5 Frequently asked questions about short-distance moving

Being the most exhausting thing in your life, relocation requires a lot of planning and organization. There are numerous things that you must do in red t have the perfect relocation experience. But most people do not realize how much work there is until they step into the process of relocation. To avoid getting into the mess and to avoid being scammed, there are some frequently asked questions about short-distance moving. You should be able to get to know everything that or are interested in when it comes to relocation. So check this moving guide and get ready for some of the best experiences of your life.

5 Frequently asked questions about short-distance moving

To start, we will explain to you what short-distance relocation means. Moving a short distance means that you will be relocating somewhere between 50 miles from your current home. Basically, the distance is not measured. As long as you stay in the state line, you can consider that relocation a short distance one. There are differences between long and short distance moving. Therefore, the questions that people ask are also different. Here are some of the most frequent ones when you are planning a local or short-distance relocation. Plus, if you have decided that it is time for last minute relocation, the better chance to have a great relocation without any disruptions is if you are moving like this short-distance.

woman reading about frequently asked questions about short-distance moving
Read frequently asked questions about short-distance moving

Will my relocation be canceled if the weather is bad?

This is a typical question that everyone wants to know. The process of your relocation and the success of the same one will depend on so many factors. One of them is the weather. Therefore, if you choose the time of the year where there are fewer chances of getting disturbed by the bad weather, the bigger chances are that the relocation will go without some obstacles like the weather. During the short relocation, this would not be the obstacle that you might think of.

On the other hand, if your residential movers realize that a big storm is coming, they will contact you to inform you if something will not go according to plan. To avoid this, make sure that you move during the spring or summer. This ay there will be no show the roads to stop your moving truck.

When is the best time for relocation?

Thi question is basically related to the previous one. So, spring and autumn are the best seasons for relocation. YOu will avoid cold snow and on the other hand, you will avoid too hot weather. You will be easier to pack if the temperature is not high and you are able to work in your yard if you decide to organize a yard sale before the relocation.

When it comes to a more specific time, the day of the week, for example, the busiest time to move is during the weekends. If you plan to move during the weekend, you should hire local movers on time. They tend to be busy almost every weekend during the year. However, if you get can some time off work, the better time to move is from Monday to Thursday. Your kids will be in school and you will not be disturbed while packing. And plus, you will have a free weekend in the new home, in your new neighborhood. Which is the perfect chance to get to know the new place better. The other reason why you should move on work days is that it is cheaper than moving during the weekend.

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Find the best time to relocate

One of the frequently asked questions about short-distance moving is what should you keep with yourself on a moving day

The most important things you must have beside you are your documents. Not just personal ones, like ID or passport. You should have a contract with the moving company, a list of inventory, and any other paper you have that is related to the relocation.

The next thing is also important. That is your hygiene, your toothbrush should not be packed. You need to take care of yourself even if you are in the process of relocation. You might also want to keep some extra pairs of clothes, so you can refresh yourself after you come into your new home. Do not waste time by searching for your clothes in the boxes that are packed.

Keep chargers for your devices in your bag. Remember to charge the phone and the laptop the night before. Even if it short-distance relocation, you never know why you will need your phone.

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Do not forget to charge the phone before the relocation

Is there a need for an in-home moving estimate?

This is a really important question. It will help you determine the price and the time you need for the relocation. There are three factors that will impact the accuracy f your estimate:

  1. Preparation – It will help you save some time if you pack everything up before the movers come. Make sure that everything is packed in boxes and that the boxes are not on the way. The movers would lie to be able to walk without obstacles.
  2. Volume – t is not easy to remember everything that needs to be moved when you are filling the quote. So in order to check everything up, you should =have a walkthrough of your home. Take some notes and write the number and the variety of the items you have.
  3. Accessibility – will your movers go on the stairs? Will your stuff be in front of the building? Is there a long way from your stuff to the moving truck? All of these questions will have an impact on the length of your move.

Can you relocate your plants?

This depends on the type of plant and on the moving supplies you have gt for the plants. Short-distance moving should not be a problem for plants. However, check this with your moving company. There are some companies that do not transport plants, no matter where you are moving.

These frequently asked questions about short-distance moving will be very handy if you are planning your relocation. However, if you have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact your moving company and get the answers to your doubts.

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