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How to organize your wardrobe for storing

Nora G.Storage tips
Clothes on a chair

There are many things to think about before you organize your wardrobe for storing. Especially if you will be storing them for a longer period of time. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to learn about all these. So no matter what the reason you have for storing your wardrobe nor the amount of

How to prepare your boat for transport

Nora G.Moving tips
Rear side of a docked boat

Preparing a boat for moving is a daunting task. There are many things to consider, and many variables in play.  However, it isn’t some insurmountable task. Sure, it takes a lot of planning and taking a lot of considerations in mind. However, if you take it easy, and follow the steps we outlined here, you

Pros and cons of living with roommates

Nora G.Moving tips
a woman standing near brown wooden cabinet thinking about living with roommates

Moving to a new home is always an interesting experience, but also a challenging one. If you are leaving your home for the first time ever, it can be really challenging to adapt. There are so many things that you have to think about and take care of, that it may seem really overwhelming. For instance, you

Why you should hire gym equipment movers

Pro gym equipment movers know everything about the gear you need moving.

Relocating fitness equipment is a whole new territory of unique problems that require specific challenges. Consumers and typical moving companies are not equipped to handle them without experience. Weight and bulkiness of most pieces may prevent even the most experienced movers from maneuvering them safely. The complicated designs and cabling systems can be very difficult

Packing food and liquids – all you need to know

Packing food and liquids, such as tomato, green salad and olive oil.

When you are moving house, packing is a big part of the process. Some items are easier to pack while others require more attention. Food and liquids are one of those items. You need to pay attention to them if you don’t want them to spill, rot or get damaged. Hence, here is all you need

Self-moving vs hiring movers – which works better and why

a confused woman

Choosing whether you should hire a moving company or plan a DIY relocation is a dilemma almost anyone that has ever moved was faced with. The very first thought that probably came to your mind is that by moving on your own you will be able to save money and cut costs on your packing expenses. However,

The benefits of handyman services while moving

A handyman belt.The benefits of handyman services in a move are many.

The move is a complicated process. There are a lot of things to pack. Some are easily accessible, others not so much. With the latter, we can clearly see the benefits of handyman services during the move. Simply put, having such professional help will save you a lot of time. It will also ensure certain

How to keep your kids safe during a move

Keep your kids safe during a move with these tips

In today’s world, it is almost inevitable that families will face moving at one point. Moving, in general, is quite stressful, let alone when you’re moving with kids. This can be overwhelming for them and they may find it difficult to adjust. Now, most experts agree that this can be solved by encouraging the child

Guide for packing large furniture

Nora G.Packing tips
Packing large furniture such as sofa and table in the living room.

Packing is a big and challenging part of the moving process. And packing large furniture can be a real pickle. It’s big, you need to disassemble it and protect in order to transfer it safely. But try to make your moving day less hectic by gathering your packing supplies ahead of time. As you can assume, the easiest

Adjusting to life in the suburbs

Adjusting to life in the suburbs, houses made of red brick with gardens.

Finding our place under the Sun is what life is generally about. This can mean a whole lot of different things for every other individual. Some of us aim for amassing wealth through sport or acting careers, others strive for improving the world in their labs (not that amassing wealth and making the world better,