Best ways to move heavy furniture by yourself

Have you ever thought about conducting the relocation entirely on your own? If you have, you probably wondered how you would move heavy furniture by yourself. Professional movers can do this effortlessly, but if you are adamant about a DIY relocation, you need to figure out how to deal with bulky items. Moving furniture on your own may cause damage to walls, floors, and furniture itself. Not to mention the pain in your back and joints. However, professionals from Master Moving Guide will show you how to save some cash and complete this strenuous task on your own.

DIY relocation

If you choose not to hire professional movers, bear in mind that you are in charge of every moving-related task. Planning, decluttering, packing, heavy lifting, and transportation are the activities you need to coordinate. However, no matter how hard this may sound, with the right guidance, and some help from family and friends, you can successfully deal with heavy items in your household.

a person showing the best ways to move heavy furniture by yourself
If you are conducting the relocation on your own, prepare yourself for some heavy lifting

Best ways to move heavy furniture by yourself

Moving the furniture without the assistance of local movers can be tricky if you are doing it wrong. Before dabbling into this activity, go online and try to find out everything there is about moving heavy items on your own. Also, talk to people who have done this before, and ask them to give you guidelines. Professional movers offer you some of the most relevant tips for handling heavy furniture when moving:

  • make a plan
  • buy equipment
  • clear the pathways
  • dismantle furniture
  • learn proper lifting techniques

Make a plan

Having a clear plan will help you successfully navigate through the moving and packing process. Make a list of all your heavy furniture and decide which ones go first onto the moving truck. Note that usually the heaviest items are loaded first. Also, part of the moving process should be taking measurements. Measure all your furniture, as well as doorways, and make sure you can carry all furniture through the doorways without damaging walls or your items. Efficiency is the main goal when it comes to moving heavy furniture on your own. You don’t want to end up losing time moving furniture around because you didn’t make any assessments.

Since you will deal with the heaviest items first, that means crossing the most difficult task off the list at the beginning of the moving process. Note that planning and assessment will save you time during the exhausting relocation process.

The main thing is not to do this entirely on your own. Ask a friend or family member to help you handle heavy furniture. In case you realize DIY relocation doesn’t work for you you may end up asking yourself “how many movers do I need?” This is a clear sign that you should get in touch with a professional moving company.

Buy equipment

In order to conduct the heavy lifting successfully, less painfully, and more practically, you will need some pieces of moving equipment. The good news is that you don’t need to buy these items, you may as well rent them. This is a great way of saving some cash. Practical items like moving straps help lift the weight off your back and arms. You can adjust them to fit your body size. Moreover, furniture dollies are extremely useful when moving heavy furniture. The two-wheel hand truck is ideal for tall items. Make sure you secure an item on the dolly with a strap, and you can easily transport a piece of furniture from your house to a moving truck.

a woman pushing a dolly
Buy proper equipment to be able to move heavy furniture by yourself

Furniture sliders are a must-have when it comes to handling heavy furniture. They are pieces of plastic that are placed under each leg or side of a furniture item, to help it move easier across surfaces. This way you will also avoid scratching the floors.

Clear the pathways

Making sure nothing gets in your way when you are carrying a heavy piece of furniture is one of the most important things in the moving process. Avoid tripping over carpets, random items on the floor, and doorways. Remember to wear non-slippery closed-toe shoes to avoid getting hurt. Check if the floors are clear and non-slippery and keep the small kids and pets out of your way when carrying furniture out of the house.

If you don’t feel like handling heavy and bulky items on your own, look for professional assistance. You can google the best furniture movers near me and have a look at a multitude of options for hiring a moving company.

Dismantle furniture

Some pieces of furniture can be dismantled fully, and others only partially. It is much easier to deal with small chunks of furniture than large pieces. Therefore, make sure to dismantle every piece of furniture you can to the smallest detail. Also, check if all drawers and cupboards are empty before loading them onto a moving truck. Take away all removable pieces, making sure you save and label each knob you take out of the furniture, so you can reassemble it later.

two people dismantling a coffee table
Dismantle furniture to facilitate the process of packing and relocation


Learn proper lifting techniques

Lifting heavy objects requires skill and focus. The most important thing to remember is to use your legs, instead of your back, to carry the weight. This way you will avoid getting your back hurt. Also, your body will maintain better balance if you carry heavy objects close to your body. This will lift the weight off your forearms and put it on a much stronger body part – the shoulders. Find out all about proper lifting techniques online or consult moving experts.

There are many useful tips on how to move heavy furniture by yourself. Before deciding you will not take up the services of professional movers, be sure to learn all you can about how to handle your household items without much stress or effort.

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