Best ways to boost your moving business

The moving industry is highly competitive. If you want to stay afloat and even prosper, you must be clever and invest in the same fashion. So, today we will try to help our reliable movers with a full guide on better marketing. Master Moving Guide will provide you with marketing tips for moving companies that will surely boost your moving business. Let’s dive right in!

If you do not exist online – you do not exist!

Yes, you can’t do anything without a good website. All local and interstate movers should have one. And they do but the trick is to build and invest in a good one. More importantly, your website should always be up to date and it should work as intended. As for the perks of your website, you should have a simple and clear design, easy navigation, easily accessible estimates form, and full contact info displayed. Also, your privacy policy and terms of use should be clearly displayed for everyone to see. Lastly, you should invest in a mobile version of the website and later on when your budget allows it, an application as well.

a woman using a laptop
Invest in a good company website. Make sure it is user-friendly and with all relevant information.

Link your website to your blog

One of the marketing tips that will help you boost your moving business is to start a blog. If you haven’t already, this is the time to do it. It will take some time to fill it with relevant content but you should start small and focus on the most important topics first. Provide guides on packing, obtaining packing materials, guides about moving services, and informational pieces regarding relocation in general. For a frequently asked questions section as well as a place to post fun stuff like pictures, comments, reviews, etc. Of course, blogs about moving statistics and the best places to live in the US are extremely popular. So, create a blog, link it to your website, and start building your content.

Moving referral companies

As you may know, there are companies that will advertise your brand and even seek customers for you. Or simply refer your company to customers and book your services for them. The most popular version is where the customer enlists one of the companies to find the best moving crew in the area. After they have found you, they will send the customer over and you will do the rest. Of course, there is a small fee involved because nothing comes for free nowadays. So, if you wish to expand in this way, it can be highly beneficial to your budget.

To spare you the trouble, we will recommend Master Moving Guide as one of the moving-related websites out there. Visit their website and obtain all the knowledge about moving and find the best moving company in the area.

Work on customer dedication to boost your moving business

To put it mildly, you must take care of your customers. Simple as that. Do whatever it takes to keep every single one of them, especially now when bad comments spread like wildfire across the internet. So, you must have a knowledgeable and polite staff along with an experienced and patient moving representative. Work with each customer like it is your first and approach to their unique situation delicately. All customers want is to hire movers without getting scammed and without overpaying for the service. Also, they want to be respected and treated nicely. We are sure you can provide this to each customer and make each one of them leave with a pleasant moving experience.

two people working at help desk
Pay special attention to customer satisfaction. Treat each customer with respect.

Show everyone you are licensed and credible

Another good tip for moving companies is to obtain licenses and permits as soon as they open a moving business. It is important that you are running an accredited business. It will show your customers that they are working with a legit moving company. And this is something most of them are concerned about. So, make sure you register your company on one of the following services and websites:

As long as your customers can find you online and confirm you are a safe choice, you will stay in the business. Some people like to be thorough with their research and they will dig your entire working history on FMCSA while others need only to find you on Yellow Pages and that is enough. Therefore, make sure you have an online presence on the websites we mentioned above.

Boost your online presence with the help of social media

You already know how powerful social media is today. If you advertise on any of them, you will triple your income for sure. Although, advertising on social media requires you to keep up with trends and have someone running all profiles, and be active in related groups and chats. So, this means you must hire someone that can manage everything. Preferably a person that can maintain your website as well. Maybe you’ll have to create a dedicated team to keep the engine running. But it is more than worthwhile.

Take over the internet!

Social media networks are not the only place on the internet you can advertise on. There are thousands of moving-related websites, blogs, vlogs, advertisement pages, online papers, etc. You can even create a YouTube channel with the relevant content or simply stick to the advertisement banners on various websites. Do whatever you like but remember, the internet is huge and you can advertise wherever and however you want. Just make sure to keep it legal and follow the rules of the advertising platform you are using.

one of the best marketing tips for moving companies is to advertise on social media networks
Take over the internet and utilize the power of social media marketing!

Stay reputable

Customers will always research your company before they give you a call. This means you must keep your reputation intact and try to leave a positive note after each relocation performed. Moving reviews about you should be honest and positive as much as it is possible. Of course, there will be unsatisfied customers from time to time. But try to keep it at a minimum and always think about your standing within the moving community.

Expand your network

As we mentioned already, you can work with external sources, 3rd party vendors, and other associates. But the most valuable ones are real estate agents and professional realtors. They are working closely with the customer and they can point them in the right direction. To you! Therefore, connect with the strongest real estate individuals in the area and establish a two-way network. Both sides will benefit by working with each other.

Printing an ad in local papers still works

Why not? Even now in the digital age when everything is happening online, there are still people that read local papers daily. It is not expensive at all to advertise there as well. It can take you only a couple of minutes to fill out the form and submit your advertisement. So, do not think about it and just do it. Your phone will only ring more that is for sure.

These were the best marketing tips that will surely help you to boost your moving business. Cover all steps we mentioned and you will surely prosper. Just be patient because building a business from scratch can take some time. Work on your reputation and nurture the relationship with your customers. Good luck!

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