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Prepare carpets and rugs for storage

EditorStorage tips
Vacuum cleaner cleans rug

Prepare carpets and rugs for storage whether it’s cleaning after moving, renovating your home, buying new furniture or preparing rugs for storage. You should know some basic rules on the preparation of the carpet/rugs if you want to protect them from accidents and insects. Rugs and carpets are representing an important part of our home

Step-by-step moving guide checklist – Tips for moving in one month

EditorMoving tips
Hit the road, look at the sly with our moving guide checklist

Relocation is a large task that requires a lot of time, energy and planning. Some people think that getting a few boxes on a moving day will do. Believe me, it won’t. There is much more to it than you can imagine, especially if you are moving for the first time. You need to search for

Tips for moving sharp-edged items safely

EditorMoving tips
sharp-edged items

Whether you are relocating your home or office, the chances are that you will have to deal with moving sharp-edged items. This means that you will need to learn how to pack your belongings in a safe and effective way. In order to ensure you avoid any common mistakes, that can result in damages and

How to avoid extra charges when moving

Money, a planner and a model house.

Moving is a complicated process. After all, it involves packing one’s whole life and relocation it to a new place. With all that comes a myriad of little things, you may not think about. Things like how certain items are handled or packed, that can really add to moving costs. However, apart from being complicated,

How to keep your pets safe when moving

EditorMoving tips
tips on how to keep your pets safe when moving

When you are moving there are some risks and some things that can take the wrong turn. Not only that you can get injured while carrying some huge box, or movers can be late, there are more things to think about. One of those things is moving with pets. This is relevant on so many

How to pack your apartment overnight

EditorPacking tips
A watch on a woman's wrist.

Everyone knows that organizing a move is not an easy thing to do. As there are so many things to think about like finding a good moving company and picking the best moving day, it makes perfect sense that people often get really stressed out during a move. What makes these situations easier is the

Guide for storing musical instruments

EditorStorage tips
Storing musical instruments, such as a violin, should be done properly

Whether you are a professional musician or you playing music is your hobby, your instrument is one of your most valuable possessions. Beside the fact that most of the instruments are expensive, they have a sentimental value as well. They are something we feel passionate about, and that is why proper storing musical instruments is

Moving abroad for work – guidelines

A globe is a useful item when moving abroad for work

Moving abroad for work may be one of the best decisions you made! It will be an enriching and valuable experience. However, at the same time, it can be a bit scary choice to make. You are moving to a foreign country, you don’t know the language or the city. However, challenging yourself is the

Tips for dealing with bad movers

A man holding his head and sitting outside

Moving is a stressful time. That is exactly why it is important that you have a good moving company on your side. If they conduct the move well your stress will be reduced after the whole deal is finished. However, if you hire a bad moving company, you will only have additional stress to deal

How to clean your house after relocation

a lady cleaning the kitchen, an example of how you should clean your house after relocation

Moving day is finally behind you! All the planning and stressing about the relocation is over at last, and you can take a deep breath and relax for a minute. As you see the moving truck slowly disappear down the street into the sunset, you start thinking about your new life. However, you turn around,