5 common issues with moving abroad

Do you want to move abroad? This is an exciting and great opportunity in life. However, you have to prepare yourself well for a life in a foreign country. For this reason, you should read about 5 common issues with moving abroad. You can get a general idea about common problems most people face in their new country. Then, you can prepare yourself in advance and even avoid any of these following issues. You can also hire international movers and ask them for advice. Without further ado, here are the five most common issues with living aboard. 

Issues with moving aboard – Health Insurance 

It is important to check your health insurance coverage before moving abroad. Since you are moving to a foreign country, unexpected situations might happen. You can never know how your body will react to a change of scenario, especially if you are changing several time zones. In addition to this, a new climate and food can also affect your overall condition and health. Lastly, you will probably feel anxious about your impending move. Stress is the many causes of many diseases and illnesses. For this reason, in order to reduce the level of stress, you should get private health insurance. You can visit your private health insurance company and make a new plan. If your current company does not offer insurance coverage for moving abroad, then maybe they can direct you to the right path. Sometimes, it is necessary to find private health insurance in your new country. 

doctor holding red stethoscope
Visit your doctor for a checkup

Finding accommodations 

Accommodations are one of the most common issues with moving abroad. Knowing someone from your new country is extremely helpful. They can either help with finding accommodations or let you stay with them for a couple of days. However, if you do not have anyone living in a country of your destination, do not worry. There are ways to find good accommodations. You can use websites such as HousingAnywhere. In addition to this, you can find reviews of landlords and you can send a deposit as well. It is important to protect your money and you will receive a proof of your payments if you use this website. Apart from this, you need to decide what to do with your items back home. You can find good moving and storage companies and have your items store there. 

Common issues with moving abroad – Finding a bank account 

When you are moving abroad, you have to think about managing your finances. The best way is to open a bank account in your new country. You can do some research about available banks in a foreign country of your choice. In addition to this, you should also pay a visit to your current bank. Talk to employees there about your options. See what to do with your current bank accounts, mortgages if you have, debts to pay, and similar. Also, you can ask them if you can use their credit cards in your new country, about the possible fees you might need to pay, and so on. Depending on your new country, maybe you will not need to make a new bank account. Lastly, you should prepare your moving budget. You should save at least six months’ worth of your salary. 

500 Indian rupee banknote
Research about the currency of your new country

Getting your work permits and visas 

It is almost impossible to live in a foreign country without the proper documents. These include getting work permits and visas. The procedure for applying and getting visas varies from country to country. First, you should again do some research about your future home. Then, visit the official website of the embassy of your new country. There you can find all the important information regarding the documentation you need to submit. You should prepare yourself mentally as applying for a visa can be stressful. If you do not understand everything, you can contact professional advisors about your questions and concerns. In addition to this, there are different types of visas. Make sure to find out which one you need. Furthermore, sometimes, you might not need a visa to live in a foreign country. For this reason, make sure to gather all the important information. 

Communication barriers 

Unless you are moving to an English-speaking country, you will have to deal with communication barriers. Usually, you can live in a foreign country without ever learning the other language. However, if you plan to live in a foreign country for a long time, you should make an effort to learn the language. Here are some useful tips for learning a foreign language. 

  • Start learning basics before your move 
  • Enroll at the language school 
  • Meet a native speaker and teach each other a language 
  • Listen to music or watch movie/tv shows in a foreign language 
  • Use the Internet to learn a language 

As you might already know, there are many benefits to learning a new language. You can adapt more easily if you can communicate in the language of your new country. This is especially important if you are moving abroad for work. In addition to this, you should buy a little dictionary or download a language app. 

common issues with moving abroad - learning a new language
You should start learning a new language

Additional issues with moving abroad – meeting people 

Apart from the above-mentioned issues with moving abroad, you will encounter one when you reach your new home. If you are moving alone, then it can get lonely. For this reason, you should make new friends. The good place to start is a language school. All the students there share the same common goal – to learn the language. You can study together, hang out, learn about your countries, and so on. In addition to this, you can also make friends at your new job, university, and similar places. Lastly, you should find some activities to do in your free time, like going to the gym, exhibitions, cinema, theater, and so on. There you can meet new people and make friends. Your life in the new country will be much more comfortable when you have people to rely on. 

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