Adjusting to life in the suburbs

Finding our place under the Sun is what life is generally about. This can mean a whole lot of different things for every other individual. Some of us aim for amassing wealth through sport or acting careers, others strive for improving the world in their labs (not that amassing wealth and making the world better, exclude each other), some love the lights of a city’s downtown, while some find their true happiness in life in the suburbs of some great city. One thing that is a sure one is that throughout our life our priorities often change. So, spending your young adult lives in a city may, quite often actually, result in deciding to move to suburbs once you start a family.

Before you move to suburbs, make sure you move properly

Deciding to move from your home to a new one is rarely a completely stress-free decision. In fact, it can often be a quite stressful and anxiety-inducing process. One of the main reasons for this is that there are a lot of things to think about when planning a move. For instance, you have to hire a proper moving company. This is really important, as hiring a good moving company is often crucial when it comes to executing a move stress-free.

adjuting to life in suburbs is a gradual process
While planning the move, make sure that you hire a proper moving company.

One of the best ways to recognize quality movers is how they treat the moving quotes. If they are not willing to come to your place (or at least ask for a video recording of all your belongings) and give you precise moving quotes, then you should definitely avoid them. Bear this in mind, whether you are restarting your life in the suburbs, or just moving across the street.

Reasons for moving your life in the suburbs are numerous

And this is a fact. Like everything in life, there are of course advantages and disadvantages of life in the suburbs. Moving here means that you give up all the plentiful options that you have in the city, for getting a chance to live a more peaceful and simpler life. Prepare your moving budget carefully, as moving here will probably require a lot of work at first. But the rewards are great.

Look at all that space!

It is a funny thing about human beings, how we are often not aware of the things we missed until we actually get them. One of the best things about life in the suburbs is all the luxurious space you have here. Sure, in the city you may have a large apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but you are still confined to the space inside your walls. If you are lucky, you may have a balcony or the roof, or you are near a park.

But, when you move to the suburbs, you will like a truly free man. Why? Well, every house here has a yard where you can make barbeque or play with kids. They are, of course, huge fans of this, as they will have a lot of room to play. Also, if you have a dog, they are going to live it here, as they can run around all day and breath fresh air all the time.

a light brown tenant building with a gray car in front
There is a lot more room in the suburbs

The suburbs are more a relaxed and friendly place

People in the suburbs are, on average, more friendly and relaxed than in the city. We are not saying that your neighbors are not nice, it is just a natural result of living in a more peaceful environment. The reason for this is the fact that life here goes on at a slower pace. This allows people to spend more time dealing with things that happen to them. In the city, everyone is always in a hurry to get somewhere and it shows. Simply put, things are more complicated in the city. When you compare that to life in the suburbs, it is no wonder that people are more friendly and close.

More time for yourself

Having kids is always a fun, but complex adventure of a lifetime, wherever you may live. You will probably feel more peaceful about them going to visit the neighbors’ kids, however. This is so, because in suburbs when you say “neighbor”, what you mean is people living in a span of a couple of houses. In the city, however, going to see neighbors may actually mean traveling across a much greater distance.

Not having to worry as much about kids and how much time you will lose during a commute, is great. Though, in the beginning, it may seem weird that you have more free time, you will in time, find a way to fill it. For instance, you can go walking every day, or you can finally get the chance for using the garden tools in your own garden.

This is your chance for living a healthier life

Living in a city offers a lot of possibilities, there is no denying that. There are theaters and museums all over the place. You can visit all kinds of events, from cultural to parties and big sports events. You can practice pretty much any kind of sport. However, one of the things that are not so good about cities are opportunities for living a healthier life overall. This is one of the best qualities when it comes to life in the suburbs. First of all, the air itself is a lot cleaner which is a huge plus.

People playing with frisbie on a grass field
You will have a lot more time for yourself.

Particularly as one of the worst things about modern life is the pollution. Pollution is a major source of all kinds of breathing conditions such as asthma. One of the most common reasons for moving to the suburbs is actually this one. You can find more parks and more green surfaces in general in the suburbs. That means that there are a lot more possibilities to go for a picnic or a hike. If you like driving bikes, it will be a lot easier and less risky to do so here, than in the city with all the rush and countless cars and pedestrians.

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