Best way to prepare bicycles for relocation

Do you like to cycle? It surely has many benefits. For example, if you take your bike instead of a car to work, you are reducing carbon emission, cardiac diseases, obesity, and more. Cycling is like a free cardio exercise, only it is free unlike in the gym. For this reason, you should take your bike with you when you are moving. You can let long-distance movers prepare bicycles for relocation or you can do it yourself. Here is a short guide for you. 

a man riding a yellow bike
Cycling has many benefits for your body

Gather packing supplies  

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how to prepare for movers when moving? And the answer is to gather packing supplies. The same applies when you need to prepare bicycles for relocation. You will need the following. 

  • Cardboard Boxes for Bikes 
  • Smaller Cardboard Box  
  • Bubble Wrapping  
  • Tape   
  • Zip Ties  
  • Allen Wrench Set 

In addition to this, it is extremely important to find a suitable box for your bicycles. Where you can find one? At your local bike shop. Politely ask employees if you can have one. Even if the box has small tears, it should be fine. Apart from this, you can use a twin mattress box. It is the same size as the most bike. Lastly, you should find several smaller boxes depending on how many bike accessories you have.  

Prepare bicycles for relocation by disassembling them 

Here is how to disassemble a bicycle. First, protect the floor. Then, use a wrench to remove the bottle holder, front and rear racks, front and rear fender, pedals, and panniers. Afterward, carefully wrap each piece in bubble wrapping. Here you should use smaller cardboard boxes mentioned above. Do not forget to label boxes. Then, deflate the tires. This is extremely important if you are sending a bike via plane. Inflated tires can explode. Then, take both wheels off. If you take off the back wheel, you should also take off the chain. If you are going to leave it, then, attach the chain to the body of the bike with zip ties. Lastly, you should remove the seat as well. Use bubble wrapping and be careful as it is extremely easy to damage the seat. 

prepare bicycles for relocation that has white and red tires
You should deflate tires on your bike

Packing your bicycles 

Since you disassembled your bike, it is time to pack it. Again, make sure to wrap and protect your bike parts properly. You should seal the bubble wrapping with tape. Then, you should turn the handlebars to the side and put it inside the box. All the other detachable parts should be in their respective boxes. Do not place the metal on metal as it can cause damage. You can use bubble wrapping or cardboard pieces to prevent unnecessary frictions. Apart from this, make sure to close and seal the boxes with tape. Only the handle holes should not be sealed. Lastly, label the boxes. Write down the contents of the box, your personal information, and the address if you are shipping out your bike. You can skip writing the personal info when you move bikes with the rest of your items.

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