6 Ways to improve your moving company’s cash flow

The moving industry is growing daily. Cutting-edge technologies and methods are popping up around the corner as well. It is hard to keep up with the moving market and yet, interstate movers must find the way to do it. Luckily, we have several tips and tricks for you on how to improve your moving company’s cash flow and improve your business in general. After reading our piece, we are sure you will get a few ideas of your own. Let’s dive in!

Improve the service you provide to the customer

Let us begin this topic with the obvious one. One thing that will certainly improve your moving company’s cash flow is the quality of the service you provide. As reliable movers, you should focus on your customer completely and you will have much better results across the board. You should work on lowering the chances for unpleasant situations and if most of your relocations end up successfully, you won’t have any cash flow issues. But if you must reimburse customers for damages and settle claims each month or so, then your company’s budget will be hurt severely. At the moment, many companies dance on the edge of bankruptcy while the simple solution is out there. Provide better service to customers and focus on customer communication in general. You will see improvements quickly.

man and a woman holding cardboard boxes
If you focus more on the quality of the service you provide, your customers will be most satisfied.

Launching your brand onto the new market will improve your moving company’s cash flow

As you may know, moving companies offer all kinds of moving services. Check out the Master Moving Guide as our warm recommendation and learn all about the top-notch moving service. But not all companies offer all of them. These are a few examples:

  • Storage units rentals.
  • Complete packing service.
  • Professional piano moving.
  • High-risk items moving.
  • Artwork moving.

There are many more but the idea is to add something to your arsenal and expand to a new market. For example, if you are renting storage units already, you can start renting climate-controlled storage units as well. Those are the best and most sought after. Or if you never had a special moving team of any kind, choose the best moving individuals you have and assemble it. Let them work on special requests such as piano, pool table, gun rack, or home safe moving. Such items need knowledge, expertise, and experience. If you have it, there lies the opportunity.

Everyone loves freebies and special offers

One of the easiest ways to improve your business and cash flow is to give your customers something for free. It doesn’t have to be much, but a good advertisement is made from it. Simply toss in a 5% discount or a free service. Whatever you think is worth getting your customer’s attention. But do not let the free stuff hurt your budget further. And beware of how you advertise when offering free stuff. Customers want to hire movers without getting scammed and if your great deals and freebies are too good to be true, people can avoid you. Therefore, stick to a small discount or something similar and it should be enough.

young man using a laptop
Your customers will love the special deals and discounts when they see them!

Invest in advertisement and social media marketing

Now, you can always advertise online more than ever before. Even though almost all the advertisement today flows through the internet and the TV, you can still improve this side of your business operation. It will improve your moving company’s cash flow significantly if you dive into the social media advertisement. But this does not mean you shouldn’t launch a commercial or print out a newspaper ad as well. So, choose one or all the popular social media and hire someone who will manage them all. Then, build accounts, platforms, import data, and provide all the info you want to share with the world with your customers. It is easily accessible for customers and you will receive more calls than ever. Just make sure to hire someone who can manage and maintain your social status adequately and in a timely manner.

Better inside management will improve your moving company’s cash flow

Something all moving companies should work on is better business management. This means you should organize your entire staff and the entire operation better. If there is a space for improvement, you should do it. You can improve many things starting with the way your workers approach the customer. Work on the well-mannered approach, politeness, and kindness, and your customers will respond equally. Then, you can improve your vehicles, tools, equipment, and more. Manage the communication between teams within the company and realize if there are any possibilities for improvement. And of course, focus on your business partners and the entire business network. The communication should be clear, unobstructed, and executed in a timely fashion. All in all, you know your business well enough, you’ll do what is best.

trying to improve your moving company's cash flow by making a plan
Improve your inside operations and you will improve all aspects of your business.

Follow and keep up with trends

You must follow trends and keep up with the moving market in general. The moving industry is not the only thing you should focus on. You must cove the real-estate, economics, and current state in politics as well. But to be fair, the moving industry is such a business where you must stay up to date with everything that is going in in the entire US. Especially if you are providing cross-country moving services. You should know all about the newly implemented laws regarding moving, infrastructure, transportation, etc. And those laws change daily.

Check FMCSA and you will realize there are so many laws and when you multiply them by 50 states, you will get lost. Therefore, daily information intake is required. Stay up to date with all the changes and you’ll never get in trouble with your customers, associates, third-party vendors, and other teams in a huge business network.

Now you know a bit more about how to improve your moving company’s cash flow. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to apply some of our tips and tricks to improve your business in general and with it, your cash flow as well. Good luck.

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