Best US cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022

If you decided to move soon and you are just a sporty person who loves to be in the touch with nature, you sure want to know which are the best US cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022. The first thing we can suggest to you is to find some help. And getting professional help is the best thing. So you should look for some last minute movers if you want to move next month.

How to know which moving company is the best for you

It can be tricky to know if you partnered up with just the right moving company. So as anytime you are getting involved with something new, take time for a little research. Find some tips for hiring movers and packers who could help you. And make sure to find out how long they are on the market and always read all the reviews you can find about them.

moving company
Find the best moving company for you.

Also, never settle for the first estimate you get. Ask for at least three different companies before you make your choice. You have to be free to ask them everything that bothers you. If that is the question on moving a piano, ask them if they are well equipped and how they could manage it.

What are the best US cities for outdoor activities?

And once you decided on your moving company, let’s see what are the best cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022. Spring is such a perfect period of time for relocation. And we understand that right away you want to start exploring the outdoors. After all, that can be just the reason for moving and your life will be upgraded by a change of scenery. So here are some of the best cities for your new home.

San Francisco

While there are so many cities that have a great reason why anyone would love to move to, the city that stands out is San Francisco for sure. It has an amazing walk score and so many things that are attractions among other great attributes. You will find so many trails there, as well as activities and a lot of sunshine. The West Coast is just the best region for enjoying springtime for sure.

Portland in Oregon

The outdoor enthusiast will live their best life in the Portland area, for sure. You’ll be able to find one intense trail after another and to visit the very famous Multnomah Falls. That is just a 40 or 50 minutes drive from Portland. And if you don’t feel like driving to an awesome outdoor place, you can just go to the Forest Park or go biking on the Springwater Corridor.

wooden sign
You will find intensive trails in the Portland area.

Say Aloha to Honolulu

Hawaii is the place to be if you want awesome weather conditions all year long. And the Honolulu area is thriving in offers. And quite unique ones. You will be able to fly in the air on a jet back or explore the underwater areas. If you like an adrenaline rush, you can decide to face sharks from cages with only a snorkeling mask. Just a few minutes away you will be in the most wonderful Waimea Bay, the place protected from the wind where you can swim during the summer and catch some scary waves during the wintertime.

Mesa in Arizona is among the best cities for outdoor activities in 2022

If you are an outdoor adventurer, you will find so much joy in Mesa. Not only that you would enjoy hiking mountains, but will also have a chance to kayak on the rivers. You will also have a wonderful view from the sky in a hot air balloon. Paddleboarding is also included in a canyon-carved lake or even cycling some scenic byways. You can take the whole family for a horseback ride. If your kids love water parks and polls, you will enjoy Flowrider. Those who are in love with history will find fun on the historic and scenic Apache Trail.

hot air balloons
Mesa in Arizona is among the best cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022.

The Capital of Walking

Washington D.C. is the most walkable city in America and it even outperformed in bike score. There is a great number of attractions and also public gardens. So its residents are so motivated to move and have a healthy life. Since many people already do it, it will be even easier for everyone who comes to start the same kind of lifestyle.

We also have to mention cherry blossoms that bring many people from all over the place to Washington during the spring. Even the fact that this city has a lower amount of spring sunshine and it gets some negative points for its crime rate, it is still the capital spot for outdoor activities on the whole East Coast.

What is happening in the South

Cities in the South are not among the top ones due to the weather conditions and the category of visitor-friendliness. Jackon and Mississippi are on the bottom on the walk score places and pedestrian fatalities. Metairie and Louisiana have the second rainiest springs in the country. Little Rock and Arkansas are the ones that have the worst bike scores among all U.S. cities.

We provide you the list of the best US cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022

If you wanted to know what are the best cities for outdoor activities in spring 2022, we named them for you. The variety is so great that you will be able to find something for yourself, for sure. Whether you enjoy mountain trails or some fun on the water, you will be able to make the choice. And after the winter, this is just the right time to start planning all your spring fun. If this kind of activity will determine where you will place your next home, make a list of all the things you would love to enjoy and then find those that don’t fit well. If you are ready to relocate, find the best possible place for that next phase of your life. Master Moving Guide wishes you all the best in your search.


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