Best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene

Choosing a city to move to is an exciting task. At the same time, it can be overwhelming because you have so many options. This is especially the case when you are not limited to a certain state, and even more when you don’t have a tight budget to follow. In such a situation, it s understandable that you can’t choose between so many great options. To narrow down your choices, you must decide what is among your priorities when you are looking for a place to move to. If you are an artsy type and love culture, you came to the right place. You have the opportunity to read more about the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene. Additionally, Master Moving Guide is here to help you with the best moving tips once you decide where to relocate. Keep reading and find out everything you need.

What are your preferences?

We have determined that one of the most important factors, when you want to choose a city in the USA to move to, is its cultural diversity. Even though we are going to tell you what are the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene in the USA, we are going to include some other factors too. For you to know what are the best cities for your new home, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. It will depend on your age and whether you want to move with your family, alone, or with your partner. Also, it will depend on your job expectations, or maybe you just want to live a peaceful life after retirement.

A person with different colors on their face as a form of art
There are many cities in the USA with a variety of artistic scenes

Having all this in mind, we have drawn up a list of the USA’s best cities for arts scene and cultural diversity. Those cities are:

  • Chicago, Illinois,
  • Miami, Florida,
  • San Francisco, California,
  • New Orleans, Louisiana,
  • Houston, Texas,
  • Jersey City, New Jersey.

Cultural diversity and arts scene in Chicago

It is not a surprising fact. This is one of the most diverse places. It all started back in the years between the 1850s and the 1990s when a diverse group of individuals moved to Chicago. As a result, you can see Chicago’s cultural variety, which includes China, the Philippines, Italy, India, Norway, and many more countries. The reason they decided to move to Chicago is a trade city with many railroads and canals that make it possible. For all these reasons and many job opportunities, Chicago is also one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.

Chicago is also famous for the public art scene, where many alternative artists display their pieces. Artists in Chicago establish multidisciplinary and intergenerational shows in their backyards, basements, baths, and even flower vases. It’s the culture of experimentation nurtured by the city’s academic institutions, particularly the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, which annually cultivates a slew of outstanding painters.

Art in Chicago
Chicago is a diverse city

Museums in Chicago

Apart from the rich street art scene, Chicago is also renowned for its many museums. Of course, everyone can find something for themselves. From history to nature, from expensive, to free exhibitions, Chicago has it all. The only question is what to visit first, and how to decide between so many wonderful museums. Luckily, we can help you with that. After you move to Chicago with the help of some residential movers, you can start exploring.

Some of the museums you have to visit are:

  • The Field Museum: this is a massive natural history museum that has more than 20 exhibitions at every moment. There you can see dinosaurs, ancient artifacts from Egypt, or a Chinese rock garden.
  • Art Institute of Chicago: The Art Institute of Chicago is equally as stunning inside as it is outside, with its renowned pair of bronze lions flanking majestic stairs leading up to the entrance. Here you can see thousands of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and drawings.
  • Chicago History Museum: one of the most diverse museums in Chicago, and one that shows why Chicago is one of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene is this one. The museum honors the past via displays that focus on historical people such as Abraham Lincoln and local specialties such as the Chicago-style hot dog.

Whatever the reason for your relocation to Chicago might be, you will most definitely find something for yourself, and enjoy the arts scene and cultural diversity it has to offer.

Miami’s arts scene and cultural diversity

Another multicultural city is Miami. Since Florida is one of the most popular tourist spots, and Miami is at the center of all happenings, it does not come as a surprise that this city is one of the most diverse. It isn’t the case just in Florida but in the whole country. Tourists may learn about the distinct tales and histories of people from all over the world via art, music, and gastronomy. It’s simple to immerse yourself in a range of enlightening and enjoyable activities when you come. However, Miami has even more to offer once you start living there. It is one of the top US cities for singles also, so people who are in the search of true love never get bored. People from Latin America, South America, the Caribbean, and many other parts of the world come here to share their customs and traditions.

Miami's beaches and buildings
One of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene is Miami

Miami is also recognized for its bright street art, and people rush to the city to see the murals and graffiti that adorn the city’s many districts. There are several venues to experience Miami’s art culture, ranging from Wynwood Walls, a destination for local and international artists, to colorful walls spread around the city. One of the most popular museums n Miami is the Perez Art Museum. To visit this museum, you need to pay $15. It is a museum of modern and contemporary art committed to collecting and displaying worldwide art from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

One of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene is San Francisco

One of the most diverse cities in the United States in San Francisco. According to the census from 2020, 46.4 percent of people living in San Francisco are white, 34.4 percent are Asians, and the rest are other races. This mostly means that the rest of the people living in San Francisco are African Americans and Native Americans. All this means that this part of California offers many different traditions, and languages, as well as extraordinary cuisine. The city gave rise to the local sourdough bread, the Mission burrito, and steamed beer. For decades, Fisherman’s Wharf has provided local specialty Dungeness crab. Anchor Brewing Company, Boudin Bakery, and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company are among the food firms.

The arts scene in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t only on our list as one of the best cities for cultural diversity and the arts scene in San Francisco. It is officially among the three best cities when it comes to developing and exploring art in the USA. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, it was considered the national art capital for a long time. Many students have traveled a long way for decades just to be able to learn more about San Francisco’s art scene. If you want to be among them, all that is left for you to do is to find a reliable moving company, get the best moving insurance, pack and prepare everything, and move to the Bay Area. Arts events, festivals, and local museums abound throughout the Bay Area, indicating a thriving arts culture.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco are both located in the Bay Area. These and more museums may be found all across the city, catering to interests ranging from cartoon art to African Diaspora art to Asian art. What is also incredible and makes people love San Francisco and its cultural scene even more is the fact that all of these museums have certain days when you don’t have to pay to enter. Or, at the very least, they offer huge discounts.

New Orleans is the place to be if you are an art lover

You may have heard that New Orleans is often called the cultural capital of the South. Also, many people are familiar with the fact that New Orleans is a place that is renowned for its rich music and art scene. Of course, jazz music is what makes this Louisiana city different from many others that have an extraordinary music scene. Countless civilizations, including Acadians, Cajuns, Creoles, African-Americans, Native Americans, French, and Spaniards, have all contributed that New Orleans becomes what it is today. The beauty of New Orleans’ diversity is that no two regions of the city are precisely the same.

An artist playing jazz music which makes New Orleans one of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene
If you like jazz, move to New Orleans

The origin of jazz may be found in Tremé, a neighborhood that proudly proclaims its heritage as one of the country’s earliest African-American communities. The Irish Channel is well worth a pint before the compulsory visit to the French Quarter’s pubs. The Garden District is a popular site for seeing historic architectural elements, while the Warehouse District’s abandoned industrial lands are being renovated into trendy museums and galleries. There are no two similar streets in New Orleans. All of them are a work of art on their own. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity. Prepare for your relocation as soon as you can. You won’t regret your decision to move to New Orleans.

Living in Houston

One of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene in the United States is most definitely Houston. However, as one of the most popular and biggest cities in Texas, Houston is great for those who want to live a peaceful life, also. For example, it is one of the best US cities to retire, and many US residents do precisely that. This may come as a surprise. Nevertheless, if we take into consideration how large Houston is, it literally has something for everyone.

A street and buildings in Houston, one of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene
Houston is officially one of the most diverse cities

Cultural diversity and arts scene in Houston

According to data from 2022, Houston is number 9 on the list of the most ethnically diverse large cities in the United States. People of color make up more than two-thirds of Houston’s three-county region. They are responsible for  95% of Texas’ population increase during the previous decade.

Cultural diversity doesn’t come as a surprise when you think of Houston. However, when we mention culture and art, they may not come to our minds. Most definitely not right away, as in the cities we have already mentioned. Nevertheless, Houston has its own vibrant arts community, with everything from colorful graffiti parks to sophisticated museums. Some of the artistic places in Houston you must visit include Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, Reeves Art and Design, and Archway Gallery. If we add its impressive work prospects, inexpensive cost of living, 0% income tax, and year-round pleasant weather, Houston really is a place to be.

Jersey City is one of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene

Jersey City is one of the most culturally diverse communities in the country. It has an exciting and lively art and culture scene. Also, it is becoming stronger and larger each year. From local theater, movies, and performing arts to various art fairs, ethnic festivals, and flag raisings, the city has it all. In Jersey City, you can visit one of the many art galleries every day. Some of those you shouldn’t miss are Now project Space, Outlander Gallery, and Art House Productions. Whatever type of art you are interested in, you can find it there.

A woman painting on a wall
Whichever of the diverse cities you choose, you won’t regret it

Whichever city you choose, you will enjoy

You have read about some of the best cities for cultural diversity and arts scene. All of them have a lot to offer. Don’t hesitate to choose the one for you. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. In all of them, everyone can find something for themselves. Should you need any kind of help, feel free to contact us and ask whatever you want. We will be glad to help you. Don’t miss this opportunity. Enjoy your life in one of the artsy and diverse cities.

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