Best ocean view places in the US

Choosing the right place to move to is not the easiest choice in the world. And, if you’re not required to move to a certain location because of a job or something else, you’ll have a lot of choices. Some of these choices are usually better than others. However, even among the best locations, the shores are usually on the top! So, check out the best ocean view places in the US to see the cherry on the top of all the places you should relocate to!

If you decide to relocate to one of these places, you better be prepared. Any relocation is a tough one, but since you’ll move to one of the shores, your relocation will probably be a long-distance one. Thus, you’ll need to find the right moving company that suits your needs best. Only with reliable movers will your relocation to one of the most amazing ocean view places succeed.

Best ocean view places in the US

There are many ocean view places on both coasts, however, not all of them provide the best ocean view. We concentrated on the ones which excel in this aspect. Apart from the view, we also focused on the places where you can lead a normal life. Having a good view from your front porch means little when you can’t find a job to accommodate your lifestyle. Many of the best ocean view places on our list don’t provide the best view, so much as they provide the best conditions to enjoy the view.

Myrtle Beach

This coastal South Carolina town offers one of the best views of the open ocean in the States. Apart from this, the community is really relaxed and easy-going. Finally, this place doesn’t have a lot of opportunities for new business endeavors. This doesn’t mean that there are no job opportunities here, just that starting a new business in Myrtle Beach will require a lot of effort.

A row of beach houses in Myrtle Beach.
Getting a beach house to enjoy your ocean view is a good idea.

Alys Beach

White sandy beaches and beautiful calm waters make a perfect place for your next relocation. Together these factors make Alys Beach, Florida one of the best ocean view places in the US. With so many green surfaces all around this town, the landward breeze is very common. This is why Alys Beach residents have a singularly ecological attitude towards their town. Make sure you’re on the same page if you’re moving here.


Where better to watch the ocean from than Hawaii? In this aspect, Oahu is the foremost amongst Hawaii’s towns and cities. Moving to Hawaii can be tricky though and you’ll need to balance your love of the ocean and sustainability. There’s no use in moving there if you can’t find the right job.

A sunset as seen from Oahu.
Hawaii has some of the best ocean views in the States.

Finally, the last three cities on our list may not have the most interesting view of the ocean, but they are definitely among the best ocean view places in the US. Since they’re on one of the coasts, they have progressed a lot and become some of the most popular cities in the United States:

  • Los Angeles – the City of Angles provides a lot more than just the view of the ocean. The mild climate is perfect for those who don’t like cold weather. Apart from this, it’s easy to find a job in LA, as long as you’re not an actor.
  • New York – also known as the capital of the world, this city definitely couldn’t avoid getting on our list of the best ocean view places in the US. Even though the ocean view from the Big Apple isn’t among the top ones in the state, the City’s opportunities make up for the lack of beaches and sunshine. Still, the sunsets over the ocean, as seen from NYC, are amazing.
  • Boston – Not the first choice of a great ocean view, but this town still has it. The main attraction here is livability. You’ll find a job and a home in Boston easily. So, you can enjoy the ocean view and live very happily, without sacrificing any of your comforts for aesthetics.

Rely on the pros

Another way to get some good info on the best ocean view places in the US is to get help from reputable residential movers. Not only will they help you relocate, but they can give you priceless information about the location you’d like to move to. Once you decide on the location, just call your reliable movers and schedule a moving day. They’ll take care of all the rest.

Things to avoid

Your shore relocation isn’t going to be easy-peasy. You will run into many challenges and many things you’ll need to steer clear of. One of the most important things you’ll need to do will be to avoid moving scams. Fraudulent moving companies will try to take advantage of your long-distance move. They might promise a lot of things, but you’ll need to be careful not to fall for their tricks!

Avoid scams when moving to one of the best ocean view places.
Avoid moving scams when you’re planning to relocate.

Apart from the scams, you’ll want to avoid carrying too many things. The whole point of living near the ocean is to relieve yourself of stress and start your life anew. You might want to leave some of the things behind, in order to mark the beginning of your new life. Apart from this, you’ll want to move as few things as you can, to reduce your relocation costs.

Once you arrive

Don’t waste a moment as soon as you arrive at one of the best ocean view places in the US. Make some awesome cocktails from all over the world and enjoy your new beach home. Or decide to explore your surroundings to maybe find some more beaches or awesome views of the ocean. Whatever you decide to do, the most important thing is that you don’t waste any time!

Enjoy one of the best ocean view places in the US with a nice drink.
Celebrate your relocation with a cocktail on the beach.

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