Benefits of Moving House in the Summer

Choosing when to move your home is an important decision. If you choose the right time your move can be easy and problem free. If you choose the wrong season, however, you’ll ruin your chances to have a successful relocation. Everything from the weather to mover availability can affect your relocation. It’s crucial to move at a time which works best for you. Check out the benefits of moving house in the summer to help you decide when to relocate.

Benefits of a summer relocation

There is a reason that most relocations happen in the summer. There is more daylight, you usually have more free time, and the kids are on a vacation from school. All of this and a number of other factors make this the best season for moving. Take a look at why more and more people are moving in the summer.

The weather

Summer is the season that provides the best conditions for relocation. The roads are dry so you’ll have more mobility. Traveling safer and faster will be crucial to your relocation. Apart from this, you’ll have more daylight and it will be safer to work in the late hours if there’s a need for it. Finally, it will be less work altogether. You won’t need to clean the snow from your driveway or to worry if you’ll drag it into your new home. You can achieve a lot of you have good weather conditions, and this is why the weather is one of the most important benefits of moving house in the summer.

Lack of snow is one of the benefits of moving house in the summer.
Relocating a home is hard enough, especially in a blizzard.


Because of the good conditions, there’ll be less chance your items will suffer any damage. This will greatly reduce the costs of your insurance. Or, if you’re not planning on getting any, this will mean that your items have a better chance of surviving the move. In addition to all this, by moving in the summer, you’ll reduce the chance of injury for yourself and the movers. No need for making your house safer, as you have to do in the winter. In the summer, there’s no slippery ice or snow to shovel. You and your movers can avoid accidents just by relocating in the summer. However, if you want to provide additional safety, check out these moving insurance tips to help you.

Moving house in the summer while on vacation

Moving can be a tiresome ordeal, even in the summer. Luckily, there is a way you can leave it all to the movers, and go enjoy yourself. You can choose to relocate while you’re on vacation. OF course, leaving everything to the moving company is risky. You’ll need to find a reliable moving company you can trust. Once you’re sure your movers are honest, you can lave everything in their hands. Imagine, people moving your home while you’re sipping drinks with umbrellas on a beach somewhere. And once you get back, the new place will be ready for you. You’ll come refreshed from your vacation and ready to tackle your new life in a different place. You won’t even feel the move.

A cocktail on a sandy beach
Sipping a cocktail while your home is being relocated is one of the benefits for moving house in the summer.

Move before school

Another reason why it’s so popular to move home in the summer is that all the students want to move before the school year starts. It’s much cheaper to wait for August to move then to rent a home for the entire summer. However, their benefit for moving house in the summer is that they’ll arrive a bit before school starts. This will allow them to get to know the university grounds before everyone else. It could prove a crucial advantage when the school year starts. So, if you’re a student getting ready for relocation, pack up and prepare! If you’re not sure how to pack for college, you’ll find help in our article.

A large university.
Move during the summer to get to know your university better.

Moving house in the summer by yourself

If you decide you don’t want to hire residential movers but move by yourself, summer is the best season for you. However, you’ll still need to be careful not to damage your things or yourself. It takes special equipment to relocate a lot of things, as well as years of experience. Most successful DIY relocations happen in the summer, but it’s still not an encouraging number. Thus, if you still decide to give it a go, make sure you’re prepared.

Some cons of moving house in the summer

Not everything is perfect about moving in the summer. This too has some major important disadvantages which will affect your relocation. However, with some careful planning and preparation, you’ll be able to fix these. Once you do, you’ll still have a great summer relocation!

  • Price – Unfortunately, since most people choose to move in the summer, the moving prices are higher during this season. This can affect your choice of the moving date. However, keep in mind that a winter move might cost you some additional expenses. You don’t need to worry about that if you’re moving house in the summer.
  • Getting the right date – Setting the moving day is harder in the summer. August is the worst for any relocations, so try to aim for early summer.
  • Short notice moves are impossible – Most of the dates are booked for months in advance. So, if you haven’t already reserved a date, you might have troubles setting one on a short notice. Be careful when you’re hiring last-minute movers!

Finally, it’s down to your personal preference. Some people like the winter, some the summer. However, most people don’t relish relocating in any season. So, this is why we think moving house in the summer is the best option. If you have to move, at least do it when it will be the easiest for you. Weather, conditions and free time really do make summer the best season for relocation. If you need additional help, check out how to make an ultimate moving checklist.

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