Best US cities to retire

Let us start by saying – congratulations! Going into retirement is not a small achievement! Retirement means that decades of hard work and toil are now behind you. And, anyone who has worked as hard as you have, deserves to live life to the fullest when in retirement. On that note, we would like to present to you the best US cities to retire! Our moving guide will give you a couple of options to choose from when deciding where to spend your golden years. Hint: there is something for everyone`s likes and preferences! 

Two red chairs on a dock. The picture gives a sense of tranquility, which you will get if you mover to some of the best US cities to retire.
Retirement can be an exciting time in a person`s life! Why not move to some of the best US cities to retire and enjoy every moment of your free time?

Sarasota, Florida is one of the best US cities to retire

In general, Florida is known as one of the best states for retirees, and the reasons behind this are numerous. Florida has a favorable climate, plenty of beaches, and lots of amenities to suit everyone`s needs and desires. And, Sarasota, among the other cities in the Sunshine State, is one of the best places for retirement.

Sarasota is a large city, however, not as large as Miami. If you think about it, this is a beneficial fact for retirees, as they are probably not looking to go clubbing any time soon. Miami could be one of the best US cities for singles, there is no denying that. However, if you are looking to spend your days peacefully, head to Sarasota. This city has beautiful beaches, and a high quality of life, which includes a ballet and an opera. What a better way to spend your days?

Moreover, the median house price in Sarasota is 226,200 dollars, which is more affordable than some other US cities. And, need we remind you that there is no state income tax in Florida?

Birmingham, Alabama is another great choice

With a population of 212,000 residents, Birmingham is a medium-sized city. It is located on the tail end of the Appalachian foothills, which provides a beautiful scenery for everyone to look at, and plenty of fresh, unpolluted air. This city has been on the rise lately, and now there are dozens of medical centers inside its borders. Good healthcare is of utmost importance to senior residents.

Moreover, the traffic is rarely congested in Birmingham, which is another plus if you ask us. And, if you are a food lover, you are going to enjoy this unique and fast-developing city. There are plenty of dining options to choose from, including some of the upscale restaurants which are sure to make your mouth water. What are you waiting for? Hire specialized senior movers and start enjoying your new and exciting life in Birmingham.

A close up of a piece of salmon on the plate with a lot of green vegetables and a few pieces of tomato.
Retirement is the right time to enjoy delicious food!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the perfect city for sports fans

In the case you have spent years, perhaps even decades, cheering for Steelers, Pirates or Penguins, you already know that Pittsburgh is a logical choice for you. Here, you will get a chance to have front row seats to some of their games. However, Pittsburgh would not be able to make our list of the best US cities to retire if it did not offer many other benefits.

The first benefit we can think of is the cost of living. Surprisingly, life in Pittsburgh will not break the bank, and a house will cost you around 136,700 dollars! If you have spent years working hard and saving money, which we are sure you have, you should have no problem buying a house in Pittsburgh. Furthermore, if you happen to be in need of any sort of medical attention, this city has got you covered. Pittsburgh is home to the UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside hospital, which is ranked 14th in the entire US!

Littleton, Colorado is a small city, with plenty to offer

Littleton is a perfect combination of everything a retiree might need to enjoy life. It is a rather small city, with approximately 44,500 residents. By living in Littleton, you get to enjoy the peace and quiet, while still being close to all the benefits the big cities can give us. There is a free public transportation system for residents who are over 65 years of age, and it can take you to the Lower Downtown area, which is where all the fun happens.

Besides special events which happen weekly in Littleton, you can also spend your days walking and enjoying this little, yet charming city. If you are moving from the city to the suburbs, we can promise you there is no better place than Littleton to help you transition. Moreover, if you ever get bored with your daily life and habits, why not make a day trip to Denver or some other amazing cities in Colorado?

Colorado`s landscape. The mountains are in the distance, with white clouds behind them. In front, there is a field of trees and grass.
With its stunning nature, Colorado is going to win your heart!

Other great choices for you to take into consideration

  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota will capture your heart. It is a small and remote city, far away from any other big cities. However, everything you might need, Sioux Falls has. The crime rates are low, the neighborhoods are beautiful and vivid, and the cost of living is extremely affordable! Sioux Falls is rightfully considered as one of the best US cities to retire.
  • Boca Raton, Florida is famous as a city for retirees. There are many reasons for this statement, starting from the sunny weather all year round and continuing to the slow pace of life. The only downside to Boca Raton is that the cost of living is higher compared to the other cities on our list.
  • Houston, Texas might be a surprising choice. However, think closely about it, and you will see that this city belongs on our list. It is a big city, which by itself offers plenty of opportunities. Hire the best residential movers and let them relocate you to Houston as soon as possible!

The conclusion

If you are a resident of the United States, you are in luck! There is not a shortage of the best US cities to retire, and your options are limitless. Give it some thought, and decide which city is the right for you. Once again, we congratulate you, and wish you all the best in this new chapter in your life!

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