Best US suburbs to live in

Would you like to relocate but have not decided where? In this case, we are going to give you a helping hand and let you know which are some of the best US suburbs to live in. The country is quite large and it is a good thing that it has a lot to offer. Everyone is going to find their cup of tea. Of course, there are differences based on whether you are relocating alone, with your family, whether are you retiring, etc. So, make sure you know what you are looking for first and the selection process will be simpler. Take some time to explore all of your options and you will then make a great decision.

The list of the best US suburbs to live in according to Master Moving Guide

Deciding where to move can be difficult. Especially when you have seemingly endless options before you. To narrow it down and help you make the best decision, Master Moving Guide prepared a list of the best US suburbs to live in. Take a look:

  • Great Neck Plaza, NY
  • Brentwood, MO
  • North Potomac, MD
  • Wayland, MA
  • Morrisville, NC
  • Long Grove, IL
  • Mountain Lakes, NJ
  • Cascades, VA
  • Aspinwall, PA
  • North Bethesda, MD
  • Cave Springs, AR
  • Cinco Ranch, TX
  • Ottawa Hills, OH
a map with the best US suburbs to live in
There are many options to choose from

Great Neck Plaza, New York has a lot to offer

This is just one of the New York suburbs that may be a good option for you. The pace of life is a bit slower than in Manhattan, for example. So, if you want to live in a place that has nice parks, is walkable, and is dog-friendly, look no further. This should be especially the case if you are going to retire soon or you have already retired. You still want to be in an urban place, but you want to sleep peacefully at night. New York is certainly one of the best US cities to retire. Just make sure you choose a suitable suburb and there will be nothing to worry about.

Think about moving to Brentwood, Missouri

If St. Louis is a city you are thinking about moving to, then take this city into consideration. Even though this is a small community, it has a lot to offer. For example, you will see that many young professionals are living here. There are many job options for you with which you are going to have a great income.

You will see why this is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. It will be possible for you to own your home and live here for a great number of years.  As a matter of fact, if you already have children or you are planning to enlarge your family, this is going to be the perfect place for you. You are going to have peace of mind and nothing will disturb you.

Brentwood, Missouri is one of the best US suburbs to live in
Relocating to Brentwood will probably be one of the best decisions you have ever made

North Potomac, Maryland is also a great choice

In case you want to live just outside Washington D.C., North Potomac is the best option. You are going to be in the vicinity of an urban city and yet you will be living in a peaceful area. Either if you are relocating alone, with a family, or you want to retire here, North Potomac is a great place. The environment is quite diverse and you are going to find new friends quickly even if you move here alone. This is certainly one of the top US cities for singles and you will see why this is the case once you relocate here. Do not be afraid to explore the city – enjoy every moment.

Living in Wayland, Massachusetts is a good option

If you would like to relocate to Massachusetts, take Wayland into consideration. Its location is great – you will basically be living in the suburbs of Boston. What is also great about Wayland is that its setting is quite peaceful. In addition to this, if you are looking for a job, you will be happy to hear that the unemployment rate here is only 2.6%. It means that you will surely find a great job, even if you commute to Boston. Today, Wayland is quite a wealthy suburban town. So, if you would like to live in a somewhat luxurious place, the next thing you should do is hire residential movers. They will help you relocate to Wayland with no great effort. In fact, they will complete all of the moving-related tasks for you.

You will not regret moving to Morrisville, North Carolina

Considering the fact that Morrisville offers a lot of options to its residents, this should definitely be on your list of the best US suburbs to live in. Whether you like indoor or outdoor activities, you are going to find what suits best to you. What its residents perceive as great is the fact that it is close to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

A man at the airport
If you like to travel, relocating here will be a great choice because the international airport is going to be nearby

No matter where you want to go, it will be much simpler with this kind of amenity. You can also count on parks, rock climbing gyms, shopping, restaurants, etc. Feel free to pay Morrisville, NC a visit before the relocation. You will see why its residents love it so much.

One of the best US suburbs to live in is Long Grove, Illinois

If there should be only one synonym that describes Long Grove perfectly, our choice would be – lovely. In case you like watching movies that happen in a small place where people are highly friendly, you have certainly always wanted to live in a place of this kind. The good thing is that you do not need to look any further. Long Grove is precisely that kind of place. There are many beautiful houses and amazing sites that you should visit. Some of them will surely become your favorite places for spending your spare time. So, all you should do now is hire a professional mover and start preparing. Just make sure you have some of the best moving insurance and there will be no problem.

Mountain Lakes, Manhattan is an amazing place

Have you been living in Manhattan for some time and you want to relocate to a more peaceful place? Or have you been living in a less urban place but you want to be near Manhattan? Even though NYC is one of the best cities for your new home, if you are looking for a quieter place, you should definitely think about moving to Mountain Lakes. This is a beautiful place where every season of the year is magical.

A house in winter
The winter season is more than magical – you are going to enjoy the view and realize why Mountain Lakes is one of the best US suburbs to live in

Even if you have not been spending too much time outdoors so far, this is going to change. You will have a chance to enjoy fishing, biking, hunting, and birding. Also, there is an abundance of arts, crafts, and boutique shopping. Even though this is a small place, it can offer more than some much bigger cities, which is why it is one of the best US suburbs to live in.

Relocate to Cascades, Virginia and you will not regret it

Yet another small community that can steal your heart away is Cascades, Virginia. One of the things that is great about it is that Cascades is within driving distance from Washington. There are great housing options, which is particularly good when you are relocating with your family. Another great thing is that the public schools here are highly rated. Your children are going to get a great education and in their spare time, they will be in local parks and playgrounds. As you can see, this will probably be one of the best options for your relocation. Master Moving Guide is going to help you find some of the most professional movers who will make your relocation seamless.

Turn over a new leaf and move to Aspinwall, Pennsylvania

If it happens that your goal is relocating to a picturesque place, think about moving to Aspinwall. It is situated near downtown Pittsburgh, which means that you are not going to be away from urban life. The population of this borough is around 2.900. One of the things that are great is that, when you go out for a walk, you will enjoy the view.

A brick house
The houses in Aspinwall are breath-taking – you are going to love your new neighborhood from the first day

A majority of homes are Victorian and there is also a beautiful park. Your new pace of life is going to be slower, in case you have been living in a highly urban area. This is going to be more than enjoyable, especially when you know that there is not too much traffic.

North Bethesda is a more urban place

The population of North Bethesda is nearly 50.000. This is usually the size of a small city. However, do not let yourself be misled by this piece of information. North Bethesda is also a tranquil place where you will also have peace of mind. At the same time, you will be living in a place that has it all and it is considered to be one of the best US suburbs to live in. It can boast world-class entertainment, culture, arts, and recreation. One thing is certain – you are not going to get bored. North Bethesda is also in the vicinity of Washington. So, whenever you feel like it, visit the city and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Cave Springs, Arkansas is also a great suburb

Cave Springs is quite a small place – its population is around 6.000. It got its name after two caves and the water source that flows from one of them. Of course, this is something that is more than worth seeing. This is a beautiful place that is going to fill you with positive energy. Make sure you spend as much time as possible outdoors and you are going to see the benefits quickly. If it happens that you are relocating here with your family, do not worry about your children’s education. The public schools in Cave Springs are highly rated. Should you decide to call this place home, make sure you start with the preparations on time. Let your movers do the work and enjoy the moving process.

Another place you should consider moving to is Cinco Ranch, Texas

Some of the best cities for families in the US are located in Texas. The place we are talking about is considered to be a hot spot outside Houston. It is quite modern – its architecture is something you are going to love from the start. It is possible both to rent and buy a home. Nearly 80% of its residents own their homes. What you are also going to like about it is that there are many outdoor and nightlife activities.

People in a bar
You will not have to give up on nightlife – there will be great options for you in Cinco Ranch

You are not going to get bored no matter what time of the day it is. In case you decide to relocate here, make sure you get in touch with professional movers on time. Their help will mean a lot to you because this will make it possible to remember your moving process as a positive endeavor.

Last, but certainly not least – Ottawa Hills, Ohio

Are you looking for a place that is family-oriented as well as affordable? In this case, you will surely call Ottawa Hills your new home. The Village of Ottawa Hills is a truly unique place. It is safe and the residents here are more than friendly. This is why people perceive it as one of the best US suburbs to live in. Children are taught from a young age to help the community in every way they can. In case you relocate here, your family members are going to love your new hometown. Since it is located between Toledo and Michigan, you will have access to more urban places whenever you want.

Now, it’s time to decide

Now that you know which are some of the best US suburbs to live in, you should just take some time and think about where to relocate. Take some of the most important pieces of information into consideration. This should especially be the case if you want to buy a house. In this way, you will be sure that you have made the right decision. Once you decide where to move, find a reliable moving company to help you. With them by your side, there will be no problem and the entire process will end before you know it. You will be enjoying the comfort of your new home in a very short period of time. Start with your research today!

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