Advantages of renting plastic moving boxes

Moving requires a lot of work. You need to find a place to live, pack all of your things, find some movers, plan your budget and so on. Fortunately, there are many websites that will give you all the advice you need starting from how much to tip movers to packing tips and tricks. Packing is probably one of the bigger problems people face when they’re moving. Whether you’re moving to another street, city or state, the moving process is the same. Packing is inevitable and nobody likes it. But, when you think of all the boxes, tape and bubble wrap you need to get, you start wondering if there’s an easier way to pack it all up. If that’s the case, you’ll probably like the idea of renting plastic moving boxes. Here are some of the reasons why plastic boxes are a good alternative to the standard cardboard ones.

The environment will thank you for renting plastic moving boxes

We all know that our planet is not at the best state and that we need to step up our game and take better care of the environment. Some people think that they can’t contribute anything to helping the planet on their own. However, one individual can actually help out by changing some daily routines and starting with pretty small things. Recycling, turning off unneeded lights and not wasting water are some obvious ways to be more environmentally-friendly. But, these aren’t the only things you can do to better the environment. Think of all the boxes you use when you’re moving to a new place. You need tonnes of boxes to pack your belongings, and most of them end up in the trash. Well, renting plastic boxes is a good way to avoid making huge amounts of waste.

Cardboard box waste
Cardboard boxes lead to a lot of trash and they force you to use unnecessary material.

Some will argue that cardboard boxes can be recycled and are therefore not so bad for the environment. But, what about all the tape and plastic that you also use when packing? With sturdy plastic boxes, you don’t need to use as much material and you won’t have any trash either. So, if you want to help out the Earth, you should consider turning to plastic moving boxes. Another great thing is that plastic boxes are often made from recycled materials.

The material is better and more practical

Apart from not being very good for the planet, classic cardboard boxes don’t really provide you with security. There are many cases in which the rain or some sort of spillage ruins cardboard boxes. Sometimes, boxes break or get torn from the weight of your belongings. They’re not the best for carrying fragile items and they are, all in all, not the most practical choice. In many ways, choosing plastic moving boxes is the smart thing to do and it’s a way to avoid extra stress when moving.

A woman carrying a cardboard box with a yellow wall behind her.
There are many advantages to renting plastic moving boxes. They’re easier to carry and they won’t break from the weight like the cardboard ones can.
  • Plastic boxes are going to keep your things clean and safe.
  • They are strong and sturdy so they won’t break from the weight.
  • Your belongings won’t get damaged or broken during the transit.
  • You don’t need to use packing tape or anything else to make sure the boxes stay shut. They require less fuss, work, and extra material.
  • They are easier to stack on top of each other than the soft cardboard boxes and they take up less space in the moving truck you rented.

Reusing plastic moving boxes

Yet another good thing about these planet-friendly boxes is that you can reuse them time and time again. You don’t have to get a hundred cardboard boxes to fit all your things in. You can use the same few plastic boxes to move your things because they won’t break or get damaged. Hence, they are always ready to be used again. Even if you are not the one who can use them multiple times because you need to move everything at once, you know that someone can use them after you. Once you decide to rent, some companies will let you keep the boxes for as long as you need them. Some of these companies will also offer you free delivery and pick-up to and from your doorstep, which means even less work for you. Plastic moving boxes are also a cheaper alternative to cardboard ones.

Plastic boxes are cleaner and more versatile

Keeping your things clean during the moving process sure is challenging. Things will inevitably get dusty and you’ll need to disinfect some of them. A plus side when you’re using plastic moving boxes is that you can simply make sure they’re clean and that way your things will also stay germ-free. Some companies you can rent plastic moving boxes from sanitizing them after each use. So, this is another detail that will improve your moving experience.

Aside from this, when you choose to use plastic moving boxes, you get more options. There are different shapes and sizes you can pick from, which is good for packing different kinds of things. You can get certain boxes for your clothes and different ones for packing all of your electronics. Your things will be nicely separated and they will be stored in an appropriate container.

A moving truck that will help you transfer all of your plastic moving boxes.
Once you have your plastic moving boxes all packed up, you can hire a truck and start the transit.

Apart from renting plastic moving boxes for your relocation, there are many more services that can help you have a smoother move. You could think about hiring commercial movers, renting a moving truck or a van, you can rent some extra storage space or you can get cleaners to help you in your new house after the move. The whole relocation process sometimes becomes complicated and maybe even uncomfortable. Try not to stress too much and make sure to utilize all the things that are available to you. Anything that can make the move less nerve-wracking is welcome.


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