Best time to throw away old furniture

The furniture we have in our homes is oftentimes much more than simple pieces we use for everyday life. People are emotional beings, and we get attached to physical possessions as much as we get attached to other people. But, unlike people, furniture has its expiration date. The time will come when you will have to hire furniture movers to bring out the old pieces and bring in the new ones. This should be a joyous occasion, since you are doing something good for your home, and upgrading your furniture. If you have been wondering lately when is the best time to throw away old furniture, we’ve got your answer.

Without a doubt, the best time to throw away old furniture is when moving

Moving to another home, city or even state is an occasion that doesn’t come around so often. After all, no one really wants to move every few years since moving is a rather complicated process. More importantly, moving is very pricey. Sometimes, moving costs can exceed all boundaries, and they can make a huge dent in your wallet. So, when you do move, you need to make sure you do it right so that you won’t be forced to go through the whole process a few years down the line.

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Be very careful when moving, as you don’t want to repeat the process any time soon.

But, not all is so bad when it comes to relocating. For starters, it’s the pathway to your new life, where you have a chance to reinvent yourself. Can you really turn over a new life if you bring all of your old and run-down furniture with you? Wouldn’t it be better to invest some money in replacing your old furniture than to pay good money for it to be shipped? Try to be practical and not emotional, and decide to leave behind your old furniture, since you should not have any place for it in your new life.

Replace your furniture when it starts showing signs of wear and tear

We here at Master Moving Guide completely understand that you may not be in the most envious financial situation. But, once your furniture starts to show signs of decay, it would be best to tighten your budget and make an effort to replace your pieces. While some run-down pieces of furniture are just an eyesore, others present a real health and safety hazard. And the safety of you and your family should come before a few thousands of dollars, don’t you agree? Besides, while it might be hard or even impossible to predict the expiration date of your furniture, some pieces have a general span of how long you should use them before replacing them.

  • A regular mattress should last somewhere between five and ten years.
  • Sofas usually last between seven and fifteen years.
  • There is no general rule for when you should replace your dining room furniture. Once to wood begins to deteriorate, or the legs of the chairs become wobbly, that’s your sign that the time has come for home renovation.

At the end of the time, you are the only one who can decide when is the best time to throw away old furniture. Just remember than replacing your furniture is not something you do every few years. When you do decide to do it, you should spare no expenses, but make sure you get the good stuff.

A living room with brick walls.
The best time to throw away old furniture is once it starts displaying signs of decay.

What to do with your furniture once you decide to replace it?

So the decision has been made to replace your old furniture – good! It’s definitely something you won’t regret. Whether you have made that decision because you are finally moving in together with your significant other or just because you got tired of the same old furniture, it makes no difference. What does matter is how you plan to get rid of the old and bring in the new. 

Have a yard sale

How many times have you witnessed an old and ragged sofa sitting in front of someone’s house? This scene is more common than you think. And the best way to clean out your home while still making some money is having a yard sale. Granted, selling bigger items will be much more challenging than putting your small items for sale. But, with a bit of wit, we have no doubt you can do it!

Donate your furniture

There is nothing more satisfying than helping out someone in need. If you have decided that now is the best time to throw away old furniture, may we suggest you don’t throw it away but donate it? Whether you decide to give your furniture as a gift to a local family you know is in need or you decide to give it to some charity, it makes no difference. What you should do, though, is first call and find out whether the donation will be accepted. Sometimes, furniture can be of a massive size, and not everyone has space where to put it.

A red armchair on the street.
Be charitable and donate your old furniture.

Consider removal companies

If you have no friends to help you move your items then you can certainly hire professionals. There are a lot of furniture removal companies that will be more than happy to take our your old furniture and transport it wherever you tell them. In fact, this might be the easiest options for disposing of your items once you decide that now is the best time to throw away old furniture. Although, while it is the best, it is not the cheapest one, so do have that in mind. Whatever you decide, we are sure that everything will work out in your favor. At least, we are hoping that it will, so good luck from our team at Master Moving Guide!

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