An Interstate Moving Checklist

Moving to another state is a very challenging task. If you move before locally, you will soon grasp that interstate relocation is much harder. There will be much more organization and planning. Sometimes it may be overwhelming and very stressful, but you can minimize that by delegating the hardest tasks to a moving company. Even if you hire professional movers, there will still be things that you have to take care of yourself. The key to a good organization will be to make an interstate moving checklist. It will help to keep you on the track and don’t forget something.

How to make an interstate moving checklist?

There are many free templates that you can download from the internet. If you’ve rather make interstate moving checklist yourself, the best way to do that is to use programs with the spreadsheet. Simple Word programs will be sufficient for creating a checklist, especially the Word Excel.

If you aren’t a fan of the modern technology, make your an interstate moving checklist on the paper. Notebook and a pen will be everything you need in this case.

No matter what way you choose, the checklist needs to be made in the way that best suits your need. The best way is to create titles for every section and list of the task that needs to be done for that category.

Keep in mind that creating a moving checklist will require time. You’ll need to be focused, precise and to think about everything that you need to write down. Don’t hurry, be thorough and take your time.

What should an interstate moving checklist contain?

Your interstate moving checklist should contain all of the things regarding the relocation process. Even if something doesn’t seem relevant, write it down. Those things are usually easiest to overlook.
Your interstate checklist should contain:

  • Budget plan
  • List of relevant information regarding the moving company that you are hiring
  • List of all the important moving dates
  • Package plan
  • List of packaging supplies (if you are packing on your own)
  • All the documentation that your relocation require
  • List of all the services and people that you need to inform about your move
  • Moving day checklist

Budget plan

Making a budget plan should be the first step of your interstate relocation. You need to calculate how much your move will approximately cost. When you determine your budget, you will know how much money you can delegate to each part of the relocation process. When you make a detailed moving budget plan, incorporate it into the interstate moving checklist as the first category on the list.

Include budget plan into your interstate moving list.
Creating the budget plan should be the first step of your relocation process.

Information about moving company

The biggest cost of the interstate moving will surely be the transport of your belongings to your new home. With long distance relocation, hiring the professional long distance movers will be the best choice, and maybe even the cheaper option that moving on your own.

When you determine your moving budget, start searching for the moving company. This should be at the top of the list because the more you wait the bigger is the chance that good movers will be taken.

When you are searching for movers, the most important thing is to select reliable movers.
Make sure that they have proper licenses, insurance coverage, and good references. Select at least three different moving companies and ask them to do an in-sight estimation. Based on the estimation, you will see does hiring the moving company fits your budget.

If it does, and you find the company that you like, write down information about the company into your interstate moving checklist. Incorporate the estimation, their rates, prices of additional services, address and phone numbers, and all the things that you agreed to when signing the contract with movers.

List of all the important moving dates

When you are moving to another state, there will be many dates to remember. Writing it down and making a time schedule will help you stay organized.

Set the date and the time when you will pack your household. If you have listed the services of the packing company write down the day when the packers are arriving.

The date when the movers are coming to load your things is the most important date and you have to mark it.
The next date will be your moving day that can overlap with the day when the movers are coming.

The day and time when your belongings should arrive at your new home are also important to write down.

Your interstate moving list must contain all the moving dates.
Note to your calendar all the important moving dates.

Package plan and the list of packaging supplies

If you’re using the packing services, then you don’t have to make a list of packaging supplies. The professionals will take care of packing your belongings in the safest matter, with their own packing materials.
If you are packing on your own, the first you have to do is to acquire all the necessary packing supplies. You’ll be needing boxes of all sizes, dolly or a hand truck, sharp scissors, protective packing material, duck tape, shipping tape, tape dispensers, ropes, bungee cords, rope, tie-downs, and twine.
Never start packing until you don’t have all of the supplies.

Whether you are using packaging services from the moving company or you’re packing on your own, you will need to make a package plan. There are many packing tips, but the ultimate one is to declutter your home before your packing. Go through your home and separate your belongings into four pile:

  • Relocate
  • Donate
  • Sell
  • Throw away

First tackle the things that you want to sell, donate or throw away. That way, you will declutter your home and make more room for the packing of the belongings you wish to relocate.
Make a list of inventory of all your belongings that you are moving to your new home and incorporate it into an interstate moving checklist.

List of all the documentation that your relocation require

If you need special permits, new driver license, pet license or any other additional documentation for relocating to another state be sure to incorporate it in the moving checklist. Get your papers in order long before the moving day comes.

Services and people that you need to inform about your move

Besides your family, neighbors, and friends, there are other persons that you shouldn’t forget to inform about your relocation:

  • Bank
  • Insurance company
  • Your doctor
  • Your lawyer
  • Utility services – Schedule the date of cancellation for our internet, water and sewer, gas, electricity, and cable services.
Notify everybody about your move.

Make a list of all the services and people that you need to inform about your move.

Moving day checklist

Moving day will be very stressful and tense. You will wrap your mind around all the things that you do or maybe forgot to do. The best way to prepare for moving day is to make a list that you will incorporate into your interstate moving checklist.

The list should contain the task that you need to do on a moving day like getting rid of trash, making sure that all electrical and gas fuses are off, that the water vents are tightened, that you travel bag is ready etc.

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