5 Tips for Moving Rugs and Carpets Locally

Moving experience is one of a kind and should be treated as such. So now when the time for moving out has come, you have found yourself in the packing process. You probably heard many stories on how it can be super intimidating, but hold on! Together we can make it a move to remember. You can leave it to some experienced local movers to help you, or you can do it yourself. Packing different items can be both fun and stressful but how about moving rugs and carpets? We usually get distracted by furniture and items around us, and when the time comes to look down on the floor- we start panicking! Although moving rugs and carpets can be a real challenge do not worry. We have prepared 5 tips for moving rugs and carpets locally!

 Wash and dry your carpets and rugs first!

And the reason for this is pretty obvious. Due to carpets being heavy and rugs usually being shaggy, they will need washing nevertheless! Vacuuming and dusting will not do the trick because dust particles go deep in the fabric. The easiest way to deal with this is simply to take them to the nearest washing and drying services. Depending on the service policy they may even speed up the whole thing if you mention that you are moving. If they are not able to do so- you can always go and pick them up later. It is always important to know how to prepare for movers and doing this is one of the things included. You will enjoy seeing them all clean and fresh in your new place.

carpets drying on the sun
Clean your carpets before the move, the whole process will be much easier and more hygienic if you move clean carpets

Roll them up and set them aside as soon as possible!

The more you postpone dealing with carpets and rugs, the more complicated it may become. They will get in your way at some point- especially when moving your furniture features. Rolling them up and then labeling them is a great start. If your old home is bigger and there is a chance of confusing them we advise you to go with labeling. You can mark each one of them with packing tape and use a marker to point out where to place them in your new home.

Do not be afraid to say goodbye to old carpets and rugs

Or at least temporarily goodbye. If the design of your new place is different or some of the carpets or rugs are simply too old for it- here are your options. You can give it away to many charity organizations that will find the perfect place for it. There is a big chance someone else will love your carpet equally as you did! Or you can find a local storage unit and set it aside. They will be well kept and in case you need them again you can take them back anytime. We understand how difficult it may be to find a perfect carpet for your interior design and how hard it is to give it away. But remember that change is always good and you will fall in love with your new carpets in no time!

old carpet
Instead of moving old rugs and carpets locally, get rid of them. You cannot clean them properly anymore and they can be a threat to your health in the worst cases

Moving rugs and carpets locally still requires careful packing!

The distance in this case does not play a major role. You will have to pack and secure them properly so you can save space and avoid damage. Buying an archival or cardboard rug tube is a perfect solution! Tubes will help you roll them up much faster and they will provide support during the transportation process. The main goal is to avoid carpets from bending and wrinkling so pack them firmly. If you decide to go with furniture movers near me option, they will provide the same solution no matter the distance. After all, you will have some time for yourself as well. Let’s not forget that hiring them means fewer worries and stress!

Avoid using carpets and rugs as packing material for something else!

In case this comes to your mind at some point, try to avoid it at all costs. As we mentioned before carpets are usually made of pretty strong fabric and they will bend anything you decide to put there. Most of the time rugs are made of different and softer materials but will not use as proper protection for your items. They are still made off of strong fabric that can damage or bend the item, and although the role may look like an ideal place for fitting something in it would be a mistake. Carpets and rugs should be packed individually, while you can use softer materials like towels for wrapping up your items.

woman among boxes
Packing is hard, but don’t use your carpets as packing material, you will damage them easily. Use proper moving boxes instead

Bottom Line is – treat your carpets properly and they will serve you a long time

No matter if you own five or just one carpets or rug, make sure to give them all the attention they deserve. The better you pack them, the faster they will adapt to your new home. If you decide to deal with them on your own, inviting friends for additional assistance is a good idea. They can help you with cleaning and rolling up bigger carpets or even labeling them. Following the tips about moving rugs and carpets locally prepared for you by Master Moving Guide is a piece of cake!

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