Be ready for professional packers prior to their arrival

No matter what kind of a relocation we are talking about, one thing is for sure. You will need professional help. And this means you will need to find a proper moving company. Now, if this is your first move, you will need their moving advice in order to relocate successfully. Of course, you can do a relocation on your own, but it is not recommended. And it is even more expensive. However, one of the best features when it comes to hiring a moving company, is that you can pay for professional packing services. Not everyone has enough time to finish all the needed choirs, and still be able to pack their entire home. For that reason, they are here to save the day. But, you need to be ready for professional packers prior to their arrival. Learn how to do it properly and make them feel welcome.

A packer writing down what to pack.
Be ready for professional packers because they are not responsible for everything at your home.

Is it actually really necessary to be ready for professional packers prior to their arrival?

Surprisingly, quite a big number of people believe that if they hire a moving company, the movers are responsible for everything. And that they will do all the jobs and things on their own. But, it is time to face the reality. It is not like that. Yes, for sure, the local movers you hired will do the majority of things. But not everything of course. There are some things that are waiting for you to do. First thing is that, for instance, you need to be ready for professional packers before they even arrive. They will pack your belongings, but you need to prepare everything first. So, it is not like you won’t have to work or do anything. Also, when you hire a moving company, and everything is packed, there is also a need to help the movers as well.

Believe it or not, but doing such small things can change quite a lot. Even though it can be quite expensive when you hire professional packers, in the end, you will realize it is and it was worth it. You won’t regret any dollar afterward. And we can promise you that. But, just because you are going to pay a bigger amount of money to the last-minute movers for the move, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to sit with your hands crossed and do your thing. Not at all. You will have quite a few obligations to do, just to make sure everything will be perfect. And you can start by planning.

First of all, you will have to declutter everything, downsize if possible, and make some donations

You probably know that overpacking is something you need to avoid at all costs. First of all, the price can really rise higher if you overpack and your boxes are too heavy. And secondly, it will only make more clutter and mess at your new place. And no one likes that, for sure. In addition, to skip all these unnecessary happenings, before you decide which things you will leave to your furniture movers near me to pack up, you should declutter your home a little bit. At the same time, it will be easier for you as well to manage everything and decide. When you clean everything and tidy up, you can start looking for the things you don’t need anymore.

We all have belongings hanging out somewhere around our homes that we don’t even look at. Not necessarily because they are broken. But we simply don’t need them. And this is fine. Sometimes, we can get attached even to an object, so it is harder to throw it, sell it, or donate it. But, it is definitely recommended when you are relocating. If you don’t want to throw it away or sell it, you should donate those things. Get a huge box, and just place things inside that have no use in your home anymore. This way, you are also downsizing your possessions, and it is actually a good thing when you think about your new home. It will be more spacious, and you can even get new belongings now to fill in the empty space if you need them.

Packer packing glasses in a box.
You don’t have to worry about your fragile items, but if you do, better pack them on your own.

One of the ways to be ready for professional packers is to remove all the non-transportable items, so they don’t have to deal with it

At the time when you do your research about relocation, you probably read somewhere that there are items you can transport, and items that you cannot. Well, in addition, to be completely ready for your packers prior to their arrival, you should get rid of all those items that are not able to transport. You will help them quite a lot. And also, it will save more of their time to deal with other important things. And your move will probably be even faster this way as well. So, some of the things you should throw or give to someone is definitely the food. All kinds of it. Canned, frozen, refrigerated, or fresh. If you are close to your neighbors, you should give them your food. Or an even better option, give them to the homeless, hungry people. It is definitely better than throwing it away.

You won’t be able to transport hazardous items such as gasoline, oil, explosives, ammunition, lighter, charcoal fluid, chlorine, bleach, liquid detergent, aerosols, paint, and paint thinner. Yes, the list is quite long, but make sure and double-check that you don’t have any of these. And unfortunately, your packers are not responsible for your plants, so you can either deal with them on your own or give them to someone.

You should pack your own private belongings that you don’t want to be handled by other people

For sure, having someone to pack everything that you own in a home is a nice thing. But is it really nice when they go through your private belongings? Definitely no. For this reason, make sure that you pack these things on your own. It will be better for you, and more comfortable for the packers as well. Make a list of your most personal items, and place them in a moving box on your own.

  • Your medicine
  • Toiletries
  • Documents
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Underwear, and so on
Person duct taping a box.
Before they duct tape all the boxes, double-check if anything is left behind.

You can help your packers out by disassembling the furniture before they arrive

It is easy to pack some small belongings, decorations, clothes, and so on. But what are we going to do about the furniture? Well, of course, you first need to disassemble it so it will be ready for professional packers. To make it easier on your packers, and to speed up the process a little bit, you do it. Make sure you clean your furniture first. And after it’s completely dry, start disassembling it slowly. You are not supposed to pack it, but place it tidy in one room. Don’t mix up the furniture element parts, you will cause a mess.

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