Best home improvements to make before moving

Moving into a new place is like having an empty canvas, you can create designs that you like and organize everything from scratch, the way you like it. You can find in this moving guide some home improvements to make before moving, that will help you elevate your living space and make your home a lot nicer. Some of them are important for safety and some of them are simply for a better look.

Home Improvements to make before moving out

Depending on whether you’re moving in or moving out, you can do different kinds of repairs or improvements. When you need to sell your house, it is better to fix it a little bit before the sale. It will increase the price of the property and it will be easier to find a buyer. These improvements are usually on the more esthetic side. If you are selling without any furniture, you should wait until residential movers finish with the move and then do painting or similar jobs.

On the other hand, when you are moving in, you should repair or replace everything that isn’t working properly. People tend to invest more money when they are moving in because after all, this is your new home.

home renovation
There are many things that you can do regarding renovation and home improvement before you relocate

Renovations that will add to the value of the home when you’re selling

There are a few things that will increase the price of your home. One of the best home improvements to make before relocating is to remodel a kitchen, landscape your garden, and of course, paint the house.

If you are in a hurry to move out, you can’t do large repairs. You could probably do more home staging and painting than anything else. When it comes to last minute relocation the best thing you can do is freshen up the walls, declutter, etc. Almost 36% of home sellers freshly paint their houses before the sale. This is the cheapest improvement, but it has a great effect on potential clients. Also, it can add $ 4.000 or more to the value.

Another cost-effective improvement is to remodel the kitchen. If you have time and money to invest, you can expect to get a higher price. Although, in 2022 prices of materials have gone through the roof, so you should get see how much it would cost to remodel and how much your price can get up. Remodeling can cost between $ 15000 and $80000, depending on the size of the kitchen. But usually, you won’t be able to retrieve the entire sum that you invested. It will increase the value of your home, but not as much as you have invested.

Updating a bathroom is among the most profitable home improvements to make before moving

If you are looking for a way to surely increase the selling price, then you need to boost your bathroom. Even small aesthetic improvements will mean a lot. If you renovate your bathroom, it can add up to 4% or 5% to the value of the house. However, in 2022 this is considered to be a large investment. So, if you don’t have enough time or money, you can skip renovations and stick to smaller cosmetic changes which usually cost anywhere from $1000 up.

new bathroom
A nice bathroom will help you sell your home quickly and can even boost your price a little bit

Home improvements to make before moving in

You have certainly had an inspection before you bought your new house. It would be best if you don’t have too many things to repair or fix before moving in. Anyways, some things are desirable to renovate. The first one is to change the locks because you don’t want to risk someone having a spare key to your home.

The roof is the number one task

A roof is one of the most important things to check or repair. If you have any damages on the roof, you should fix those before moving in. Make sure that you also check the ceiling and walls in the upper rooms or attic, and see if there is some water damage to the paint. If your roof is damaged you could have different types of damage.

Apply a fresh coat of paint

If the previous owner hasn’t painted the house, you need to do this. It is more beautiful and cleaner to move into a freshly painted house. Also, make sure that you upgrade a bit doors and windows, if there is a need for this. Imagine having a beautiful exterior and old, damaged doors. It is not so appealing, right?

Finish the kitchen remodeling before moving

If you are using your kitchen and if you have children; it is best to remodel the kitchen before you move in. First, renovation work can last and it is not very convenient to live without a kitchen. Also, you will have a bunch of workers going in and out of the house all day long. Start with renovations, before local movers bring your furniture and belongings. This is a job best suited for an empty house.

new kitchen
When you are moving into a new home you want to have a new kitchen as well

Install new flooring before moving in

When you need to install new flooring in the entire home or a large part of it, you should do this before you move in. Make sure that you find experts for the job. It is always better to pay a little extra for the job and get a good finishing result.

Hire a cleaning service once everything is finished

If you have a large place, you should hire cleaners. It will be much faster and more efficient to have professionals do the cleaning. If you had home improvements to make before moving, cleaning the entire house will be a hard task to finish on your own. In the end, once you finish with all the necessary improvements, change the little things that will make you happy in your new home.

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