as only around 600 miles separate these East Coast states.

a sign of Florida representing one of the Busiest moving routes in the United States
North Carolina to Florida is one of the busiest routes as well

Virginia to Maryland is not the longest but one of the most often routes people use when relocating

One of the shorter moves on the list will be the one between Virginia and Maryland. With only around 200 miles separating the states, you won’t really feel that huge difference that you will when it comes to other relocations on the list. Maybe that will make it easier to hire interstate movers without getting scammed and have a smoother and easier relocation process. As one of the main reasons people usually note down healthcare, job opportunities, and the overall environment and community when moving from Virginia to Maryland. However, even among the shortest distances, such a move will still cost you around $3,330.

More and more people are moving from Arizona to California

When you consider one of the busiest moving routes in the United States, you need to consider the one between the state of Arizona and California. With around 900 miles between these two states, you will need to know just how many movers I need and other details as it’s not a small task. When it comes to the price of the move, on average it’s around $3,400 and will depend on a lot of factors. And when it comes to motivation, it will vary for most people. The most important ones are a great environment with amazing opportunities. While in the other direction, better cost of living and lower taxes await you. However, you look at it it will have a deserved spot on the list of the busiest moving routes in the US.

A view of a city in California
Arizona to California has been among the busiest moving routes in the United States for years

New York to New Jersey is a short but frequently taken route by many

One of the shortest, but also the most used routes is the one between NY and NJ. It’s just a state line across and it will be easier to move such a short distance and benefit from such a relocation. With moves among this route being somewhat under $3,000, it’s something that many people consider doing without any problems. And with a successful move, it will be easier to ask how much to tip movers and just what to do after such a shorter relocation. Some of the people move from NY to NJ for some great benefits the neighboring state offers. With great scenery, lower cost of living, great transportation, and connection back to NY, it’s not a surprise for this route to be on the list. Even here, finances are still the main motivator for moving. 

Colorado to California has earned its spot among the busiest moving routes in the country

With around 1,200 miles between California and Colorado, it’s not a small move to take on. However, for many, it’s more than worth it. Especially as this route is one that has many people relocating in both directions for a plethora of different reasons. Moving to any of these two states will make you google the packers and movers near me and arrange a move as quickly as possible. That’s because the climate of both states will benefit certain groups of people depending on what you prefer. However, it will cost you around $4000 and more to move between these two locations. However, don’t doubt that for many Californians the fact that Colorado offers better finances is the main reason. Public transport, cost of living, high taxes, and many others are usually the culprit for the CA to CO moves. Otherwise, people from Colorado will look for opportunities in California.

California to Texas is one of the already very well-known routes when it comes to moving

Another big on the list of the busiest moving routes in America is between CA and TX. Especially in the last decade, this relocation has grown more popular than ever. Even the more than 1,200 miles will not be such a big problem for many to cross. Especially with all the benefits. With an average of around $4,000 when it comes to cost, you can say it will be worth it. Of course, have the interstate moving costs in mind when doing such a big relocation. However, the great housing market and affordability will be crucial for a move to Texas.

Another short but frequent moving route is South Carolina to North Carolina

As one of the shorter routes, you can count on the one between the Carolinas. With the then thousands of people moving in one and the other direction, it has a deserved spot among the routes all over the US. For many people, there are not many differences. But it’s the opportunities and affordability that make people relocate. And with only around 200 miles between the states, it won’t be such a huge task to think of. However, the price of around $3,000 will be something to keep in mind. While we still want to underline that it’s an average and the price depends on many factors.

The flag of North Carolina
SC to NC and vice versa is a close but frequented route when it comes to moving

Ohio to Pennsylvania has been climbing the ranks of one of the routes people usually are moving to

With around 350 miles between Ohio and Pennsylvania, it’s not the biggest move on the list. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why so many people take on his move. What makes it one of the busiest moving routes in the United States are the job opportunities. With just that short distance, you will find the two states in completely different situations. The fact that the move costs on average $2,400 makes it among the more affordable ones on the list. And with all the job opportunities in Pennsylvania, it will be easier to make things happen.

Indiana to Illinois has its place among the busiest moving routes in the US

One of the busiest moving routes in the US is the one between Indiana to Illinois. Especially as it offers a lot of benefits that people from each state want to exploit. Of course, none of these states is perfect, but the fact that the distance is around 300 miles, makes it an easy relocation. Especially as the price for it will be around $3,000. From affordable housing options to job opportunities, there’s a lot to look at. And with thousands of people moving in both directions you can be sure there are good reasons for it.

Oklahoma to Texas has a lot of sense for people that are moving in that direction

If you live in Oklahoma and want to move just around the corner, Texas can be the right place for you. Especially as the distance between the two states is just around 300 miles and is very doable for you. And its price is somewhat under $3,000, so it will be affordable for many people to relocate. Of course, there are a plethora of reasons why people are choosing to move from Oklahoma to Texas. Both states are very affordable in general. However, Texas offers more than just affordable housing and cost of living. It also offers a plethora of job opportunities and other benefits that you will be able to enjoy.

Among the busiest moving routes in the United States, there needs to be space for Alabama to Georgia route

With around 250 miles between the states, it’s only logical for many people to use this route. With Georgia becoming a more and more attractive place to live, it’s not a surprise for people to relocate in this direction. Its very mild climate will also be very welcome for the majority of people and make it very enjoyable. The school system and the growing job market also make Georgia a great place to live for families. For that reason, it’s only logical for many people from Alabama to use this opportunity and move across state lines. However, keep in mind that such a move will cost you around $3,000.

Moving trucks on one of the busiest moving routes in the United States
Georgia has risen in popularity for people moving all over the US

Michigan to Ohio is the direction many people take because of their finances

Moving will be a decision that is made for a plethora of reasons. From affordability to the benefits that a certain area offers you. For that reason, many people will make the move from Michigan to Ohio and vice versa. And with the fact that it’s just around 400 miles, you can still make it without too many difficulties with the right movers. And with the cost of the relocation being around $2,000, it’s among the most affordable ones on the list. As the two states are in the same area, it will be easy to imagine why it’s on our list of routes in the US when it comes to moving.

There are thousands of moves across the US that happen every week. For that reason, it’s always interesting to look at the most important moving trends. One of them is the busiest moving routes in the United States. Thankfully, with the BBB-approved moving companies and their experts, it will be easy to do any type of relocation whatever the distance. We hope that you found this informative and that you’ll do more research on your own to find out if some of these states can be the perfect place for you.

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