Best Places To Live On The East Coast

The East Coast is the piece of land on which America originated. Beautiful tropical beaches, foggy mountains, and swamps full of alligators are just some of the attractions that attract the East Coast to tourists and new residents alike. But that’s not all the East Coast has to offer. People are looking for the best place to live, have fun, retire, etc. If you decide to move to the East Coast, you won’t go wrong. You can find many great places to live on the East Coast. We can help you choose the best city for your new home, and offer you a Moving Gude for your relocation process. When you decide to take this step, it’s important that you are well prepared. It’s also important to catch as much information as possible about the city you are moving to. So, let’s see what the East Coast has to offer.

Reasons why people move

When people decide to move, it’s certain that they have strong and justified reasons. There are many such reasons. Basically, everyone is looking for a better life. Americans move on average every 5 years. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons people move to the US.

  • Looking for a new, bigger, and better home.
  • Buying your own home.
  • Close to family, parents, and friends.
  • New job or job transfer.
  • Cheaper rent.
  • Various housing reasons, maintenance, cheaper bills, etc.
  • Proximity to work and community.
  • Cost of living.
  • Change in material status.
  • Start studying
  • After studying, job search.
  • Low crime rates.
  • Retirement.
  • Single life.
  • Fun and going out.

Proximity to family, cheaper rent, or better business opportunities are some of the most common reasons why people move. And also, older people are looking for the best US cities to retire to. A quieter place, a cheaper life, a low crime rate, and closeness to family are exactly what retirees are looking for. Therefore, if you are in that situation, you need to make the right choice.

A person packing to move to the East Coast
Americans are the people who move most often.

Best cities for retirees on the East Coast

When it comes time to retire, it means you can take a break and finally enjoy yourself. During this period, older people and seniors decide to look for the best place to retire. We can suggest to you the three best places to live on the East Coast when it comes to retirement. Let’s see.

  • Florida. There are more than 3.5 million Florida residents 65 and older here, enjoying their retirement days. Florida isn’t only entertainment, beaches, and Disneyland, but you can also find a retirement community known as The Villages. Retirement in Florida will allow you to save money that you would give on taxes because Florida doesn’t require its retirees to pay taxes. Sarasota, Fort Mayer, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale are the best cities for retirement.
  • Maine. This is a place it’s very popular and offers a variety of activities for its oldest fellow citizens. The benefits of retirement life in Maine are low cost of living, low crime rate, excellent health care, beautiful nature, quiet neighborhoods, and various activities and attractions for the elderly. Waterville., Lewiston, Augusta are the favorites of retirees.
  • Connecticut. Whether it’s fall or spring, summer or winter, Connecticut is a place that can enchant with its nature. Rural or urban areas, beaches, or farms, offer you a large selection of the best places. New Britain, Norwich, Hartford are the cities of Connecticut that can offer you low crime rates, and good entertainment.
Seniors hugging
Seniors are looking for a quieter place, where they can spend their retirement days enjoying themselves.

Remember that senior movers can help you with your moving process. They will give you all the necessary information you need to know about your senior move. And also, it will help you find the best solution for your move.

East Coast

An unreal picture of nature wherever you turn is just one of the most beautiful features of the East Coast. So, we can say that the East Coast is a true American wonder of nature that needs to be explored. This part of America can offer you life in urban big cities like New York, Boston, Miami, and many other cities. But even a quiet life in nature doesn’t lag behind. There are beautiful farms and hilly parts, which have managed to preserve their tradition and culture for centuries. Whichever place on the East Coast you choose, believe us, you don’t make a mistake.

The coast of East Costa consists of 15 countries. Below you can see which countries, as well as the number of their inhabitants.

  • Connecticut – 3,546,588
  • Delaware – 998,619
  • Florida – 22,177,997
  • Georgia – 10,936,299
  • Maine – 1,359,677
  • Maryland – 6,075,314
  • Massachusetts – 6,922,107
  • New Hampshire – 1,378,449
  • New York – 19,223,191
  • North Carolina – 10,807,491
  • Pennsylvania – 13,011,844
  • Rhode Island – 1,062,583
  • New Jersey – 8,870,685
  • South Carolina – 5,342,388
  • Virginia – 8,638,218
Farms on the East Coast
For lovers of nature and peaceful life, farms on the East Coast can be the best place to live.

As you can see, all the countries that are part of East Costa are very populated and have several million inhabitants. This data suggests that living conditions in these states are very favorable. Also, migrations to these countries are roads. And the most common choices for those who want to relocate are New York, New Jersey, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia. If one of these countries is your choice, know that it will be necessary to hire help to move. You need professional help, but you must always be careful and choose reliable movers.

Best places to live on the East Coast

You decided it was time to move, and decided to take you to the East Coast. People often opt for last-minute moving, and that’s why it’s best to have last minute movers next to you at that point. What is important is to choose a place that meets all your conditions and needs, and that it can make up for any shortcomings in your present city. So, we will reveal to you the 3 best places on the East Coast:

  1. Boston, MA
  2. Jacksonville, FL
  3. Manchester, CT

And when we talk about the best cities for Millennials in the USA, in addition to these three places we have already mentioned, we can add NYC and Miami. Millennials are people who are looking for good business opportunities, guaranteed good fun, and company. And Miami and NYC are the two most popular cities in the US. And because of the development of these two cities, their good time, endless business opportunities in NYC, most Millennials live in these two cities.

Boston, MA – One of the best places on the East Coast

Better business opportunities are one of the most common reasons for moving today. If this is the reason for your move, Boston may be one of the best places to live on the East Coast. Large companies like V.B. Mason, Marshalls, and Cisco Systems will allow you to advance quickly in your career, but also help you make good money. This city has its rich history, which will be told to you by their oldest inhabitants, and also the culture and customs are different from other places. Boston may not seem like a city where you can enjoy beaches like Miami, but Boston is home to the first public beach in the US, Revere. And if the beaches aren’t your interest, you can try other activities such as climbing, skiing, etc.

Boston, one of the best places n the East Coast
Boston is one of the best places to live on the East Coast.

There are several interesting places in Boston where you can spend quality time, enjoying and discovering everything new. Such places include the Boston Botanic Gardens, the Brattle Book Shop, the Symphony Hall, or enjoy a cocktail party evenings at Ivonne’s. But when we talk about life in Boston, we can classify this city as a part of the best places on the East Coast. That’s not all, because Boston has a lot more things to do. We will single out some cost information that will be useful to you.

Population: 658,279
Medium-sized house price: $ 350,500 to $ 423,200,
Rental price: $ 1,369
Crime rate: Low, Boston is safer than 14% of cities in the United States
Unemployment rate: 5.5%

Jacksonville, FL – The most affordable place to live

Jacksonville is one of the best cities to live on the East Coast. This large and most populous city in Florida offers very good real estate and rental prices compared to other cities in Florida. This city is home to the Mayport Naval Station, one of the best military bases for families in the United States. Warm weather and beautiful beaches are the main attraction that attracts tourists and residents of this city. Check out the statistics of this city, when it comes to life in Jacksonville.

Population: 856,616
Medium-sized house price:  $140,000
Rental price: $955
Crime rate: Low, Boston is safer than 9% of cities in the United States
Unemployment rate: 5.6%

Beach in Jacksonville.
Warm weather, beautiful beaches, tropics bars are all you need to enjoy in Jacksonville.

When it comes to entertainment, in addition to attractive beaches there are much more things to do in Jacksonville. Family activities, sporting events, social festivals, zoos, museums where you can see the exhibits Atlantic Tails, Hixon Native Plant Courtyard, and Space Science Gallery, are just some of the offerings of this city. This city can be one of the top US cities for singles because it has all the amenities that single life needs. The cheap rental price will allow you to rent one of the apartments overlooking the beaches, near bars and nightclubs. So, this may be the right choice if you search for fun.

Manchester, CT – The most beautiful place to live on the East Coast

We have already said that the state of Connecticut is one of the most beautiful places on the East Coast. And his beautiful nature makes him just like that. When it comes to Manchester, we can say that it’s a smaller city with very favorable living conditions. And one of the characteristics is that it’s close to all major neighboring cities. Affordable living expenses and beautiful nature are the desire of most of those who want to move. And because of that, we can say that Manchester can be a very good choice. As for the cost of living, as for the previous two cities, we will provide you with basic information about this city.

Population: 30,364
Medium-sized house price: $167,700
Rental price: $1,087
Crime rate: Low, Boston is safer than 42% of cities in the United States
Unemployment rate: 6,9%

Family home in Manchester, CT on the East Coast
In Manchester, you can find quiet neighborhoods and beautiful family houses at a good price.

Golf, a visit to the botanical garden Wickham Park, Mount Case, are just part of the offer of this small town. Manchester can offer a variety of outdoor activities, cycling, and hiking trails, as well as visits to exhibitions and children’s galleries. Also, you can enjoy delicious food at several local restaurants such as Philomena’s Pizzeria, 21 Oak, and The Main Pub. This city can be one of the best cities for families and one of the finest places to live on the East Coast. Because it has everything you need for modest family life, away from urbanity and noise.

The East Coast can be a great place to live

If your decision to have a new home is on the East Coast of America, we can say with certainty that you have made the right decision. In addition to all the places we have revealed to you so far, the East Coast has many more undiscovered destinations. But when you are looking for a new place for a new beginning, you must follow your life needs, possibilities, and desires. Because that’s the only way to make the right decision. Also, when you decide on a move called moving, you will need to find a lot of useful moving tips and tricks, which can help you have an easy and successful move. But don’t worry, moving can be a wonderful experience with the help of real experts.

Prepare a moving budget

Also, when it comes to moving, other than choosing the best places to live on the East Coast, there is one more thing you need to think about. And that is a moving budget. It’s important that you set a budget before you start scheduling your moving date, so, that you don’t run out of money. And what is even more important, when choosing a place to live, choose a place that suits your financial capabilities. But don’t worry, if you choose one of the offered cities, success in your business career is guaranteed.

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