Best ways to cut moving costs

When you are in a process of moving, things can go from bad to worse but that is just pessimistic thinking. They can go from good to great as well. So, we will think in that direction. Being optimistic while moving can help you a lot. This will go easier and smoother if your thoughts are in the right place. And all of this is great but bear in mind one very important thing while moving. And that thing we are talking about are ways to cut moving costs.

How do keep track of how much you spend?

There are ways to cut moving costs, they actually exist. Because moving can cost a lot, but it doesn’t have to if you play your cards right. When you move, first and most important thing to do is to create a checklist where you will sit down and write all the things you need to do and buy so that your move goes smoothly. Once you finish one thing you can check it of the last than the next and so on. It feels very good when you check a thing you did and you don’t have to think about it anymore. If you put everything on paper it will be easier to keep an eye on your expenses during the move. Believe it or not in all that fuss around your move you can buy things that you already bought or you already have.

 The ways to cut moving costs

It is important not to cut costs on just about anything. For example, if you have heard that there are some movers company that can help you move your things safely and without any difficulties. If you have checked those movers and they are in fact that great as you have heard, well, this is where you shouldn’t be cut costs. You should pay the price because they are worth and in the long run it will cost you less. How so? Well, if you move all by yourself or with a help of a friend some things may get broken or lost. If you hire a professional those little inconveniences won’t happen. Everything will arrive at your home in a timely manner and without a scratch. Therefore, in a way you invested in your future in your new home. But let’s talk about things where you can actually save some money while you move.

finding free boxes is a good way to cut moving costs
Make sure to mark your boxes

Where to cut costs?

Ways to cut moving costs are endless if you think smart. For example, boxes. No one should go and buy boxes when there are so many stores that cannot wait for you to give you boxes from unpacking their goods and don’t know what to do with all those for them unnecessary boxes. That’s where you come in. Once you find all the boxes you need, maybe you will have to visit few stores, not just one, but when you get the number of boxes you need next step is to pack your belongings in them and mark them.

Moving can be stress free
Believe it or not, movers will be more careful with your items then you

There are so many markers made exclusively for marking and labeling boxes for the move. Guess what, they are completely unnecessary. What is important for you is to mark those boxes so that you and your movers know with what box to be extra careful. And of course, those boxes marking will help you know what to unpack where that is in what room. You don’t need to open a box full of clothes in the kitchen now do you? So, basically, you just take a marker that you already have or a pen and mark the box. And that is it. Simple as that and no money was spent on some markers made exclusively for marking boxes when you can do that with the one you were using when you were studying and needed the marker to highlight the important parts.

Use a call a friend card

Friends are there when we need them, they are there even when we don’t need them. Moving time is a time when we definitely need them. Some of your friends will probably ask if you need them that day on their own. And your answer should be yes. A friend can be more than helpful on your moving day and it’s another great way to cut costs of your move. Because a friend is someone who you don’t have to pay to help you and he or she will do that gladly. The point is that the best ways to cut moving costs are to have friends. They can even go around and ask for some boxes in the nearby store while you are arranging everything to start your move. So, even when you hire movers you usually pay them for an hour, by having a friend to help you out the less time will movers spend moving you and therefore you will have to pay them less.


Declutter before you move. Check all those things you have in the closet. You don’t need to bring everything with you to your new home. See what you need and what you don’t need and just start from there. The stuff you don’t wear anymore, that is no longer fashionable or similar can mean a lot to someone in need. Therefore, pack the things you don’t need anymore and give them to someone who will be more than happy to wear them. In that way, you will have less to pack and unpack and you will help someone. It’s a win, win situation. You can declutter the following items:

  • get rid of the old clothes
  • old stuff from your garage
  • old broken appliances
  • Your kid’s old toys
The best way to declutter is to get rid of clothes
Decluttering is a must

There are ways to cut costs doing whatever in life. When moving, you should keep your head clear and think smart and not spend money on unnecessary things. There is a solution for everything from packing and move to unpack and it doesn’t have to cost you a dime. Just ask around and gather as much as information as possible. Good luck with your move, read more relocation advice on our website and try to have fun while moving.

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