Best ways to handle moving with toddlers

Raising a toddler can be quite challenging. This is the age where children are getting more and more independent, but you still need to keep an eye on them all the time. Since they are quite curious, your toddler can and will go everywhere, try to touch everything in their vicinity so you need to keep them safe. The last thing you need is to move your household. However, sometimes you do not have a lot of options. For this reason, here are the best ways to handle moving with toddlers only on Master Moving Guide. It may sound almost impossible, but if you organize your time well, you can succeed in relocating your entire household while taking care of your toddler. 

Moving with toddlers by hiring a moving company 

First of all, since it is quite difficult to organize a relocation even without having a child, you should get all the help that you can. This primarily means getting professional help. At least two or three months before your relocation, you should find and hire a moving company. For example, if you plan to move your entire household, you need professional help. It is almost impossible to take care of your toddler and pack your items at the same time. If you have some special items in your house that you wish to relocate, such as moving a piano, then, you absolutely need to hire professional movers. For this reason, do not hesitate and try to find your moving company even today. You can either search for a moving company on the Internet or ask your family and friends for recommendations.  

person holding a baby
Hire a moving company so you can spend time with your child

Get even more help 

Now that you have hired long-distance movers, you still need to get more help. Even though movers will take care of a large part of your medication, you still need to deal with other more personal aspects of your move. These aspects would include packing your expensive jewelry, personal items, documents, and so on. In addition to this, you should not forget about all the documentation and bureaucracy you have to do because of moving. You need to update your address, find a new kindergarten for your child, find a new doctor for your child, and also transfer all the medical documents, and so on. While you are doing this, someone needs to take care of your child. For this reason, you should either ask your parents or hire a nanny that can look after your child while you finish all these moving-related tasks. 

Moving with toddlers and packing 

It is difficult to imagine planning and packing your entire household while taking care of your toddler. You have two options. The first option would be to have movers pack items instead of you. This is going to be a little bit more expensive but you will know for sure that your items are packed properly. In addition to this, if you get moving insurance, then you do not have to worry about your item safety. Even if they get damaged, moving insurance will cover the expenses. The second option would be to pack your items by yourself. This is a good way to save money but it can be difficult to with a toddler. For this reason, you need to make a good packing schedule. For example, you can pack while your toddler is either sleeping, at daycare, or with someone else.  

baby playing with toys
Do not pack your child’s toys first

Do not pack your child’s items first 

It doesn’t matter if you or your movers will pack your household items. Do not pack your child’s items first. As you might already know, you need to use a lot of things to take care of your toddler. If you pack those items first, it can be quite difficult to change their clothes, give them a bath, and so on. For this reason, focus on the items that you are not using regularly. This means packing your office room, living room, and other less important rooms first. Leave your child’s room last. It can be quite stressful for your toddler to relocate as well. Therefore, it is important to have your toddler occupied with their toys and in their room. This way, you can also avoid having your toddler hurt if they suddenly trip over moving boxes, disassembled pieces of furniture, and similar. 

Moving with toddlers and packing an essential box 

When you are packing, it is also important to pack an essential box. This box should contain the following items. 

  • A change of clothes for both you and your toddler 
  • Toys for your child 
  • Medication 
  • Documents 
  • Food and water 
  • Electronic devices 
  • Toiletries 
  • And everything else you think is necessary 

Why is it important to pack an essential box? If you move into your new house, you might not have all the items that you need for the first couple of days. Since you have a small child, you need to prepare it. In order to reduce the overall stress that you might feel because of this relocation, prepare everything well in advance so nothing can go wrong during this period. If necessary, you can prepare more than one essential box. It only depends on the items you need. 

baby hugging a blanket
You can also include your child’s favorite blanket in essential items

Moving day 

Lastly, when you are moving with toddlers, you need to survive your moving day. Since your moving day will be quite hectic with movers going in and out, you need to have someone looking after your child. Again, you can ask your parents or friends or just hire a nanny. This is the best option for your toddler. They can get quite agitated due to all people in the house. For this reason, they should be somewhere safe where they will not get hurt because of all the boxes, large appliances, and so on. Additionally, you can also take care of a baby while your partner is back home helping your movers. It all depends on how you arrange your moving day. 

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