How to avoid extra charges when moving

Moving is a complicated process. After all, it involves packing one’s whole life and relocation it to a new place. With all that comes a myriad of little things, you may not think about. Things like how certain items are handled or packed, that can really add to moving costs. However, apart from being complicated, moving can easily turn expensive as well. That’s why it is important to be aware of all the moving costs. This especially comes to play when you need to avoid extra charges when moving. After all, who of us wouldn’t want to preserve their budget as much as they can? to help you precisely with this we have compiled this article. So read below on how to avoid extra charges when moving.

Researching available movers

When it comes to the effort to avoid extra charges when moving prevention is key. That’s why it’s especially smart to research available moving companies well before your move. Take a look at the services on offer and compare moving quotes from several sources. This will allow you to gain insight and an estimate of just what would be a reasonable charge for your move.

A woman using a laptop. Research is key if you want to avoid extra charges when moving
Compare the prices from different sources to gain an insight into the real cost of your move.

Another benefit of researching what a reasonable moving cost would be is that it will allow you to avoid bad movers. If you notice that the moving costs of a certain company are far lower than reasonable, something fishy is probably going on there. In that case, it would be most advisable to be very cautious when it comes to hiring said movers.

Steps that will allow you to avoid extra charges with every move

Some of the greatest costs with every move come from packing and handling certain items. That’s why the steps wi will outline below will allow you to avoid extra charges when moving no matter the particularities of your move.

Packing and packing supplies

One of the classic moving costs come from packing your items. First of all the packing itself is charged. Secondly, you will get charged for packing supplies. Luckily this is easily avoided. If you invest a bit of your time, you can find free packing supplies, either online or out there in the world. Provided that you have given yourself enough time to organize the move, you will also be able to conduct the packing yourself.

A woman using a planner.
Good planning will allow you to avoid extra charges when moving no matter what kind of move you are conducting.


Apart from saving you money, packing certain items like artwork yourself will ensure they get the utmost care, without having to spend money on professional packing services. Although packing such valuables as artwork may sound daunting, thanks to the internet it has become much more accessible. You only need to a bit of research to be able to pack these items like a pro!


Another way to save money on your move is to de-clutter. This involves taking a look at your belongings and deciding what you will be using in the future and what can actually fit into the home you’re moving to. The remaining items, the ones you won’t be needing anymore, you can donate, give away or sell. This will result in two benefits. Firstly you will avoid extra charges when moving these items as they don’t’ have to be packed. This goes double for bulky items like furniture. Secondly, if you decide to sell them they will earn you some money to cover the moving expenses. Even if you decide to donate these items, the charity will usually come and pick them up, saving you time that you would spend on dealing with them.

Identifying hidden moving costs as a way to avoid extra charges when moving

One of the most common ways people get charged extra for their move is not being aware of all the moving costs involved before they start the move. Therefore identifying hidden moving costs is one of the best ways to avoid extra charges when moving. As you will see below, some of these costs can easily be avoided by being proactive for a bit. On the other hand, might not even be present with one of the moving companies you chose. In which case, asking the right questions beforehand can save you a buck or two.

Move cancellation fee

One of the classic extra charges when moving, that is also easily avoidable are cancellation fees. These vary from moving company to moving company, but they boil down to a fee you pay for canceling the move. Usually, if you cancel the move at least one week in advance, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. However, if you cancel the move on a shorter notice you might be charged in tens or hundreds of dollars for the cancellation alone!

A man holding a wallet and taking out some dollar bills.
Cancellation fees can be a serious blow to your budget!

Luckily, with good organization it becomes easy to avoid extra charges when moving that would arise from cancellation. Just plan your move well ahead. That way you will usually be aware of a possible cancellation in advance. Naturally, in some cases, you may not be able to avoid this type of costs. Such is life. Also, make sure you keep an eye on the calendar. Don’t allow yourself to forget to cancel the move with the moving company in a timely manner if you know it will have to be postponed.

Charges for moving bulky items

Another classic example of extra moving fees are the moving charges for bulky items. Things like large furniture, statues or large instruments will cost you extra to move. However, some companies that focus on moving bulky items, while costing more in general, might prove to be more affordable when you count in the extra charges. For example, professional hot tub movers, might charge you for the whole move a little more than your standard mover, however, they may not include the costs of moving the tub as separate. This might prove to be a good way to avoid extra charges when moving. Just make sure you do your research and calculate the best deal for your situation.

The best way to avoid extra charges when moving

As you have seen above, one word keeps popping up in this whole article. That word is research. When it comes to ways to avoid extra charges when moving, researching really is indispensable. So, take your time, plan your move carefully and communicate with your movers. That way, when the moving day comes, you will be ready to avoid any extra moving charges. We know you will have this handled!

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