Benefits of joining moving associations

If you are running a successful business, you are aware of the fact that all opportunities have to be seized. No matter how good you are doing, you still need help. But, if you are running a company, you are also aware that there are many things people do out of ignorance and conformism. That there are many practices companies should avoid, but that many do not, but rather seek it. And that brings us to our question of the day. What are the benefits of joining moving associations and are they worth it?

5 benefits of joining moving associations we emphasize

Off the bat, we can claim that they are absolutely worth it. There is no substitute for the amount of benefit you can have from being a part of the moving association membership. Of course, that membership has to be renewed and paid accordingly, but we would say that generally speaking, it is absolutely worth it. 

Writing down the benefits of joining moving associations
Take notes!

Books could probably be written on the topic of why but we, for the purpose of being concise, have narrowed the benefits into 5 easy to understand categories. So, without further ado, let us see what they are, one by one.

Legal knowledge

First and foremost, it is the importance of legal advice these kinds of associations provide. Imagine for a second that you are running international movers (as you very well may do at this moment). It is by no means an easy task. There are a lot of resources that go into such a moving company. International relocations require expertise and planning that only a few moving companies can provide. However, even with all of that, you may still lack the means to overcome the biggest obstacle of international relocations – laws!

Lady justice, books and a globe
Legal advice is something everybody needs

Legal knowledge is of great importance for any moverWhen you are doing things interstate or internationally, you are dealing with tons and tons of codes and laws that are of great importance to understand. However, rather naturally, it is almost impossible to know them all. This is why you need the greatest of the benefits of joining moving associations – their legal experience and knowledge. When in a moving association, you are never alone. You can always count on the legal help of the association and other members!

Training and education

Secondly, if you are only starting to grow or maybe expand to become commercial movers or something similar, you are in need of great training and education. This is where the association comes in. Not only are moving associations generally more than happy to provide training but they also sometimes run actual colleges for the skill of moving. One does not need a lot of imagination to see why this is beneficial to those just starting their business.

The success of the company relies on the success of its moving crews. They have to be punctual, courteous, professional… to do all of this, they have to be trained. And training is expensive and not a lot of companies can do it right. This is why being a part of an association can help companies both big and small to develop as they increase the effectiveness of their workers.

Business guidance

Furthermore, to be truly reliable movers you need to build your business strong on all fronts – not just the crew. Staff like estimators, lawers, analytics, etc. And, all of them have to work as a team for your success in the market. For this reason, business advice you will get from associations is crucial. They will help you plan out the development of your company and guide you through the rough seas of the free market. It’s the kind of help that really makes a difference.


Speaking of making a difference, business associations also posses a lot of influence in the Capitol Hill. With their lobbying, they can improve the standing of their members but also the industry as a whole. We are all bound to laws of the land, and this is why having those laws suitable for good business is so crucial.

Awards can be one of the benefits of joining moving associations

And, the least important of the benefits of joining moving associations but certainly still counted as one – awards! Everyone from the long-distance movers to the most local of movers will have their own award category most of the time.

A throphy
Everyone loves awards for a work well done

And there is nobody on this earth who doesn’t want to be awarded for a job well done. Associations make sure that your hard work doesn’t go unrecognized. 

As a result

In the end, it will simply make you a better mover. To see what that means, let’s consider what factors are the most desired ones by customers.

  • Good reviews, first and foremost. Yelp and other platforms such as Facebook and Google are essential for your business success. Local praise and reputation are all well and good, but you need to be able to grow. And, to do that, you have to prove to people who haven’t even heard of you that your past experiences are valid. Business guidance as a benefit of joining moving associations will definitely help that image.
  • Secondly, there is the appearance of success. Not that you don’t have any, but it counts for little in the business world if you cant back it up. The seal of the association and various awards certainly bring you the level of legitimacy.
  • Good communication. With a good training provided by the association, your team (both crew and staff) will no doubt be ready to communicate with the client on everything and anything, making them feel heard and making you look flexible and caring.

Final words on the benefits of joining moving associations

So, with all the benefits of joining moving associations listed, are they worth it for you and your company? Do you consider your company too small or too big? Too old or still in its infancy? Whatever the case, we would like to remind you of one fact – everybody needs help, even if they don’t know it yet. Play it like you are in a team, join an association!

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