A Complete Guide to Move A Hot Tub

Moving is such a complex and exciting event. It brings so much excitement and so many obligations. You will have a lot to do. And like that is not enough, you can expect some big emotions to rise. For many people, this experience is overwhelming. But if you stay focused and prepare well, you can experience a flow. And even complicated things are possible. You should look for a Master Moving Guide to help you move a hot tub. Have in mind that in a time like this you should take some professional help.

Is it hard to move a hot tub?

Hot tub moving is not a difficult process. But it has its hardness. When you start draining water from your spa, you will realize that this is not just a matter of emptying the shell. You will also need to drain all the pumps and pipes. One of the things you can do is to recycle hot your tub water. That is not hard to do. Also, always have in mind that you can call some local movers you can find and ask them to help you.

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We are here to give you some tips on how to move a hot tub.

It is obvious that the hot tub is heavy. But you should know that there is no one standard weight for them. We will offer you some statistics here. Smaller hot tubs, meant for two to three persons weights something around 500 pounds empty. They will weigh even 3,000 pounds when are filled with water. Larger pieces, like some models made for six-person, typically weigh around 1,000 pounds when they are empty and even 6,000 pounds when are full. So you should know that you have an option to pay some hot tub movers to do this heavy lifting instead of you.

How to prepare your hot tub for moving?

Being prepared is always a great thing. So you can make a list of things you should do if you want to prepare your hot tub for a moving day. Whether you hired residential movers or you decided to move it by yourself, there are things you will have to do first. As the first thing on your list, write down to disconnect the power supply. Find where is breaker switch placed inside the circuit box and turn it to the off position. Hot tubs are directly connected to the power supply. Maybe you will need a professional electrician to safely disconnect it. So plan that in time.

If you have never done it before, you can find a guide on how to prepare for movers. You will find out that you will have to find the drain valve and remove its cover. Connect one end of a garden hose to it and run the other one to the right drainage spot. After you open the spa drain valve, you should release the water.

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You have to prepare well.

A submersible water pump will help you to speed things up. That will drain whole the water in 10 to 15 minutes. In some areas is illegal to just dump spa water into the drain. Because it leads to the oceans and you can get punished for it. Clear all the remaining water with a wet-dry vacuum. Don’t forget to clean the spa. After you remove all the water, you should clean it thoroughly. Take time to repair scratched surfaces before relocation.

Clean your pathway before you start moving your hot tub

We’ve already spoken about the hot tub weight. It is very obvious that this is not a one-man job. In every case, you will need some help to transport it. Once you decide who will help you with carrying it, do not forget to clear the path where you will pass. That is important not only in front of your home but also in front of your new place. The idea is to get off the road all that can make it harder to pass with this heavy thing.  You should also use a dolly, a big piece of cardboard, and plywood. Prepare even a blanket and everything you can think of that could ease moving it over the ground. When you decide to use a dolly, don’t forget to count in its height.

And once you decide on the best route possible for your tub, tilt it on the side and put it on the cardboard (or plywood or blanket). Of course, you have to be really careful when you’re sliding it with your friends. Take your time and be patient and careful every step of the way.

Important to know

Just another thing you have to know is that not every hot tub is worth moving. If your hot tub has some major problems, or if it is more than 10 years old, most probably it is not worthy of moving torture. Another important thing to know is that weather conditions are important when you think of moving it. If you plan your move during the winter and it is freezing outside, you will have to add some antifreeze to the plumbing. That will save it from freezing during the transport. You will just need to put a small amount of anti-freeze in the filter area and jets. You will get better results if you remove the jets first and pour antifreeze directly into the plumbing behind.

We have some more important information for you.

Are you ready to make a big move?

If you are reading this, we do hope that you now know enough so you can start with planning to move a hot tub. As you can see, there are situations when it is not worth it, but also, you have to know that it is possible. And if you plan it well and in advance, you can do it with ease. Get everything you need so you have all equipment that can make your life easier. And take anyone who has any kind of moving experience to jump in and give a hand. Accept advice and trust that it will work out just fine.

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