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Tips for dealing with fraudulent movers

tips for dealing with fraudulent movers

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a fresh start or moving for a better job position. Maybe you’re relocating your home, or opening a new office in another town. Whatever the reason behind your upcoming relocation might be, you’ll need to sit down and organize everything properly. There’re many things you need to cover. And

How to pack your basement for relocation

Nora G.Packing tips
A studio basement

When planning a move you will need to think of so many things. From which moving company to chose, how to protect certain items like appliances and artwork to what to wear on a moving day. All of these concerns and questions fit into the bigger picture of a relocation. After all, a move includes

How to prepare for movers’ arrival

Nora G.Moving tips
A house for sale - if you're moving make sure to prepare for movers' arrival before the big day.

If you’re planning on moving house, you are probably aware of the fact that it will require a lot of work. You obviously have to pack, but that is not the end of your tasks. You have to be ready for anything and you should try to plan your relocation down to every last detail.

Traits of millennial-friendly cities

people walking on the street

Millennials are all grown up and ready to set off to a new adventure. They have obtained their degrees and now it is time for true adulthood. For that, they need a suitable destination in order to thrive. Not every town can be one of the best cities for millennials. It needs to have certain

Unconventional storage uses you weren’t aware of

Nora G.Storage tips
Girl at the airport looking at the info board

Modern lifestyle has completely changed our buying and storing habits. Not only we live in an era of consumerism, but our lives also require much more things than they used to. Consequently, tired of fast and overwhelming jobs and living, what people want at their home is peace and minimalism. This is the moment when

Reasons to avoid moving by yourself

reasons to avoid moving by yourself

Speaking about relocation, there is always a question of how you should do it. In all honesty, there are two options. Either you are going to do it DIY style, or get professional help. And both of these options have their pros and cons. The first one will cost you less money, but more time.

Moving costs checklist – the essentials

Making a checklist like this one with all the movings costs will reduce some of the moving stress.

We all know that moving comes with a lot of expenses. Nobody likes the fact that they have to go through the entire process of moving house and spend lots and lots of money on top of that. Everyone has a different budget and different priorities. Some people like to splurge when buying furniture for

Low-budget packing tips for students

a student with a red backpack staring at the sky

Student life is about to start. You must be very excited. However, this means packing your whole room and transporting everything to your dorm. It can be quite tiring since you do not know what to bring and what to leave behind. The money can be a problem as well. College is not cheap, and

How to avoid clutter when packing

Nora G.Packing tips
A whirpool of mess. Avoid clutter when moving to make the relocation easier

Moving can be a messy process. With all your belongings being packed, you are bound to find a few items you might have forgotten about. Add to that the usual piling up of unnecessary items and you can quickly become overwhelmed with clutter. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you plan your

How to store a motorcycle

Nora G.Storage tips
Motorcycle in forn of the storage unit

If you have a motorcycle, then you are one lucky person. Many dreams to have this 2-wheel pet, but for some reason can’t get it. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy riding on this great machine, surely many envies you. There is definitely no better feeling than hitting the road on sunny weather