Best places for dog-owners in the US

Moving is not something that happens every day, but when you have the opportunity for something like this, you need to consider all of your available options. For people without pets, it’s for sure much easier. But, if you own a pet, or you plan to have one, you need to find the best places for dog-owners in the US. There are many options, but here we will list only the best ones. Also, it is not only about finding the perfect location. But it’s also needed to find the best movers for that. Relocation with advice from Master Moving Guide is a stress-free relocation, and you should consider that option. Not every moving company offers you a safe relocation with your dog. So you need to choose carefully. Besides that, there are other things you need to think about that concern your dog and the place you want to relocate to.

Vet checking up a dog.
One of the best places for dog-owners in the US should have the best vets as well.

When searching for the best places for dog-owners in the US, you need to know what requirements you should set

You are well aware that the United States has countless options for living. But not all places are perfect for dog-owners. And for this reason, you need to find the best options. There are quite a few cities we will tell you about. But, even with that list, it is not the same for everyone. There are plenty of various dog breeds, and not all are compatible with every location. For instance, there are dogs that can’t stand the heat and warm days. And at the same time, there are dogs that won’t make it in very cold weather. That is the reason why you need to carefully research every small detail that can be important for your pet’s life. This should be your priority, and only after this, start looking for the long-distance movers that will help you out with the relocation process.

Keep in mind that the breed of your dog can help you quite a lot when it comes to choosing the right place. Breeds such as huskies, chow-chows, English bulldogs, pugs, Alaskan Malamute, boxers, Pomeranians, and many more won’t do quite well in the heat and warm weather. This instantly means that your list of desired places is shortening out. As some might not stand the heat, others can’t stand the cold. And those breeds are chihuahuas, greyhounds, whippets, Yorkshire terriers, and so on. Also, if your dog is not the healthiest dog, you might want to choose a place with very good vets that are always available. You need a place with many dog parks and places for your dog. And of course, a place where your dog will be safe.

The first place on your list should be Portland in Oregon

Not many people know this, especially people without dogs, but Portland has 33 parks made for dogs. It is a lot more than anywhere else in the state, or even further. Believe it or not, in Portland there are a lot of pet-friendly places. Not only cafes, but also hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants, patios, breweries, and so on. And the most interesting thing is that you can find a pub, where you can hang out with your dog while drinking beer, or something.

Quite a huge number of inhabitants over there are dog-lovers, so for that reason, they made a social network for this. You can join there if you decide to move to Portland. People will help you out and introduce you to the city. There are also quite a lot of vets with high ranks, so if anything happens to your dog, you will have a place to go to. So, what are you waiting for? Get your furniture movers and relocate to the most dog-friendly city in the United States.

People walking with dogs.
Choose a place where your dog will play with other dogs.

Seattle is also one of the best places for dog-owners in the US

Now, here comes this thing we mentioned above about the specific requirements for each dog. Seattle is a city where it rains quite often and the climate is simply wet. If you or your dog are not the biggest fans of this, it is not a perfect choice for you. But, if you don’t mind it, then you should definitely consider this as an available option. According to statistics, in Seattle, there are more dogs than children. This immediately means, that the city is pet friendly and that your dog will have quite a lot of company.

Since rain here is quite often, they made an indoor dog park for the rainy days, if you don’t like getting wet. But of course, there are plenty of outdoor possibilities as well. Another important thing to consider is the transport. Here, dogs are allowed on light rails, buses, ferries, and seaplanes. Not everyone has a car, so you must think of this as well. If you think this is a city for you and your dog, start working on that last-minute relocation, and pack your things.

For dogs that can stand the warm days quite good, San Francisco is a nice option

Same as it is in Seattle, in San Francisco dogs are allowed on trolleys when it comes to public transportation. There are also some pet-friendly restaurants and even gyms. If you don’t plan on buying your own house or apartment, but instead you want to rent, San Francisco is a good choice. This is the city where the pet deposit is the lowest. Also, they hold an annual event called DogFest, which is a perfect place for your dog to enjoy playing around with other dogs. If your dog enjoys running on the beach or even swimming, this is a place for you.

Two dogs in front of a lake.
Dogs are lovers of outdoor activities, so be aware of this.

Last, but not least is Austin

The Texas capital of Austin also offers quite a big number of pet-friendly restaurants, where your dog can have diner with you. During your walk with your dog, you will for sure notice a local food truck that is serving up plenty of natural treats for dogs that are outside. And, there is even a swimming spot only for dogs. The climate here is quite pleasing and mild, so both outside and inside activities will be fine.

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